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Getting an OSCAR Has Never Been So Easy

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Direct-to-consumer subscription model selling American made razors and natural skincare
Subscription economy has been growing by more than 100% a year over the past 5 years
Razors are made in USA - unlike Dollar Shave Club and Harry's.
Product market fit with 4.7 stars from over 2,600 customer reviews
$3.4B razor market in US
Natural ingredients - better for your skin
Investor perks from as little as $100

Our Team

I have a simple philosophy in life. Getting your day off on the right foot starts with a great coffee and a great shave. Finding good coffee is easy, but I just never found a shave preparation I liked. So I developed my own. 'OSCAR' is my way of ensuring anyone can get a great shave without breaking the bank.

Getting an OSCAR has never been so easy

Hello, I'm OSCAR 

I'm a die-hard fan of a clean shaven face and smooth skin. To me shaving and brushing my teeth before leaving the house go hand in hand. 

But it wasn't always like that. 

Growing up in Europe, I used to hate shaving. The main reason was that the chemicals in my shave foam used to dry my face out so badly that my skin became very sensitive.  In winter it was worse. I regularly cut myself because my skin was so dry. 

Another reason I hated shaving was that the ludicrous cost of my Gillette razors. The cost went up with every blade from two, to three and eventually five. 

OSCAR Natural®

Over ten years ago I had a mid-life 'skincare' crisis and decided to develop my own natural skincare products.  OSCAR Natural® was born. 

The fact is shaving can be deeply uncomfortable for people with sensitive skin as the chemicals in most shave gels, foams and creams can leave your skin feeling irritated, causing 'razor burn'.

It took me close to two years before I was confident that we had the best possible formulations.

Next I launched my own razor to take the sting out of the cost of shaving.  Our first razor was made in Germany. 

In mid-2018 we launched our American made OSCAR 2.0.   

The results have been amazing.  It's now Australia’s highest-rated razor with a 4.7 star rating from 2,600+ reviews!

Born in the USA

Millions of Americans buy their razors from Dollar Shave Club and Harry's, which are made in Korea* and Germany respectively.

*Now also made in Israel. 

When it comes to razors though, we believe our American-made blades beat Dollar Shave Club and Harry's non-American blades.

The reason is simple.

We started out with the same German razors as used by Harry's. When we changed over to our American made razor, our customers overwhelmingly said they preferred our new American-made 2.0 model and our review rating went up.

Just read our customer reviews.  

Over 2,600 and counting...

Nuff said.


So the question beckoned   With so many great reviews in Australia, with a smaller population than Texas,  how well could we do in the US....

So here we are. 


We like to keep things simple, so we've decided to stick with one colour.  No boy racer colours, just black.   

Henry Ford would be proud. 


And now that we can finally look beyond COVID, it's time to scrub up. 

Let's face it.  COVID, working from home and social distancing became synonymous with not shaving, skipping the odd shower and wearing the same socks (and underwear) for more than a day...  

Hey, we get it.

But you can only skip so many showers and be a slob for so long, so stop looking like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards....

If looking scruffy is bad enough, this Swiss study by the Hirslanden Clinic in Zurich, one of the leading medical institutions in Switzerland, should make you think twice.  

They did an extensive test with some spectacularly unpleasant findings.  Study author Professor Andreas Gutzeit said:

"The researchers found a significantly higher bacterial load in specimens taken from the men's beards compared with the dogs' fur. On the basis of these findings, dogs can be considered as clean, compared with bearded men," says Gutzeit.

EVERY single bearded man, aged from 18 to 76, had high counts of bacteria in their beards, while only 23 out of the 30 dogs had the same result.  

The other dogs tested recorded medium to low levels.  

Researchers actually found this sobering information out by mistake. They were trying to find out if men could pick up dog diseases in their facial hair.

Just let that sink in....

$3.4B market

Shaving is a $3.4B market in the US and forecasted to keep growing. Traditionally, razors and shave preparations were bought in store. Running out meant another trip to the store.

That all changed over the past decade with the exponential growth of online sales. Convenience started from your keyboard.

COVID-19 has created a seismic shift to online shopping

  • E-commerce share of total retail sales has been growing relentlessly. 
  • Health/beauty/personal care category up by 32.4%.
  • Americans spend over $2,000 per year online (2020).

Subscription Economy - growing fast


Subscriptions for everyday items are becoming ever more popular.  

Let's face it, who doesn't appreciate the convenience of home delivery - saving money and time without having to wear a mask.

By asking the question ‘How often do you shave’ we ensure customers get the exact amount of razors they need.

The graph below shows our subscribers' shaving habits in Australia.


Increasingly people also prefer brands that have a social conscience.  

In Australia, OSCAR orders are assembled and fulfilled by Beehive Industries, a Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise supporting seniors and people living with a disability.

By contracting Beehive to do this work, not only are we helping them fund important social support programs for people in need, we are also creating training and support opportunities in a truly socially inclusive environment. 

It's a seamless way of combining 'Profit with Purpose'. You can find out more about Beehive here

Our goal is to find a similar cause in the US and create positive social impact, a cause close to our heart.


Reducing our carbon footprint is something we take very seriously, so we choose to use sustainable practices in every part of our business. 

Razor refills are despatched in special comPOST® packs, made from totally biodegradable and compostable materials.

That means you can put in with food and garden waste and they will break down within months. 

Invest and join the OSCAR Founders Club

(Amend visual - reduce to just three physical perks)

BRONZE | $100

Includes our perfectly weighted OSCAR handle which fits into your hand like a glove and a set of four 5-blade razors.

SILVER | $250 

An annual 'Lite'' subscription - 12 razors every six months. Perfect if you shave 3-4 times pet week. 

    GOLD | $500

    An annual 'Regular' subscription - 12 razors every three months.  Ideal for those who shave 5-7 times per week. 


    Crafted from pure 14K Australian gold, we have teamed up with Australia's premier bespoke jewellery manufacturer to produce this very special design. 

    This unique razor induces a magnetic stand which the handle clicks onto. 

    Crafted from Australian gold, with the handle and stand weighing 190g /o.20 lbs and 230g/0.25lbs respectively.

    It's a truly unique design and as far as we're aware it will be the 'World's Most Expensive Razor'.  


    • Invest as little as $100 
    • Enter your name and email at : (set up landing page by 6/30) 
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    • The more people you refer, the more you can win. 
    • Whoever refers the most wins GOLD.