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Invest in Pangea.App (YC W21)

The Platform College Students Use to Freelance


πŸš€ Grew to 600+ campuses in 12 months via word of mouth
πŸ’° $1M raised to date from Y Combinator, PJC, & Underdog. Founded @ Brown University.
πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ (For Students) Everything needed to find, bill, and manage clients
πŸ™Œ (For Companies) 30x faster than hiring an intern thru traditional means
πŸ“ˆ Over $350k in GMV with 20% take rate
🌎 $24bb+ Market Opportunity

Our Team

Co-founder & CEO
25u25 in RI. Kairos Fellow. Mass Challenge Finalist/Alumni in Residence. Board Advisor @ RIHUB. Brown University alum.
Adam was a freelance videographer while in college, and wanted to create a space for students to find work that helped them build a portfolio (instead of working on-campus jobs)
John Tambunting Co-founder & CTO
Mathematician & programmer; 3x hackathon winner and engineer. Brown University alum. Has pushed code to our repo for 400+ days in a row

Cultivating a Generation of Freelancers

As an undergrad at Brown, Adam worked as a freelance videographer (and on-campus in media services).

He wasn't alone.

80% of college students work part-time while in college, but mostly working in the cafeteria or tutoring. Jobs that don't particularly help them find a job when they graduate.

Adding to this, what a "job" looks like is changing rapidly.

By 2030, most of the US workforce will freelance. helps students start freelancing while still in college instead of working on-campus jobs that don't prepare them for the future. 

Our platform provides students everything they need to find, invoice, and manage clients.

In the last 12 weeks, students have sent more than 500 invoices using our platform to clients doing work that helps them build a portfolio, make an impact on a businesses, and pays them more than an on-campus job.

16mm College Students in the US work part-time.

Students earn ~$120bb a year doing part time work. With a 20% cut of every invoice, this a $24bb net revenue opportunity.

But this is only the beginning.

We provide the infrastructure that students use even after they graduate.

By capturing student early in their work life they'll use us throughout their professional careers.

But why would a company want to work with a student instead of someone on Upwork or Fiverr?

The same reason Facebook and Google hire armies of interns... They want to work with people who have the potential to join their team full-time some day.  

Working with a student is not only an investment in society, but also an investment in your company. 

Companies have paid students more than $350k through our platform, and our cold emails to prospective clients have 10x the industry average response rates. 

Hear directly from one of our happy clients