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of a $150,000 goal
 $15M  $12M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $250K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $12M valuation cap
$500, $2K, $5K, $25K
Lead Investor: Kurt Wuckert Jr
NFTY Jigs is the single most flexible, scalable and extensible token protocol on earth with simplicity of design built from the ground up on the most scalable blockchain. But that's just the technicals. The team behind it has a reputation of bold leadership, independent thought and hard work that has led to being involved intimately in many of the vanguard tools and applications on the BSV blockchain. Furthermore, I have spent time vetting the internal team and making sure that grand vision and longterm roadmaps are aligned. In short, we intend to redefine the entire landscape of blockchain-secured tokens so that they can scale for global use, global adoption and complete disruption of this segment. The time for slow, expensive, illiquid JPEGs is coming to an end, and they will be replaced with fast, frictionless, scalable NFTY Jigs for art, games and beyond. I am throwing in my hat to be a leader in the token economy of the future with NFTY Jigs, and I'm very excited about it.


ūüďą Over 625,000 NFTs minted on our platform.
ūüŹÜ Industry best NFT mint price of less than $0.001, over 250K times cheaper than market leader Open Sea.
ūüíį Citi Bank believes the Metaverse Market could hit $13Tūüíł by 2030.
ūüź∂ >$45K in NFT-related sales through Duro Dogs on $0.99 median purchases with >99% gross margins.
ūüöÄ >32% 30-day retention rate for our users, more than 5x higher than the industry average.
ūü§Ě Partnered with Build By Gamers, an esports team with an audience of >20M fans.
ūüéģ We've demonstrated real NFT interoperability and a creator economy through our game Duro Dogs.
ūüĆć Unprecedented opportunities for creators worldwide while driving adoption of eco-friendly tech

Our Team

We believe today's internet is missing key features. A lack of real ownership, inefficient payments, and application siloes don't just limit the internet's potential, they create deep societal issues, largely stemming from the ad-economy. With Asset Layer, we think we can help people build a better internet, something massive and truly worthwhile.


Unfamiliar with any of our terminology? Skip to end to see our cheat-sheet. 

The Metaverse represents an opportunity to build applications larger than anything we've ever seen. Many of the world's biggest companies and investors are pouring resources towards becoming leaders in the Metaverse. At NFTY Jigs, we don't think that the Metaverse is something which will be built by a single company. Rather, we believe that the key to creating Metaverse applications is to empower creators by making collaboration easier and helping creators to earn more from their work.

NFTs are an innovation that can empower creators to build the Metaverse. NFTs allow creators to sell directly to consumers while enabling many applications to verify the authenticity of those creations. 

Imagine you are creating an avatar for the Metaverse. You'll need clothes, maybe a virtual car, or even a personalized winking animation. Each of these are creations: 3d models, images, sounds, animations, and more, which can make something like an avatar come to life. With NFTs, it becomes easy to purchase these types of creations directly from creators and to use those creations in many applications.

Even though NFTs are extremely hot today, at NFTY Jigs, we see a major problem with today's NFTs - they don't scale. With NFT technology today, as you start creating NFTs more rapidly, the price to create an NFT surges. A recent NFT sale on Ethereum cost users over $120M in fees for less than 100,000 NFTs!

Because of these dynamics, the NFT economy has formed around scarce, high-value collectibles. For NFTs that trade for millions of dollars like Crypto Punks, high fees don't matter. This is fine for rich crypto traders, but for building the Metaverse, cheap fees are needed. The Metaverse will have billions of users managing trillions of NFTs.

What is needed is a scalable NFT solution and a platform to bring this solution to creators. That is what we've built at NFTY Jigs.

NFTY Jigs is the market leader in NFT scalability. We have minted close to a million NFTs at the lowest prices on the market, as low as 1/100th of a cent per NFT. Our unique platform architecture as well as the structure of the underlying blockchain we use, Bitcoin SV, allows us to scale in a way that few if any NFT solutions today can match. 

Because NFTs today are mainly used for collectibles for the ultra-rich, they are typically just used for a single static file - the most common of these being the JPEG (see cheat sheet).

NFTs on NFTY Jigs are multi-dimensional. Our platform makes it easy for NFTs to be far more than just JPEGs (see cheat sheet). We support NFTs which utilize multiple file types, combinations of files, or even different combinations of files used to represent the NFT in different settings. Our platform makes managing and using these multi-dimensional across many applications simple for users and creators.

NFTY Jigs mint cost is orders of magnitude lower than our competitors. NFTY Jigs NFTs can also be transferred instantly, something none of these competitors can offer. 

How did we do it? Our team was very early in identifying Bitcoin SV as the best choice for scalable NFTs. Bitcoin SV has a radically different blockchain architecture than Ethereum, the leading blockchain for NFTs. Most blockchains share core characteristics with Ethereum, meaning they cannot achieve scale far beyond what Ethereum has achieved. NFTY Jigs is designed to take full advantage of the underlying scalability of the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

The efficiency of the blockchain we use facilitates extremely efficient payments in addition to scalable NFTs. Credit card fees, which typically begin at $0.30, prohibit small transactions. With NFTY Jigs, our users can pay for things including NFTs for amounts as low as a cent. Many NFTs on our platform have been sold for a dollar or less while retaining 99% margins. We think the payments of under a dollar, and even under a cent, will become extremely prevalent in the Metaverse, displacing older methods like ads and subscriptions.

At NFTY Jigs, we see NFTs not only as the key to building the Metaverse, but also as one of the most important components of a Metaverse user's identity. If the digital goods that you use for functional and expressive purposes in the Metaverse are connected to NFTY Jigs, we believe this puts us in a strong position to disrupt other verticals. 

Take ecommerce as an example. With enough users connected to NFTY Jigs using NFTs inside of Metaverse applications, we can approach a company like Nike with the following pitch: let our users buy Nike shoes using blockchain-based payments, and give users an NFT version of the shoes which can be worn by the purchaser's avatar in the Metaverse. Bypassing the credit card fee can easily save Nike $5 or more per purchase, and including an NFT in the purchase provides immense value to their customers at extremely low cost. With enough users to justify the integration, it's a no-brainer, and it's also how a company like NFTY Jigs can turn a thriving NFT platform into a massive business.

Our team's secret sauce is our deep understanding of blockchain and how to build scalable blockchain applications. Cofounders Jack Laskey and Dave Mullen-Muhr cultivated this understanding through their work at Unbounded Capital, a blockchain fund with the thesis that only scalable blockchains will ultimately be successful. Through the reputation they developed at Unbounded Capital, they were able to assemble an all-star team of some of the very best engineers and designers in the blockchain sector.

We decided to start with a gaming focus for several reasons. Gaming is a huge, rapidly growing industry that is already leading blockchain adoption. Several blockchain-based games have seen high degrees of success despite significant barriers to entry. We have learned a lot from these early examples and believe NFTY Jigs is perfectly built to solve the industry's current problems.

Gaming is also a natural fit due to the outsized need for creative work in games. Games are massive consumers of illustrations, animations, sounds, complex code, and more. These creations are often the number one expense in creating a game. Gamers are also used to the concept of owning digital goods. Using NFTs, we think we can make these digital goods more valuable to users, usable across many games, and help creators earn more. 

Sky Mavis is a blockchain gaming and infrastructure company which raised $150M at a $3B valuation in October 2021. They used a model of creating a blockchain infrastructure solution, Ronin Blockchain, via the development of their blockbuster game, Axie Infinity. In June 2021 alone, Axie Infinity took over the blockchain gaming space, raking in over $780 million in revenue. 

While we don't think Ronin has delivered the right solution for games seeking to leverage NFTs, we do think the approach of developing a platform through developing a hit game is extremely savvy. The NFT gaming space is so new, that if you don't experience the challenges of application development oneself, it is very hard to build a solution for others. 

We believe Duro Dogs can be our Axie Infinity, a game which generates huge amounts of revenue, drives significant adoption of our platform, and allows us to create the best possible platform. Even more-so than Axie and Ronin, the ability for creators on NFTY Jigs to sell low-cost NFTs and services to gamers makes a Duro Dogs userbase extremely valuable to other companies building on NFTY Jigs. Any Duro Dogs user is a click away from any other app built with NFTY Jigs, and they arrive at that app with their money and their NFTs ready to be used.

Duro Dogs is a digital pet game we built which is designed for Metaverse gameplay. By fostering a vibrant creator economy that includes both asset creators and game developers, we believe Duro Dogs can explode into a game where millions of users play with their dogs across hundreds, or even thousands of unique applications.

Duro Dogs retention and engagement rates are outstanding compared to industry averages. 6% 30-day retention is considered excellent for a mobile first game. We are at >33%. Our average revenue per user (ARPU) is >$17. The key for Duro Dogs will be to improve our onboarding to increase the total number of users in the game. 

We highly recommend trying out Duro Dogs for yourself at 

If the Metaverse is going to be a $8-$13 trillion industry like Citi Bank has stated, scalability is essential. Our industry-leading low mint fees are essential to expanding the opportunity to billions of users. With fees on other platforms, only applications targeting the ultra-wealthy are viable. These numbers are also a testament to our team's ability to architect and engineer an efficient, scalable NFT platform.

While NFTY Jigs has not been launched publicly, we already have a number of exciting customers. One of these is Haste Arcade, a platform and game publisher utilizing micropayments to create unique game mechanics unlike anything in history. Another is Built By Gamers. Members of their leadership team are NFTY Jigs advisors. We have been supporting their efforts to build a unique fan engagement platform using NFTY Jigs. Over the coming months, we will be working with them to drive adoption of NFTY Jigs by their community of over 20 million gamers

Our team employs lean methodologies to move incredibly quickly. We began prototyping NFTY Jigs in May of 2021. We launched the NFTY Jigs API and Duro Dogs six months later. Since then, we have released new components of the platform and game on a weekly or even daily basis. 

Not only have we moved quickly, but we have also delivered an extremely innovative and functional platform doing multiple, never-before-seen things with NFTs and achieving market-leading NFT scalability.

The NFTY Jigs platform has four key components. The first is the NFTY Jigs API which is used to mint and manage NFTs. We released this component on December 6th, 2021, and this is what our customers are using to build apps today. What makes the NFTY Jigs API unique is not only its scalability, but also how simple it makes creating and using NFTs for developers. We've put hundreds of hours into designing an intuitive developer experience which requires little to no prior knowledge of blockchain.

The Digital Asset Manager (DAM) is a separate API used to manage the files used to represent NFTs in games. We are using the DAM internally today for the NFTY Hub and will be onboarding customers to the DAM soon.

The NFTY Hub is a front-end application which can be used by both users and creators. The NFTY Hub has three sections - my goods, marketplace, and my content. Users can view all of the NFTs they own across all NFTY Jigs connected apps in the my goods section. In the marketplace, creators can sell NFTs to users, or users can trade with one another. In my content, we have creator tools which can be used to create new apps, mint new NFT collections, list those collections in the marketplace, and track sales.

We launched the NFTY Hub MVP on May 6th, 2022. In February 2022, we launched our alpha marketplace for Duro Dogs. Since then, we have had over 107,000 NFT exchanges between our users.

The final component of the NFTY Jigs platform is the wallet. We use HandCash as the basis of our NFT wallet. HandCash makes it simple for users to sign into apps and make crypto payments. Working with HandCash, we extended this functionality to allow users to be able to sign NFT transactions the same way they can sign transactions related to crypto payments. By working with HandCash, we can piggyback off of their amazing community and tools for developers to create a much more powerful platform quickly.

This diagram shows the layers within the NFTY Jigs platform. The foundation is the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Built on top of the blockchain is an API layer which includes the NFTY Jigs API, our Digital Asset Manager API, as well as the HandCash connect API which facilitates blockchain payments. These power the applications which users and creators interact with such as the NFTY Hub and the applications built with NFTY Jigs such as Duro Dogs.

NFTY Jigs makes money through API fees, cloud storage and transfer fees, as well as fees related to our marketplace. We anticipate a world with trillions of NFTs - a massive opportunity for our APIs and marketplace.

We also make money through direct NFT sales through Duro Dogs. As we support other monetization models for games, we will take advantage of these with Duro Dogs as well as other games on our roadmap such as Hash War.

NFTY Jigs is well positioned to do good while pursuing the economic opportunity in front of us. Bitcoin SV, the underlying blockchain technology for NFTY Jigs, is an extremely eco-friendly technology. Unbounded Capital recently published an ebook about Bitcoin SV's potential as a climate change solution.

Adoption of NFTY Jigs is also a step towards the elimination of the ad-economy and surveillance capitalism. Consumers today understand that there are significant costs to handing over their data to large businesses, but there is simply no alternative with the prevalence of ads on the internet. NFTY Jigs uses technology that can serve as an alternative to ad-based payments, helping to combat the need for companies to spy on their customers.

NFTY Jigs can help create opportunities for creative people across the developing world. Many talented artists are receiving extremely low wages for their work on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Creators worldwide will see a dramatic increase in earnings by being able to go directly to consumers using NFTs.

NFTY Jigs founders Jack and Dave were partners at Unbounded Capital, a VC fund focused on scalable blockchains, prior to starting NFTY Jigs. As a way of seeding NFTY Jigs with a valuable asset to help the company get off the ground, Jack and Dave placed what amounts to ~18% ownership of the GP interest and management company of Unbounded Capital into NFTY Jigs. The GP interest of Unbounded Capital was most recently valued at $15M.

This asset gives NFTY Jigs regular cash flows as well as an opportunity to sell some of its interest in the future for a non-dilutive cash insurgence. Unbounded Capital is not an investor in NFTY Jigs due to obvious conflicts of interest, but Unbounded Capital is an investor in a number of our partners including HandCash, Haste Arcade, and RUN.

The majority of our $500k goal is earmarked to continue development of the NFTY Jigs Platform. We also plan to continue spending on the development of end-user applications, most notably Duro Dogs. Much of the focus of Duro Dogs development will be towards improving onboarding to NFTY Jigs apps in general by improving the Duro Dogs onboarding. As we improve onboarding, we will begin spending more significantly on marketing - at first with the goal of getting additional data, and then with the goal of driving user growth of Duro Dogs which we believe is the most effective way to drive growth of the platform in general.