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Our Personal Energy Platform puts you in control of your energy usage



reserved of a $250,000 goal
 $5M  $3M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $100K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $3M valuation cap and 20% discount
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$50B Portable Energy Storage Market
Energy Storage for Everyone
Customer Controlled
Great for Renters!
Functional Prototypes Complete
Solar & Wind Ready
Global Grid Compatible
Energy Equity Committed

Our Team

We chose this idea to solve our own lack of control over access to power, high energy costs, and clutter of power cords. The idea expanded to focus on energy efficiency, resiliency, and equity. We can achieve 10-20% energy efficiency by gaining personal control over our energy usage. This can make an immediate and huge difference in climate change.


Electric power usage began over 150 years ago. How we use it hasn’t changed much since then. Utility companies generate and deliver power as they see fit and at prices they set. We plug our devices into electric outlets, assume the power is there, and hope that it doesn’t cost too much.

We believe it’s time for a change.

Climate change is an existential threat to humankind. The world recognizes the need to transition to cleaner sources of energy.

Today’s current energy storage solutions consist of large-scale complex stationary whole-house systems, standalone as-needed power stations, and legacy UPS systems.

We’ve built a consumer-focused portable solution that gives households device-level control over their power and eliminates cord clutter. Our solution allows consumers to purchase the appropriate amount of energy storage to support their needs and provides automatic backup power, lower electric bills, and reduces CO2 emissions.

Unlike complex and costly whole-house solutions typically installed in garages or on exterior walls, our portable aesthetically pleasing energy storage solution can be plugged directly into any AC outlet.

PEP installation doesn’t involve utilities, government agencies, or landlord approvals or permits. Simply plug PEP into any AC outlet, connect your devices, set your preferences via the mobile app, and PEP operates autonomously 24/7/365.

PEP’s device-level energy storage approach gives customers more control over their power usage and higher energy efficiency than a whole-house system.

PEP uses our PortSense™ smart power technology [patent pending] to deliver the most cost-effective and carbon-neutral power at any given time. This dynamic input, power balancing function operates automatically, continuously, and in real time. For example, if several devices are drawing a total load of 90W, and a solar panel is delivering 70W, the PEP will prioritize and power the devices primarily from the solar panel, drawing only 20W of costly grid energy. This smart balancing further reduces utility bills and extends backup power.

Our DirectDC™ in-platform technology eliminates the ‘cord clutter’ of individual device AC-to-DC inverters while further reducing energy inefficiencies and lowering utility bills. DirectDC™ eliminates ‘vampire loads’ that can waste 200W-500W per device per day.

Our platform uses both customer inputs and machine learning to analyze inputs and outputs across the power ecosystem. Off The Wall Energy services monitor and act on the lowest cost and lowest carbon impact energy in real-time.

Every PEP learns the usage patterns and load levels of its connected devices to automatically deliver consumer and environmental savings. With PEP, customers have control over their energy usage and purchase options and can set individual decarbonization goals by selecting the cleanest sources of power.

“Off The Wall Energy is truly thinking differently about empowering each of us with the ability to lower our carbon footprint. Giving consumers intelligent control over their energy usage in ways that increase efficiency and resilience is a perfect complement to Automated Emissions Reduction (AER) which provides the added benefit of environmental impact.”

We view PEP as the best and quickest way to deploy energy storage across industries, businesses, and individual settings. PEP has high sales potential across five major portable energy storage product markets on a worldwide basis.

PEP was designed to support all global grid and renewable energy standards and to allow for use across all communities whether urban or rural, grid or off-grid, or whether the customers are homeowners or renters. PEP has additional market potential by providing energy services on a subscription basis giving customers more energy purchase and usage choices for added cost and carbon savings.

We intend to pursue sales to homeowners and renters, corporate industries, hotel chains, solar installation providers, and energy services firms. We will do this both directly as well as indirectly through retail consumer outlets and engagement with centers of influence such as community energy groups, hospitality networks, and corporate industry associations. We received positive feedback during early prototype demos with companies and organizations in these sectors.

One of these was a non-profit group with a desire to evaluate PEP in multiple solar installations currently operational and planned for underserved, wildfire-affected, and Indigenous communities throughout California. This non-profit operates across the US and in several other countries.

Upon successful early evaluation, we intend to raise additional funds to scale up operations to deliver greater quantities to these prospects and expand our general sales activity.

We approach residential energy storage from the perspective of the consumer, particularly renters who may not be able to take advantage of energy savings in the same way as owners. With PEP, any household can deploy multiple units of varying capacities across different areas of their home. PEP was aesthetically designed for placement on a table, countertop, desk, nightstand, floor, or wall.

Households can gain automatic power backup for their most critical devices as well as the potential to lower their electric bills. Each unit’s energy efficiency capabilities can provide 10% energy savings for its connected devices, and the combined use of multiple units can lower overall energy bills by 20%.

Consumers can place a solar shade in their window and connect it directly to their PEP to provide 6+ hours of renewable power followed by 6-8 hours of PEP stored power from solar or grid energy. Our PortSense™ technology only draws grid power when the renewable source is not generating sufficient energy to run the devices and/or store power. PortSense™ operates in real-time, is constantly aware of current device loads, and requires no customer interaction or configuration.

Our revenue model envisions multiple sales channels to deliver three initial PEP models: a base model PEP 500, a higher storage capacity PEP 1200, and an extended capacity PEP 1500. PEP’s unique patent pending design of power control systems, battery packs, connectivity ports, and enclosure allows for scalable energy capacity with minor changes. We leverage our proprietary technology across all models thereby reducing costs to manufacture, assemble, and support.

We believe the product’s unique features and energy savings capabilities warrant premium pricing. Even with this premium pricing strategy, PEP is competitive with established comparative products and with similar pre-market portable energy storage products.

We consider our financial projections to be conservative with modest and incremental monthly growth estimates. They are based on our ability to build and scale early production PEP units for delivery to five niche markets. These are markets in which we have received positive and specific vendor interests in evaluating our solution for their customers.

Our GTM and sales strategy focuses on centers of influence whereby the successful evaluation of PEP’s capabilities will foster higher volume account sales. At any given time, we could acquire a single customer with a requirement for hundreds or thousands of PEP units. Should this situation arise, our financial projections would be accelerated.

Current energy storage solutions consist of large-scale complex stationary whole-house systems, standalone as-needed power stations, and legacy UPS systems. PEP is a portable energy storage product that is much more than a standalone power station or UPS system.

There are several new pre-market portable energy storage startups that have announced products similar to PEP. These new entrants indicate a market validation for our product but still lack some of PEP’s unique selling points.

Prior to forming the company, Bob built several early concept prototypes by hacking existing off-the-shelf power products, electronic components, and battery packs. These early efforts identified the need for advanced power engineering and design expertise to optimize the design for manufacturing (DFM), assembly (DFA), and repair (DFR).

Co-Founders Bob and Kadir formed the company and began their journey to build a consumer-oriented PEP product. Along the way, they worked with product design firms, university graduate interns, and multiple 3D printing vendors to overcome prior manufacturing deficiencies to build multiple functional prototypes.

We have completed the power engineering designs and layouts for the production PCB, power and battery management systems, and internet and WiFi communications. In order to mitigate any supply-chain delays, we pre-purchased critical electronic components and LiFePO4 prismatic battery cells sufficient to build a limited quantity of units. Funds raised will be used to increase the quantity of units, expand our team, and pursue our GTM strategy.

Although each of these milestones may shift based on achieving our fund-raising goals, we are confident in our ability to meet the product development and operational milestone sequences as represented.  In order to mitigate any potential supply chain delays, we pre-purchased the necessary electronic components to accelerate the initial  build of 20 PEP units.

We invite you to invest and help bring PEP to market.

We believe our company will be financially successful, but we want to be more than that. We want to make a difference in people’s lives and do good for the planet.

Everyone involved with our platform development is acutely aware of the energy inequality that exists in communities around the world. We are a diverse group with first-hand experience in communities that suffer from minimal or no access to reliable power. We are committed to doing what we can to improve energy equity across underserved, disadvantaged, and Indigenous communities. Reliable and affordable power should be available to everyone.

"We are very grateful for your support, whether that be feedback on our solution or investment in our company." Bob G.