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raised from 51 investors
$20M pre-money valuation Priced Round
$100, $500, $2.5K, $5K, $20K, $50K, $80K, $100K
Audacia Capital is a dubai based PE/VC fund. We are quite impressed with the a platform the team at Niftify have built. We see Niftify as solving a common problem phased by brands interested in entering the Web3 space through NFTs. The Team at Niftify is extremely solid with significant experience in building, scaling and exiting tech startups. They are considered veterans in the Crypto world. We are excited to see Niftify scale globally while assisting their clients in adopting real life applications of NFTs.


💲 Raised $5.86M to date from VCs and Angels (includes $3,573,483 via token sales)
🎯 Signed deals with 25+ famous brands across different industries
💡 Niftify is a no-code NFT Store and Marketplace builder. Industry leading compliance
🧠 No coding or crypto required
👥 Global team of 20+ awesome people
🚀 1500 free-trial signups in the first 2 months
📈 $3.6M projected revenue over the next 12 months (not guaranteed)
✨ Onboarded several Web3 agencies of Fortune 500 companies

Our Team

Are you ready to launch NFTs from your own website with the simplicity of Shopify, Squarespace, or Wix?

The opportunity:

NFT technology has enormous potential, and it’s already a reality in driving new business opportunities in different industries.

One of the main reasons for the exponential rise in NFT demand is that NFTs have expanded their horizons beyond art, music, films, and sports to include other venues such as ticketing, community and loyalty rewards, metaverse, and in particular, gaming.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

The challenges:

  • For companies:
    Building an NFT marketplace platform with advanced features, analytics, and legal/security measures from scratch would take 1-2 years and cost $1-2m
  • For users:
    Concerns regarding the security of data on third-party marketplaces, and the advent of shady collections are raising doubts when new projects come to the market, even if initially backed by recognized brands/creators.

    The solutions:

    • For companies:
      An easy-to-use NFT store and marketplace builder that connects with their existing websites and provides the most up-to-date legal and security requirements from the market for as little as $500 per month.
    • For users:
      Security through verifying sellers and creating a seamless e-commerce experience - to both enchant NFT degens as well as onboard newcomers to the Web3 ecosystem.

    We laid the ground work:

    We have been there. We know what it takes! Based on the users' feedback, we have invested heavily into developing products to perfectly fit the market needs.

    Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

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