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The quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to manage NFTs for games and apps

What Investors Say

Lead Investor: Kurt Wuckert Jr
Invested $1,000 this round
NFTY Jigs is the single most flexible, scalable and extensible token protocol on earth with simplicity of design built from the ground up on the most scalable blockchain. But that's just the technicals. The team behind it has a reputation of bold leadership, independent thought and hard work that has led to being involved intimately in many of the vanguard tools and applications on the BSV blockchain. Furthermore, I have spent time vetting the internal team and making sure that grand vision and longterm roadmaps are aligned. In short, we intend to redefine the entire landscape of blockchain-secured tokens so that they can scale for global use, global adoption and complete disruption of this segment. The time for slow, expensive, illiquid JPEGs is coming to an end, and they will be replaced with fast, frictionless, scalable NFTY Jigs for art, games and beyond. I am throwing in my hat to be a leader in the token economy of the future with NFTY Jigs, and I'm very excited about it.
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