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NJ Teamsterz Football Club: NYC Area Pro Soccer Club .

Pitch Video
Investor Panel


Limited opportunity for anyone to own an equity stake in NJ Teamsterz Football Club.
Our club promotes US soccer. NJTFC has a direct path from our elite youth training to our pro team.
As an owner, you're not just investing in a home-grown club but a winning club with a global mindset.
We have major TV visibility as our club/owners are cast members on "I Quit", a primetime Discovery channel show.
We ranked top #5 in leagues UPSL & GSSL; Won UPSL's Atlantic Cup + GSSL Champions Cup.
Owners Alex and Sibrena are the 1st Black principal pro soccer owners in USA. Make history with us!
Some NJ Teamsterz FC shares have financial rights, voting privileges, investor and owner perks.
We play in Bayonne, New Jersey at Don Ahern Veterans Stadium. A waterfront stadium, 7,000 capacity.

Our Team

We've done a comprehensive study on our business model and since our experience in the amateur and semi-pro arena, the only way to provide an opportunity for soccer players in America, coaches and technical staff to have a pathway to our pro club, a win-win for players & the community.


Quickly climbing the U.S Soccer ladder

We proved our talent at the semi-pro level within the United Premier Soccer League & the Garden State Soccer League. Now we, at New Jersey Teamsterz FC believe that it is time to make the jump into our first professional season in the National Independent Soccer Association, beginning in the spring season of 2021. We believe that this jump is necessary to showcase the talent pool of our players, coaches and passionate fans. We can't wait for you to join us in supporting, investing and developing our diverse club.

Diversity among the New Jersey Teamsterz Football Club

Our beautiful hometown Bayonne, NJ consists of over 70 different nationalities. So there's no surprise that this translates to the pitch, with our players coming from within New Jersey, to all corners of the globe. We believe that this diversity is truly something special and is what makes us a unique and strong club. Because our community is a melting pot of nationalities, we the New Jersey Teamsterz Football Club, understand, and believe in creating a diverse soccer club that accepts anyone with the talent to play. It is vitally important for the youth and our community to see our clubs values. Even though as individuals our team is diverse, we are unified in a common goal of representing and giving everything when we train and play for the badge, this town, its people and NEW JERSEY.






Letter From the Founders: 
The Underdawgs Story

My name is Alexsi "Alex" Geraldino and I am the Founder, President/General Manager of New Jersey Teamsterz Football Club (NJTFC), established in February 2017. My wife and partner, Sibrena Stowe-Geraldino, is the co-founder. Together, we built our organization without any knowledge of soccer. Sibrena nor I had, at the time, ever kicked a soccer ball! 
But once we experienced this masterful game, we fell completely in love - head, heart and soul. Through sheer passion and motivation, the professional league, National Independent Soccer Association (NISA), had accepted our application as a men's pro soccer club by February 2020.

I want to tell my story and share why you should invest in NJTFC. As an avid sports enthusiast and former athlete (ex-NFL Europe cornerback player), registered sports agent and U.S.A Boxing Official, learning the plays and soccer business - with Sibrena's 20+ years of entrepreneurship in the entertainment business - our combined experience has afforded us the opportunity to operate successfully, earning Division 4 championships and cups since inception. Be patient, there's more to this story as you'll read below;

Regarding formal education, I earned my Bachelor’s of Science at City College of New York, and then a Master's Degree in Business Administration. In 1993, I accepted a position with a United States Government Agency as a Procurement Officer (supply chain experienced), Certified Project Manager and Lean Six Sigma (process improvement trained). I'm also an alumni of Leigh Steinberg's Agent’s Academy.

Beginning with her years at North Penn High School, Sibrena has been focused on broadcast media, and she later attended Montgomery County College in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, to receive her certification in Emergency Medical Services (EMT-Licensed) while majoring in communications. In 1996, Mrs. Geraldino moved to New York City and formed Stowe Communications, Inc. Later the savvy businesswoman later re-branded her company to La Chic Media, a full-service media firm.

Together, we have 40-plus years of experience of operations and strategy expertise, in the sports, media and entertainment industries.

Throughout her years as a media buyer, Sibrena placed commercial spots on television and radio for recording artists including Beyonce, Solange, Joe, Erykah Badu, Run-DMC, Cam'Ron, N.O.R.E., Lil Wayne, Cash Money Millionaires, Chico DeBarge, and many more hip hop and pop artists. Publicity was another element offered at her boutique agency, representing Dallas Cowboy Larry Brown, Mike "Scooter" McGruder of the New England Patriots, Philly Eagles’ Rodney Pete, DJ Scratch, Mystikal, Petey Pablo, Tupac's Outlawz, and others; Sibrena managed or was apart of the management teams for The Game, Foxy Brown, and Big Gipp. Whether considering films like "Standing In The Shadows of Motown", or recording artists, athletes or notorious personalities, she is the go-to veteran media and marketing executive.

Together, we travel the world. On a trip to Brazil, Sibrena's friends in Rio introduced us to Division 1 pro soccer players, in a social setting. As we discussed futebol, I would explain that I played American football. From there, the conversation often went: "Hey, can you get me into the US to play football?" Then, Sibrena and I would explain, we didn't have any contacts in Brazilian futebol. Before leaving, we told friends that we would look into getting their spouses or friends to America for the game we call soccer.

We departed for Newark International Airport, including a 6-hour layover in Bogota, Colombia. This was the perfect flight for Sibrena and I because we have family friends there that we wanted to visit for a long lunch and chat. We deplaned, met with our family friends Gabe and Lina, went to lunch and began to chat about soccer! By this point, Sibrena and I are noticing signs of soccer floating around in our conversations with everyone, and on the plane. We couldn't get soccer out of our heads either, so we decided to take a deeper look. I always say, “there are no coincidences!”

A few days upon our return to our home in Bayonne, New Jersey, my wife began to research the licensing process for professional soccer agents, which led us to the U.S. Soccer Federation's (USSF) legal department. Sibrena was instructed to contact the office in one year. We weren't aware about the worldwide scandal, which was to come. We waited a year and a half, and still no progress or returned correspondence. To know my wife, is to know that nothing can or will stop her, if there is something that she truly wants. She wanted to make sure I was in position to help our friends in Brazil and I've always wanted to.

In 2016, Sibrena decided to contact United States Soccer Federation President, Sunil Gulati, directly. I won't share how or where, to respect his privacy. But I will say, Sibrena the publicist spoke to Mr. Gulati about me and, within 15 minutes, I became a registered soccer intermediary, which I still am today. In January 2017, I went to my first MLS Draft in Los Angeles, California. While walking through the convention hall, I met the Commissioner of a semi-pro league. We spent some time talking while walking up and down convention aisles looking at products, soccer services and talking to business and club managers and owners. That trip was eye-opening, as I discovered the business of soccer.

Shortly thereafter, I was asked to become a Northeast Commissioner for UPSL, which I declined. Then, I was then asked if I wanted to start a team as a part of the New York conference. Now the ownership of a club idea intrigued me! I'll let my wife continue our story.

Dear Friends,
My name is Sibrena Stowe-Geraldino and I'm a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of New Jersey Teamsters Football Club (NJTFC), a football organization conceptualized by my husband and partner, Alex Geraldino. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and raised in suburban Philly and Northeast Bronx. I'm a mother and I’ve been in the performance arts and entertainment field my entire life. As Alex mentioned above, I'm a 20+ year veteran in the hip-hop and pop genres of entertainment.

I too must admit, I knew nothing about soccer. I loved to play field hockey as a youth and my daughter was a lacrosse player, so I expected soccer to be similar in scheme. When Alex became a soccer intermediary, we became quick studies, while searching for the players he could meet at the draft, and potentially represent.

In the meantime, I thought "we" were preparing to live the sports agents life in Miami, near our friends. I imagined morning coffee on my balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in a luxury condo. One day, as I was browsing options shared by a broker, Alex informed me that he used the condo deposit on a soccer club. I was surprised, yet proud of him for taking a chance to do something that he truly loves. Ever since, I've been on board as a partner with Alex to make NJTFC the most professionally-run soccer club, operating in the spirit of excellence and integrity.

From day one, I fell head over heels with the business of soccer. I began to study legendary and currently exceptional players, and began to recognize their style of play. I find the soccer business and stadium operations exciting. When you have a good product like NJTFC, the revenue streams are endless, and this provides more funds for the community. In just three years, we have managed to do what no other professional soccer club in America has managed to do, before playing a single professional match. Nothing was easy for us, but we persevered and overcame a lot of challenges, including diversity. Both our A- and B-squads won championship cups, and our A-squad won a UPSL Atlantic Cup at home (however, we have never received a trophy for the tournament win!) From the first day we “opened for business”, we also experienced people trying to take advantage of us, as we were new to things and honest about it.

Luckily, Alex and I believe in generosity and intuitiveness about doing the right thing: helping others reach their highest potential, and striking at the right opportunities, for the right reasons. Our integrity does not allow us to hire coaches who are not in it for the players. Not only do we do what's right for our entire organization, but we contribute to our communities, both locally and abroad. We are patrons of the Don & Arlene Ahern Foundation, the City of Bayonne Recreation Department for Special Needs Youth Sports, as well as Malaika Org in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Estrela da Favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

We are skilled at identifying our weaknesses and making improvements, maintaining a strong foundation from top to bottom. We’ve grown even stronger by learning the business of soccer from a network of like-minded influencers and professionals abroad, and by enlisting advisors who were themselves professional soccer players and club owners. Our advisory board consists of ex-Sunderland Chairman & former Manchester City striker, Niall Quinn; India Pro Futsal & MMA league founder, Avi Mittal; Joost de Wit, former CEO of Dutch premier club, B.V Vitesse; and former UK Champions player, Enoch Showunmi.

We quickly cut ties with people who couldn't see or adhere to our vision, and were fortunate to meet Coach Javier Romero, who took a chance on us, and his relationships led us to victories with some of New Jersey's top players. Scouts and coaches began to come to our matches and recruit from our stadium stands and streaming tv. At the end of our 1st semi-pro season, two players made the European Premier Club, and another player committed to a D1 University in New Jersey.

Since then, we've recently hired 2 UEFA-Pro coaches, a youth coach, 2 assistant youth coaches, a media team, a team physiotherapist and 2 strength and conditioning coaches; and continue to lease and operate the entire 7,000 seat with room for expansion to a 10,000 seat facility at the City of Bayonne’s Don Ahern Veterans Stadium. Over the years, we've realized that we are that “Underdawg club” that some of our colleagues weren't expecting to survive. Instead, we are thriving and are limitless!

I can share with you the countless times I've experienced greed and discrimination before reaching the professional level. I can recount the time when a South Jersey soccer coach told me in order to work with us, he'd need an egregious payment and a split of our stadium sales. The same South Jersey Coach told me his mentor said, "Making bagels is easier than running an amateur club." I told him I couldn't debate that, since I've never made bagels!

Another time early on, I sent a top sports writer in New Jersey, a NJTFC press release about launching Bayonne's "new semi-pro soccer club!" I was so excited when the writer replied and offered us an interview.

I suspect the writer who showed up did not expect to meet with people who looked like me and Alex. I say that because when the reporter entered the restaurant on the day-of, I recognized him and waved him over to come to us. He smiled and waved, as if he knew me, and continued to look around for what I guess the location of the soccer club owners. When the gentleman reporter finally realized we were his subjects, he came over to our table and sat down to begin the interview. After 10 minutes of questioning, he stood up and declared, "I don't believe you! I'm not recording anymore because this interview is a waste of my time!"

I can handle it. I'm a veteran publicist and I've seen it all, but for Alex, it's safe to say he was traumatized for at least a week! Needless to say he's grown tough skin and we don’t let incidents like this deter us. We have short- and long-term goals that include expansion, and are in the discovery phase of a professional women's team and our very own in-door/out-door facility.

Doing what's natural as a media professional, I looked for a reality show that would fit our soccer club. I knew we needed to brand NJTFC's name globally, especially while we had the attention of soccer influencers throughout Europe and Asia. My only other option was to create a show and sell it. I was determined to try anything to gain us the inclusion and global we needed. I found a show that was looking for entrepreneurs and start-ups, and although our business was not the traditional model the casting directors were seeking, we must’ve been interesting enough during our "audition" to receive an offer. New Jersey Teamsterz Football Club (known as “NJ Soccer Team”) owners, Alex and Sibrena Geraldino, are now cast on "I Quit" a Discovery Channel docu-series that premiered August 2020 and currently airs Saturday's at 10pm ET. Described by Discovery, “entrepreneurs from six businesses risk it all when they give up their steady 9-to-5 jobs to follow their passions in a life-changing journey that begins with the words “I QUIT”. This project has been over a year and a half in the making, and now we are finally here, pleased to be provided with a platform by one of the biggest television network in the world.

Thankfully, we've had the full support from the City of Bayonne, from which we lease Don Ahern Veterans Stadium, and Mayor Jimmy Davis. All of our local elected officials, Hudson County officials and the Department of Travel & Tourism have also been supportive of our endeavors. As a semi-pro team, our fans traveled from all over New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York. We pride ourselves with giving fans a fun and happy experience. Our ball boys and girls come from youth clubs throughout New Jersey and not only do they hustle for the ball from the sideline, but they also play during half-time. We love to give away gifts, merchandise, sweets and treats, to thank them for their loyalty. We also hire volunteers, players and qualified people from the community.

We have an amazing paid and hands-on internship program for eligible college students. Interns work in the front office and on the pitch as technical staff or as assistant to the general manager. We have a very capable team who are as enthusiastic about making a mark in U.S. soccer history, as we are!

We were supposed to fail numerous times, but still we rise. If you were to put your money somewhere, I'd invest in New Jersey Teamsterz Football Club. Get ownership stake with a club that’s making history. Alex and I are the first Black majority owners of a American professional soccer club and Sibrena is the first Black female principal owner of a professional soccer club in America, arguably globally. We have many more accomplishments to achieve! Take a chance on us, you won't regret it!

We call ourselves Change Agents: we want to change how people see American soccer, change how Americans see soccer, and to promote and preserve American soccer. We are New Jersey Teamsterz Football Club, a community club with global views. Our motto is "Stand Ready To Strike!"