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Invest in Push Start Auto

Push Start Auto is a new P2P and B2C month to month car sharing platform


450 potential early adapters
$100,000+ committed personally by founders
By 2025 Carsharing users are expected to double to 36 million
All investors have access to Push Start Auto’s social media for updates
Beta version App currently on Google Play Store and Apple App Store
Goal: Push Start Auto wants to grow to 35K car listings (700 listers per state across all 50 states)
Safe holders receive carsharing discounts

Our Team

We chose this idea to build economic empowerment when it comes to the automobile industry. When the consumer thinks of an automobile it’s is a liability rather than an asset. Push Start Auto wants to empower people to now see the automobile as a true asset through car sharing.

Push Start Auto is a new P2P and B2C month to month car leasing platform built to help car owners monetize their assets.

As it stands today, Americans have applied for and racked up $1.3 Trillion in auto
loans. This has left consumers with enormous debt and the perception that their vehicle is an added
expense rather than an asset that can be leveraged to generate monthly cash flow

Push Start Auto wants to empower car owners to act as a traditional dealer would by offering month-to-month leases to interested consumers. Although other players in the car sharing market exist, none of them have yet to offer a truly consistent revenue source for car owners. 

By offering month-to-month leases, sellers generate predictable revenue while consumers can opt out of their contract after just one month.

In addition, Push Start is planning to change the landscape of the car leasing industry by building the Push Start Auto app and website, allowing for sellers and consumers to immediately connect, sign a contract, invest with crowdfunding, and get to driving

The most appealing thing about the crowdfunding aspect is that not only will it bring in new investors but that they are then essentially brand ambassadors for the company. Getting the word out about what we do and how people can earn money from their cars is critical to our success as a company.

The Company is currently looking to raise $750K in a safe note to be further develop the mobile app,
website, marketing, personnel, and operating expenses.

Key Takeaways:

The Future of Carsharing Changing a Liability into An Asset.

Flexible leasing options lower than the average cost of owning a vehicle. No long-term commitments

Automobiles are idle 65% of the time.

All vehicles listed on the platform are covered with a $1M liability insurance policy.

Vehicle lease to own options available

Zero Depreciation, Zero APR, All inclusive (insurance, maintenance, car registration cost and fuel cost)

Have access to revenue streams through Push Start Auto Digital Dealerships with estimated 10% and up average annual return

Push Start Auto Carsharing Platform will give people the opportunity to drive any car whenever they want. The automobile will become a utility and the people will control the price point instead of the dealership.


Push Start’s goal is to give the power back to car owners, while giving consumers flexible month-to-month leasing options without the hassle of going through a traditional car dealership.

There is a current microchip shortage worldwide that has increased inflation for new and used vehicles by 30% to 40%.
Economic Empowerment

In the automobile industry African Americans are discriminated against in the following ways:

Predatory loans which resulted in increased interest rates.
Out of all 67K Automobile Dealerships in the United States African Americans only make up .3% of Dealership Owners.
Currently in the carsharing community African Americans only make up 13% of the market compared to 49% White Americans.


Through our safe note investors will become early adaptors and will receive future equity.