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Invest in NXT Water, makers of AKESO

Innovators in Science-Backed Ultra Functional Beverages: CBD & Plant Powered Hydration

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Cava Capital and Mark Messier backed with $1.6M invested to date
Seasoned executives from beverage (PepsiCo, Diageo), Tech (Microsoft), sports & entertainment (Live Nation, Dick Clark)
All natural ultra functional beverages for mind and body performance and recovery
Launched with leading national distributor, RNDC who operates in 38 markets in the US
Only 100% verifiable food or beverage through StrainSecure blockchain platform visible to consumer via on pack QR code
Proprietary nano-encapsulation process for oil-based botanicals that results in 6X absorption vs. conventional methods

Our Team

After a long and stressful career in Sports & Entertainment, I contracted metastatic Melanoma and given a dire prognosis. Thankfully, I recovered but became obsessed with wellness and introduced to the healing power of Hemp. After developing our proprietary formulation for Akeso it became my life's mission to spread the gift of wellness.

We are innovators in Science-Backed Ultra-Functional Beverages.

The Problem

Health and wellness is everyone's top priority today but we are busier than ever and seek simple ways and natural ways to improve both mind and body health.  More than ever we rely on beverages to be functional and provide both taste and nutrients. However most of the leading plant botanicals, vitamins and minerals often have an unpleasant flavor that requires sugar and calories to cover up the taste and many are most effective as an oil which doesn't mix with water.

Our Solution

We started by the company with the mission to master the most challenging ingredient first and that was hemp. Our first product, Akeso CBD Powered Hydration + Electrolytes is the first and only to successfully extract a broad spectrum of cannabinoids from organically grown hemp and infuse the oil into water without compromising the taste and clarity using our proprietary nano-encapsulation process. The product contains four (4) cannabinoids (CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBN) designed to help the body fight inflammation, stress and anxiety naturally. Every other competitor in the market has to cover up the taste of hemp and the cloudiness of the liquid with flavor, sugar and opaque packaging. This process can be applied to many other nutrients.

We also developed an Immunity and Endurance SKU (no CBD) with more potency of Zinc & Vitamin D than any other beverage on the market -- and a blend of other vitamins, minerals and herbs that support immune and respiratory systems while still maintaining the great taste of water and 0 calories.

Our proprietary emulsion enables~ 6x greater absorption of nutrients into the blood stream while maintaining the pure water taste and zero calories! 

We are the first beverage to provide 100% transparency via blockchain platform.

Both our existing CBD product and upcoming Immunity + Endurance SKUs are in a class of their own.

Built to fit into a beverage strategic's concentrate model with a “black box” component to seamlessly integrate and scale with additional partner production lines while protecting our IP.  We are able to offer a national beverage strategic (i.e. PepsiCo, Arizona, Coke, Nestle) exclusive rights to concentrate to use for their own beverages to secure investment and national distribution for Akeso (discussions in progress).  

While Hemp was made federally legal in 2018, Covid-19 drove delays in the FDA fully regulating CBD infusion into beverages.  That has hindered our ability to quickly ramp up distribution as many national chains were waiting for FDA regulation.  We expect FDA to provide oversight in the near future but are not waiting and neither are the biggest markets in the US as state level regulation has been put in place in the markets representing the majority of volume including CA, NY, FL, TX, IL, NV, OR and many others.  We are also expanding our portfolio of wellness beverages with non -CBD SKUs to open up marketing and retail opportunities which will create an accelerated expansion opportunity to the CBD SKU.

After initial delays driven by covid and production challenges we launched officially in February of 2021 and in the first few months built 500 points of distribution and over 400 online orders with no marketing spend.

We secured a distribution agreement with leading national distributor, RNDC effective October 27, 2021.

We are launching with RNDC in CA, FL and OR between October and November and then planning national expansion in early 2022. RNDC operates in 38 markets primarily in wine, spirits and beer distribution but along with other players in this space, has aggressively answered the CBD category. AKESO is the only pure tasting, non flavored/sparkling CBD beverage in their CBD portfolio.

6x Stanley Cup Champion and NHL Hall of Famer, Mark Messier joined as our Brand Captain and investor this January. We are also backed by highly credible members the medical community, health, wellness and fitness experts and other professional athletes. 

We have built a professional sales team and activation plans for digital, retail and fitness channels. 

Largest beverage players rely on acquisitions for growth. Valuations at high multiples of Revenue (6-10x+ Revenue). 


We are at a tipping point on the regulatory environment for CBD making it a very attractive time to get in. While Hemp was made federally legal with the 2018 Farm Bill, the FDA has not yet provided national oversight over the infusion of hemp-derived CBD into food and beverages. FDA guidelines were delayed by the COVID pandemic.  National regulation is imminent and the top 3 wine & spirits distributors have all launched CBD beverages between this summer and fall now that the key markets representing the majority of volume have put in place state level regulations. 

Investing just ahead of FDA regulation is the perfect time to get in before the valuations jump up on the back of the official announcement. It is also expected to be the start of tremendous acquisition and joint venture activity in the space.

Fox 5 Good Day New York Akeso & Mark Messier Announcement Video