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📺PopViewers: the premium platform solving the problem of what to watch next

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💰 Over $1.4m raised from investors such as Joy Reid, Arthur Whitney, and Richard Evans.
🧠Utilizing advanced analytics to help content providers maximize their development for users.
📺28,000 TV and 🎥 movie productions viewed on the platform, with 33,000 swipes in just 3️⃣months.
🤓A strong team from WebMD, Medscape, Bridgewater Capital, Hello Alfred, Axial, Bonobos, etc...
Upcoming strategic partnerships with 🤝 NBCUniversal, Netflix, Hulu, and CNN.
⏱10,800 pieces of content rated with the average time spent in-app being 4 minutes and 38 seconds.
🇨🇦📺PopViewers Canada just launched! 🎉

Our Team

CEO & Founder
A successful entertainment journalist, a proud gay person of color, and a media consumer himself. Having served as an entertainment correspondent for CNN, Fandango, and Entertainment Editor for theGrio.
The feedback loop between Hollywood producers and critics is antiquated, inefficient, and excludes the voice of the individual viewer—especially when the viewer is a minority. We will give the viewer a seat at the table. Hollywood spends billions hoping to "get it right," but many times, it fails by not knowing the heart and mind of the viewer.
Ben Greenberg Chief Product Officer
Former Vice President of Product and User Experience for WebMD and Medscape.
Howie Altman Chief Technology Officer
20 years experience across multiple industries and company stages: Bridgewater Capital, Hello Alfred, Axial, Bonobos, and TravelClick.



We believe PopViewers is the first community-driven platform that aims to bring power and analytics to the everyday media consumer.  Our goal was to build an app that will guide the consumer in finding content that’s right for them while also creating a community around the media we take in. There’s just no entertainment social network! We want to democratize the voices of those who watch, consume, and pay for all of this entertainment and empower them to get into the boardroom and pull up a chair at that table.

We, as a community, make ripple effects in Hollywood every single day. The content that we watch should reflect who the viewer is, it should reflect the nuances of the audiences that are watching.  Hollywood is getting there, but we think tools are needed with this app and this community, maybe they can get a little bit better at it. Because no matter where you sit in the entertainment value chain, a “built-in audience” is one of the most valuable assets in Hollywood. It’s the reason why sequels, reboots, and comic book movies rule the entertainment industry. Hollywood knows that a built-in audience ensures fans will watch and, more importantly, talk about their production.

We founded PopViewers because we saw an opportunity to build stronger relationships between content providers and create a media company with a built-in audience for content providers to receive genuine feedback. By utilizing Wefunder, we are inviting you the consumer to become shareholders of the company, we’re creating together. 

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For most companies, investors are simply a source of funding. For PopViewers, they are our biggest influencers. Involving media consumers within the development process of content will drive real-time engagement and analytics. PopViewers provides a dynamic landing spot for fans and allows them to connect and critique all of their favorite TV shows and films. This entertainment technology helps guide viewers to what they should watch, thus eliminating that hair-pulling wasted time of scrolling and desperately trying to find something new to watch on streaming services.

With user-generated content scores and reaction videos, PopViewers is ultimately shifting how we engage with content online and helps content providers when developing new movies and tv shows. This doesn’t just make us different we believe it makes us BETTER. By giving consumers a voice in the process we can change the value chain within Hollywood, with a built-in focus group to evaluate the content and harness the "wisdom of the crowd"!

    What do people have to say about us?

    They absolutely love it! #whatspoppin

    The Big Problem.

    “We began to ask, where is there a one-stop-shop for TV & film reaction, commentary, and discussion? Where is that community? - Chris Witherspoon

    When we took a deeper dive into the problem we found some amazing things. The first being the market opportunity, it was impressive! 📈

    The second and third being the annual content development budget spent by the top content providers and what they would pay to reduce the risk and grow their customer base. 

    The BIG IDEA is to allow content developers the ability to distribute already made digital content (tv shows and movies) across real media user feeds on the platform. By paying us to access engaged users/influencers to share, engage and discuss their content and build a community.  We eliminate the risk for content developers and provide these daily media users with PopViewers exclusive content in partnership with these developers. Our hypothesis was that brands would benefit exponentially by using the network effect of real media users, real-time discussions, and performance-based results.

    And our theory worked! Just look at our metrics with absolutely no paid marketing and 3 months in. We have 1,953 users, growing 22% WoW (Week over Week).

    Currently, available data does not meet the market needs and competition is not adapting to consumer needs.

    The total addressable market is growing.

    The world is changing. Uncertainty is a sentiment across several sectors. Despite these unprecedented times, content distribution has never been stronger. We expect continued sector growth and have positioned PopViewers to be the leader in audience engagement. The growth opportunity is significant; any content developer in the world can be a client of PopViewers. 

    This allows us to expand and offer a B2C and B2B revenue model focused on the consumer and content provider. In terms of the revenue model, we will focus on FOUR major drivers. For B2C we will focus on a freemium model where we provide a subscription element allowing users to unlock other engagement tools.

    For a B2B Revenue model, we will focus on analytics, in-app advertising, and partnerships/referrals fees. 

    From WebMD, Bonobos, Hello Alfred, CAA, TheGrio, and more...

    The men and women of PopViewers have a century of combined experience between them. They’ve worked in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Have had successful exits and sat in senior positions in multiple industries.

    Here's how PopViewers will use the money we raise on Wefunder.

    • Full development of data analytics tool.
    • Team expansion
    • Deploying marketing and growth strategies
    • Building out of premium offerings

    The funds raised on Wefunder will be used to create data analytic and marketing tools for B2B advertisers using Popviewers. Lastly, investing resources into the sales and marketing automation of small and medium-sized content providers will further demonstrate a scalable business model.