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Invest in OTHRStore

An eCommerce and services platform supporting underrepresented brands


We're leveling the landscape for BIPOC, women-owned, and LGBTQ brands to lead in this world.
OTHRStore is more than just another eCommerce platform - we support the needs of communities.
We offer OTHRFoodNetwork for video marketing and an integrated Influencer Network (1M+ and growing).
On-Demand Resource Network featuring the industry's best and brightest.
OTHRStore represents brands you haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet.

Our Team

We believe the right business ecosystems can mitigate or negate the effects of systemics barriers to business building for underrepresented owners—and add an additional $390 billion in business equity. This is why we created OTHRStore…to represent the brands you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet.

OTHRStore overview presentation


We believe that creating online space for underrepresented brands is crucial to changing the conversation around retail industry norms. So that's why we are...

With only a limited share of the retail marketplace paying attention to BIPOC, women-owned,  and LGBTQ brands we are set to become the leader in changing the conversation and creating more space for these growing brands.

With change in mind, we're dedicated to not only hosting these underrepresented brands but providing critical business infrastructure to support their missions. 

And this is how it works...

At OTHRStore, we are committed to collaboration that moves this change forward. 

We have purposefully set out on our own business journey to partner with branding and communication partners who provide diverse points of view and align with our core mission and vision. Take a look for yourself! 

Currently, we have incredible backing and support from professionals with relevant experience and expertise to help grow OTHRStore.  

The growth of OTHRStore is important because no other online place currently exists that offers the platform and back-end support to help establish underrepresented brands that deserve the time and attention of consumers. And many of those consumers make up more than 75% of the average spend on CPG and retail categories. 

There is growing support for funding and boosting of underrepresented brands, with continued financial support from established retail leaders projected to continue for the long term. 

Beyond just snacks and food, OTHRStore is ready to expand our online offerings with launches of larger product categories such as fashion and accessories, pet care, and home goods.

The projected market size continues to grow year over year, with e-commerce and online ordering becoming more mainstream. 

 OTHRStore is able to support business operations and growth with a thoughtful, and attainable, brand subscription service that provides a generous toolkit and business coaching to help underrepresented brands grow both on OTHRStore and within their CPG footprint. 

There are a number of competitors within this market, but OTHRStore is positioned to become one of the most supportive online platforms in the CPG and e-commerce ecosystem.

Our goals are ambitious, but like the brands that we work with, we believe that consistent and steady growth MoM helps OTHRStore commit to the backend support our subscribers rely on while growing our brand roster to reflect more of our mission.