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America's Small Business Payroll Service

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Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Brian interviewed on July 7, 2020. Play Video
Brian Belley
Former Aerospace/Mechanical Engineer turned Founder / investor at & VP Product at KingsCrowd
says, "The product provides real value as demonstrated by the growth of the hundreds of monthly signups. The team sounds like they have a good handle on the unique problems they are solving for their customers who are being ignored by the larger payroll processors."
says, "Scalability sounds like it could be a concern. The math and number of customers to get to break-even is known, so the team should present a solid path and plan to get there. In terms of competition and defensibility, the team should reflect on their product’s unique advantage(s); e.g. I get the sense it is more than just a business model and/or pricing innovation, so focus on what separates them (and will keep them ahead of) the rest of the pack."

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Owner, Tribal Yoga, NASA Aerospace Engineer
Invested $3,000 this round + $3,000 previously
I’m not only an investor but, I have been a customer of since 2013. As the owner of a very small business, I found myself looking for a payroll service that was easy to use and priced fairly in comparison to the amount of payroll I was processing. I stumbled onto their website all those years ago and was impressed with the approach of letting advertisers pay to support this service while connecting users with advertisements that offer relevant products and services. The team at has always been extremely helpful with all my payroll questions and issues. While the service is free to its users, the experience is top-notch. This isn’t the average free version of paid software where free users get limited or no customer service. They are a company that cares about every customer they have. Over the years, I’ve seen the advertising platform grow as well as the addition of premium add-on services. I’ve taken advantage of several advertised services over the years and am currently using several of the premium add-ons. The most recent add-on of pay as you go worker’s compensation insurance is saving my business money and saving me so much time in audits and reporting. So once again is making my business work in a more efficient way and helping me keep costs down while meeting all the legal requirements of being an employer.   I’m confident that with such a smart approach to funding payroll for super small businesses through advertising and service add-on partnerships, there is tremendous room for growth. After all, if every company not currently using a payroll service because they feel priced out of it were to join in, the audience available to advertisers and partners would grow exponentially. I can’t wait to see the growth that will happen with the funding accessed through this campaign.

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