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A hybrid solar thermal technology that is 4x as powerful as traditional options

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Investor Panel

Jacob interviewed PowerPanel on September 9, 2021. Play Video
Jacob Brutman
Angel Investor, Ph.D. Chemist and Computer Enthusiast
says, "Interesting concept that not only harnesses additional energy generated by solar panels, but also actively cools the panel as solar panels often overheat and can degrade under high thermal stress."
says, "I would like to see evidence that your water pump set up does not consume more energy than the panels it is pumping water to."

What Investors Say

Invested $25,000 this round
"I am a General Contractor located in South Florida who has known and worked with Rob Kornahrens in the construction industry for over 30 years. Throughout the years I've watched Rob start and scale multiple companies and have seen his expertise in the solar industry play out. After seeing the Power Panel product, I was immediately sold on its revolutionary technology and ability to impact so many different markets." Gene Fall, Certified Contracting Group, Inc.

In the News

March 23, 2021
‎The Feast Over Famine Podcast: Ep 21 - What Do Climate Change, Solar Thermal Heating, and Disaster Relief Have In Common? With Rob Kornahrens of Power Panel on Apple Podcasts
March 23, 2021
‎Profit, people, planet, purpose...Power Panel is dialed in on all four areas in their business that is making an impact around the world & on the world! On this episode, we hear from Rob Kornahrens with Power Panel about how he co-founded Power Panel to change the world of solar energy!
Good360 | Solar-Thermal Panel Donation Brings Hope to Puerto Rico
February 6, 2021
DONATION: GEN2-O SOLAR-THERMAL GENERATOR- POWER PANEL LIVES IMPACTED: 1,000 Puerto Rico was one of the most devastated regions following the seemingly never-ending 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season. Hurricane Maria was the most devastating of the storms packing winds that flattened thousands of homes, killed hundreds of people and severely damaged the island's infrastructure.
Reliable solar power generation for disaster recovery | Where business meets science
September 5, 2019
Hurricane Maria, a Category 5 hurricane, ravaged Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017. Nearly two years after the devastation, the country continues to rebuild. Recovery operations like these take time, money and resources. More often than not, all are in short supply. As a result, people and companies volunteer time and equipment to help the recovery process.
Donation by Power Panel Brings Hope to Puerto Rico
February 24, 2018
It is powerful and rewarding to witness how quickly this lifesaving technology can transform an area devastated by natural disasters like Hurricane Irma. Last year's hurricane season was seemingly relentless, and on September 20, 2017, Puerto Rico received a devastating blow in the form of Hurricane Maria.
Roofing entrepreneur invests as angel to bring new solar products to market
March 10, 2017
Advanced Roofing entrepreneur Rob Kornahrens has finally found a way to bring more solar energy to the world. The South Florida entrepreneur has been on a quest for more than 30 years to expand solar use in the state and beyond, with his own Fort Lauderdale company, Advanced Green Technologies, taking major steps in solar in recent years.
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