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100% virtual addiction treatment Center right to your kitchen table

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Tech-enabled addiction treatment opens access to a new $90B market
9M Americans: Ready for treatment, but cannot get to a program.
Covid-19 driving urgency for digital health home-based services. Overdoses & abuse skyrocketing
Covered through Health Plans & delivered by licensed professionals
12-week programs and 52-week aftercare options
Custom-built Patient Recovery Platform has interactive curricula & 'connected' treatment plans
Platform collects data for predictive clinical guidance to support early interventions
Traction: $335K raised, 2 health plan contracts, stable MVP platform, successful pilots

Our Team

World-Class Addiction Treatment- Anyone, Anywhere, At their very moment of need.


Each year 9 million people who need, and want, addiction treatment don’t get it.

These 9 million disenfranchised Americans are not all one type of person, but they are at the same place in life and not able to get to a treatment program or find the right kind of help. 

There are 1.75 Million disabled people that physically can't get to a program. There are 14,500 facilities and only a tiny fraction are designed to serve these disabled Americans. 

There are 5 Million americans who are single with small children, have no transportation, have zero guidance and support to even find a facility( yep), have no transportation, deployed military, traveling executives, will lose their job...the list is too long. 

There are 2.3 million people who would normally go right to a facility, but a large portion of these people are also afraid of Covid-19. 

All of these people are ready for treatment, but cannot get to a treatment program. Every one of them can access the internet.

We believe that every individual should be able to participate in addiction recovery from anywhere they are. —Planted Recovery


Planted Recovery is a HIPAA-secure, web-based telehealth company that delivers evidence-based addiction treatment programs right to the kitchen tables and home offices of the people who need it most.

Our world-class patient engagement platform for addiction treatment will transform the lives of the 19.3 Million U.S adults that can’t get to treatment centers. Planted Recovery’s Patient Engagement Platform delivers a 100% web-based, 12-week intensive outpatient program with curricula interactively connected to a patient's treatment plan. All groups, treatments, and sessions are led by a team of licensed addiction treatment professionals.

Many Americans cannot get a facility, nor are many facilities designed for them.

Each patient receives a personal dashboard where they can co-manage their treatment plan, attend daily support groups and individual therapy, skill-building and psychoeducational classes and groups, complete daily assignments, and homework, attend weekend workshops, access multi-media recovery tools, track progress, and points earned, as well as access our 24/7 relapse prevention support tool, the ”Support NOW” hotline.

Capital raised will go to making the service better for those that need it most

The treatment program is aligned with the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) protocols for effective treatment and operates to the standards and policies set with the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). 

The platform supports patient tracking for each clinical ‘touchpoint’ and interaction that moves the treatment goal forward. The definitive and purest ‘evidence-based treatment’ and only possible through technology. The clinicians delivering care through the platform are all state-licensed and experienced telehealth practitioners. Care teams consist of 5 people, working closely with each patient. From the initial intake assessments, treatment planning, and throughout the delivery of 144 therapeutic hours over 12-weeks.\

Single parents with small children and little to no childcare support

We are aiming to double the number of people currently receiving treatment, while also doubling the number of successful treatment outcomes, with our evidence-based treatment program. We believe leveraging intelligent technology can enable this goal within 10 years.

We believe that location shouldn’t be a barrier to addiction recovery, and that online recovery experiences can be supportive, tailored to individual needs, and effective.


Our clients are health care plans and insurance companies that make addiction treatment available to their members.

Patients who enroll in our web-based telehealth treatment program need the convenience of an online addiction recovery program, These individuals include:

  • People juggling two or more jobs who have limited schedules and little free time.
  • Returning veterans who live in a rural area where the nearest addiction treatment center is over two hours away.
  • Parents with a new baby or small children who want to take part in outpatient addiction treatment from the comfort of their own home.
  • Individuals whose physical disabilities or illnesses are a barrier to getting to and from treatment.
  • A person living in a rural setting, with no transportation and without any treatment options for many miles.
  • Any one of the millions of people living in geographic provider shortage areas referred to as ‘treatment deserts’.


Not only does the Planted Recovery team and its advisors have the professional chops to make this recovery platform a success, but many have their own experience in recovery. Across the team and its advisors, we share 150+ years of recovery!

Treatment provides a foundation to build upon. I know what the first year takes—how to build a life around recovery— and I know the sweetness of freedom when we overcome our addiction. —Scott Ankeny, founder

Scott Ankeny, founder, and CEO, has been nurturing the Planted Recovery vision since 2017. His current focus is raising capital, recruiting key hires, and developing the Planted Recovery healthcare partner network. Scott has a deep history in launching and managing wellness-oriented companies, from a sustainability platform for reducing environmental footprint (Going Green Today) to a wellness magazine (Holistic Living Magazine) and most recently a high-end recovery treatment center based in Southern California (Center for Holistic Detox).

With Planted Recovery, Scott is reaching a hand over the cliff edge to pull up all the others who need addiction recovery. Not just one—but 19 million of them.

Scott knew that the Planted Recovery seed was ready to be sown in 2017 when he was living in Southern California and operating a luxury addiction rehabilitation center. Sure, it was rewarding to help individuals struggling with addiction, but what about all the addicts who couldn’t afford a posh, L.A. retreat center?

He was called to action while researching the skyrocketing addiction rates and poor addiction treatment in the U.S. It was reaching crisis levels. Get this: In 2017 alone, 20 million people needed substance abuse treatment, but only 2.3 million received it. People struggling with addictions were shockingly underserved. This gap had to be filled. It turns out that there were many ready for treatment, if they could get access to a program...they just could not leave their home.

Scott saw that serious roadblocks to sustained recovery existed. Then came the entrepreneurial spark—he learned that the infrastructure for telehealth was being established (the insurance company equivalent of railroads and westward expansion).

The telehealth writing was on the wall: First, the U.S. government passed the 2017 Medicare Telehealth Parity Act and began to push insurance companies to adopt new telehealth billing codes. Then 62 different telehealth bills were passed in states across the U.S., also in 2017.

Engaging the family system brings better outcomes

Abuse, overdose, and relapse rates have surged since the Covid-19 Pandemic hit. It was like an accelerant to wildfire on the rates of overdose. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that the Pandemic forced the telehealth issue. In the space of a weekend—telehealth became the only way to receive health care. Today, people are uncomfortable going to a rehab facility. —Scott Ankeny, founder

Standing by and watching this crisis unfold was not a possibility for Scott. He’d already lost too many friends to addiction. And he knew how much better life on the other side of addiction could be.

A new path to recovery exists—leveraging technology for people who need a convenient solution is the way forward.

My whole career has led to this moment. —Scott Ankeny


Planted Recovery offers a definitive evidence-based treatment program that adapts to patients’ needs in ways only possible through technology. Consider:

  • Our platform records quantifiable data about patients, such as when they log on, their location, and identifiers.
  • It tracks how well patients adhere to their treatment plan, how deeply they engage, or whether they just "sit in the back row".
  • Other analytics include homework submission, attendance, rate of group and individual therapy session attendance, etc.

This data guides the clinical treatment so that they can make real-time adjustments to their patient recovery needs.

The clinicians delivering care through our Patient Engagement Platform are all state-licensed, credentialed, and experienced substance-abuse treatment professionals. Care teams consist of 5 people, working closely with each patient. From the initial intake assessments, treatment planning, and through the delivery of 144 therapeutic hours over 12-weeks.

Here’s what a day in the life of an individual enrolled in our treatment program looks like:

Sam logs into the Planted Recovery site over morning coffee and immediately checks off on their treatment plan after there is a brief check-in with their assigned care coordinator to review the day’s activities—therapy, group therapy, and progress review with his case manager. From there, Sam starts his first session of the day and clicks right onto a Zoom-based therapy session. Most days have three sessions (3 hrs.) and two of those sessions each have an assignment and homework. In the evening, Sam completes assigned work in his dashboard, engages with a 15-minute mindfulness video, and takes a short interactive assessment.

Planted Recovery is a modern alternative to intensive outpatient care. The platform provides real-time progress tracking, life skills training, mindfulness training, as well as therapy with state-certified counselors, and live support group meetings.

Treatment right to your kitchen table