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Invest in PPC Ad Editor, Inc.

Create and Review PPC Ads Better, Faster, Together! #intelligentworkflows

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Niche SaaS platform, targeting the ad creation, pre-launch, and approval steps for PPC campaigns.
Dynamic leadership team with diverse backgrounds in PPC marketing, technology, and business.
Over 60 power users today, as well as our 1st agency signed up for an annual contract!
Disrupts the painful and inefficient legacy ad campaign collaboration process
PPC advertising grew during COVID and will continue to have strong growth in the post-COVID world
Targeted customer base of advertising agencies, SmB's, and large businesses

Our Team

Our co-founder, Albert Somlith, has been working in digital marketing for 15 years and has first hand experience with the points of pain. The industry hasn't changed for over 20 years and continues to use manual legacy tools. We want to contribute to the improvement of the PPC community by bringing innovative technologies where others have not.

The Story of PPC Ad Editor

It all started back in 2009, when I was a seasoned paid search manager working with fortune 500 clients on their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ad campaigns. I had been frustrated because there was no tools available to make the process of building, approving and launching the campaigns more efficient. I always found myself stuck, performing hours and hours of mundane tasks such as rebuilding ads campaigns, cutting and pasting and QAing them from a spreadsheet into Google Ads.

I'd also find myself sending and receiving dozens of emails back and forth with endless comments and feedback that need to be incorporated into the ad campaign or I've even spent an hour trying to find the latest commented version of a PPC Ad campaign. I would argue that the collaboration process is broken.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that all of this pain was due to the fact that there was no tool or platform that could streamline all of these ad creation tasks and collaboration for me.

Pain becomes an opportunity!

So, I decided to go out and assemble a team to go out and make my own PPC ad tool!
I wanted a better way to create, preview, and make revisions to our PPC ads from collaborative feedback. We knew we wanted to enhance this experience beyond the existing spreadsheet and we did it by designing a better way to build, preview, and collaborate and launch PPC ads. 


Quickly Build Your Campaign or Update On the Fly


Generate Beautiful and Easy to Read Previews and View Your Campaigns Online


Collaborate and Get Instant Feedback and Roll Back to Previous Versions


Work With Confidence and Launch Campaigns with a Click

Our Humble Beginning

I had no idea on how to approach this huge venture except with a simple sketch on a piece of paper. I approached my co-founder to hash out the details and that’s when PPC Ad Editor was born. After countless hours of work, I was excited to see PPC Ad Editor grow and evolve. 

In early 2019, we launched our first beta version and got 100 users to join, whom also signed an NDA. On top of that, hundreds more signed up for early access which got us really excited that we had something BIG.

Postponed Q.1 2020 Launch and Wow! Market confirmation!

Just like the many businesses around the globe, we were also affected by the COVID-19 global pandemic and we were forced to postpone our launch until 2021. However, after releasing platform updates throughout 2020, our early adopters provided us with valuable feedback ranging from their wish lists, suggestions for improvement, but most importantly confirmation that there is a real need in the market for our platform, but it turns out that the excitement was not in the specific market segment that we had anticipated.

We started off with a "Freemium" model in mind, attempting to secure as many users as possible. However, what we learned from the market was that we had the greatest amount of interest coming from advertising agencies, small to medium, and large businesses. We also learned that industries that worked with regulatory compliance benefited greatly from our platform. These data points helped us narrowed our focus to this niche segment and helped us evolve moving away from "Freemium" to a traditional paid subscription model with differentiated tiers based on features and user seats.

2021 and beyond

We are optimistic that 2021 will be a good year taking a step forward in the post-COVID environment and we are excited for the official launch of our platform mid-February 2021.