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New Way Homes

A new, scalable solution for creating affordable and below-market-rate housing

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Investor Panel

Tony and Stefan interviewed New Way Homes on June 15, 2020. Play Video
Tony Wilkins
Private investor at Standing Oaks Venture Partners. Started investing in 1991. I invest in coachable people who I admire, respect and trust.
Stefan Opsal
Startup founder, product manager, and angel investor living in New York City.
says, "The mission and the team. Building the future of affordable housing is the type of mission everyone can get behind, and Sibley has the background and resources to execute. New Way Homes is also innovating the charitable housing model by leveraging new sources of capital in order to develop much needed units and provide affordable housing."
says, "Local community engagement in research is the clear strength in this organization’s wheelhouse. Right behind that is Sibley’s experience in all of the administration around getting the municipal and legal but-in to create these kinds of units. Working with the churches is his key!"
says, "Spread the word far and wide. Your mission is something everyone can get behind, and with the right marketing efforts, plus platforms like Wefunder, New Way Homes can catalyze a new way of solving the houseless issue across the country."
says, "Not sure what kind of social media presence or public relations the organization is involved with but I think greater visibility across the country to people who are interested in this kind of work would be very helpful. Of course, being on Wefunder is a great start!"

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Is Tech to Blame for Santa Cruz’s Housing Dilemma?
April 14, 2021
If there was a “Middle Path”, a novel prototype it would be New Way Homes. Founded by Sibley Simon, New Way Homes is fusing private investment with nonprofit social impact.
Construction begins on new Santa Cruz very-low-income housing project
March 22, 2021
SANTA CRUZ - For one local organization tasked with getting people into housing, a glaring bottleneck to its efforts was in connecting clients with stable, long-term affordable opportunities. "As an organization, we've done everything from first-touch, outreach, engagement, emergency shelter, supportive services, both on-campus for over 200 people in our emergency shelter programs ...
Salinas to see new brand of affordable housing
March 17, 2021
SALINAS - An affordable home builder has launched a project in Salinas that combines private investment with the abilities of nonprofit organizations to produce low-income housing that for many reasons has been out of reach for many communities. New Way Homes is a Santa Cruz-based nonprofit affordable housing builder launched in 2015 by serial entrepreneur Sibley Simon.
A nonprofit developer focused on infill has a dream for Salinas, and the region.
March 7, 2021
Husband-wife team Kirk di Cicco and Sherry Dang operate five 7-Elevens in the region, including one in Salinas. Over the years, they heard employees' housing complaints get worse and worse. "We are seeing our employees struggling to find a place to live.
East Bay churches, nonprofits eyed for affordable housing production
January 13, 2021
By Kathy Chouteau A new California law makes it easier for houses of worship to build affordable housing on their land, and a new collaboration is working to accelerate such developments in the East Bay. AB 1851, authored by Assemblymember Buffy Wicks, reduces parking requirements in order to allow affordable housing to be constructed by faith-based organizations.
Anyone Can Invest in Santa Cruz Startups - Santa Cruz Works
December 2, 2020
Santa Cruz Works and Sail Community Capital teamed up to create Community Speed Investing. In one hour you will hear a pitch from four Santa Cruz companies that are raising money through crowdfunding. Anyone can invest with a few clicks. Minimums range from $100 to $1,000 Think of this event as the Tinder of investing.
21 for '21: Sibley Simon building a plan around affordability, homelessness
November 24, 2020
Six years ago this week, tech entrepreneur Sibley Simon had a Thanksgiving Day realization: He needed to turn his work as an activist who helps the homeless into a business venture. He had spent years trying to eliminate chronic homelessness through a grassroots movement called 180/180, which he founded.
Santa Cruz housing project for homeless approved
November 20, 2020
SANTA CRUZ >> Santa Cruz city planning commissioners on Thursday night approved a 120-apartment, five-story complex that will house and treat chronically homeless people with disabilities on the Housing Matters campus on Coral Street. The building at 119 Coral St. would be near where the railroad tracks meet Highway 1 and will be separated from the highway by a soundwall.
Finding Housing Solutions - Monterey Bay Economic Partnership
November 11, 2020
New Way Homes Founder and President Sibley Simon has participated in MBEPs regional housing work since its inception, including co-authoring MBEPs two housing policy white papers. Meanwhile, New Way Homes has been advancing its own work to find new ways to fund affordable and workforce housing in the region.
Local Nonprofit Launches a Crowdfunding Raise
September 30, 2020
If the subject is affordable housing in Santa Cruz County, the news is not usually good and not usually new. Now, there is a new strategy in town for creating more affordable housing, according to New Way Homes, a local nonprofit.
New Way Homes Launches a Crowdfunding Investment Campaign - Santa Cruz Works
September 9, 2020
The NWH model combines impact investment capital, partnerships with landowners (often non-profits from churches to Housing Matters), environmental sustainability that lowers operating costs, new state laws allowing more density in certain locations and less parking around transit, and many other techniques.
The coronavirus is exposing America's housing crisis
April 8, 2020
On March 31, about 300 tenants received an email from their apartment management company. The email listed resources for tenants struggling financiallyduring the coronavirus pandemic, but the sign-off message was clear: The rent is still due.
Santa Cruz hosts first 'virtual' community engagement
April 2, 2020
SANTA CRUZ - A plan to build as many as 121 studio apartments for the neediest population prompted the city's first virtual community engagement sessions for a development project this week.
Homeless-Oriented Housing Aimed at Saving Lives and Money
March 25, 2020
One night in 2018, Marcus Kelly was sleeping in a grove off Highway 9 when two Santa Cruz park rangers came slashing into his tent, knives drawn. One of the rangers leaned into the tent, remembers Kelly, who is homeless, while the other stepped inside it to yell, "We want you to get your shit and get out of here!"
The Bay Area: The Land of Many Jobs and Too Few Homes
March 25, 2020
Recently, we commented on how newly released government data allows us to make a rough estimate of the gap between New York City's past decade of rapid employment growth and its relatively modest housing growth, and how this gap reflects a "jobs-housing mismatch." San Francisco is in a very similar position to New York.
Santa Cruz shelter, housing developer prepare to address chronically homeless
March 20, 2020
SANTA CRUZ - Major local shelter provider Housing Matters is pushing forward on a collaborative plan to build a new 121-rental housing development on its 115 Coral St. campus, officials announced this week.
What Oakland's Construction Boom Means for Those on the Brink of Getting Priced Out
February 21, 2020
When people see those iconic container cranes at the Port of Oakland, they know they're in "The Town." But now another type of crane is popping up all over Oakland: construction cranes working on the next high-rise housing building. From West Oakland to Temescal, many neighborhoods in Oakland have sleek new apartment buildings.
A New Way to Begin at Genesis
September 2, 2019
This week's post is written by the Rev. Dr. Patrick G. Duggan, Executive Director of the United Church of Christ Church Building & Loan Fund. Since 1995, Rev. Dr. Duggan has also served as senior pastor of the Congregational Church of South Hempstead in South Hempstead, New York.
Santa Cruz church explores building university-adjacent rental housing project
June 3, 2019
SANTA CRUZ - A proposed rental housing development project for the back portion of Peace United Church's 6-acre Upper Westside property drew out neighbors interested in preliminary details this week. The church and its development partners Sibley Simon and John Swift have not yet submitted a formal city planning application for their proposed "Peace Village."
Homelessness shelter operator Santa Cruz's next landlord?
April 12, 2019
SANTA CRUZ - Looking to expand beyond short-term sheltering of the needy, the Homeless Services Center is aiming to bolster the housing market itself. When looking to create permanent housing, the nonprofit's leaders had to look no further than a historic home, vacant for the past two decades, just steps from their 115 Coral St.
Sen. Scott Wiener advocates for more housing with Senate Bill 50
April 8, 2019
California is short 3.5 million homes, which matches the housing deficit of the rest of the U.S., according to Wiener.
Santa Cruz County changes in housing rules on Tuesday agenda
June 9, 2018
SANTA CRUZ >> Economists say regulations are a factor in stifling development and raising prices, worsening the housing crisis, and a package of reforms to incentivize developers to build more smaller units is headed to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors.
Sibley Simon Raising Money for Smarter Housing - Good Times Santa Cruz
April 24, 2018
Sibley Simon remembers having an epiphany after his daughter's second daycare closed because workers lost their housing. Simon, an angel funder with a tech background, says he decided that his next entrepreneurial venture would focus on the impacts of the housing crisis, a cause he had already championed as treasurer of the Homeless Services Center (HSC) and a philanthropist.
Affordable housing in Salinas well short of 2023 goal, officials say
March 21, 2018
Despite being nearly halfway through a decade-long plan to bring affordable housing developments to Salinas, the city has only achieved 11 percent of its goal, officials say. Since 2014, only 235 housing units have been built out of the city's 2023 goal of 2,229 homes, said Matt Huerta, housing program manager with the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership.
Can Santa Cruz Build Its Way Out Of a Housing Crisis? - Good Times Santa Cruz
November 29, 2017
Mayor Cynthia Chase remembers sitting down earlier this year with teachers, parents, and students at Mission Hill Middle School to discuss Santa Cruz's rising housing costs. The students on the other side of the table that evening ran through a long list of beloved teachers and after-school employees who had all left over the years-each squeezed out by steep rents in a quickly evolving town.
Budding Santa Cruz housing project targets city's most chronically homeless
July 28, 2017
SANTA CRUZ >> As Santa Cruz has made strides in housing some of its chronically homeless citizens, some efforts have continually come up short for a fraction of its longest-struggling and most visible population. Sibley Verbeck Simon, a self-described "social entrepreneur," is leading the charge in a new "permanent supportive housing" effort, which remains in the conceptual stage.
'It's a catastrophe': low-income workers get priced out of California beach city
August 24, 2016
"Such a broad spectrum of the community is being priced out,’ said Sibley Verbeck Simon, president of New Way Homes, an affordable housing not-for-profit group in Santa Cruz."
Carmel Jud's Rising International wins first place at Cruz Cares
March 4, 2015
SANTA CRUZ >> Carmel Jud, founder of a nonprofit that found a way to help women rise out of poverty, took first place and $17,100 in prizes Wednesday night at Cruz Cares, the first Santa Cruz pitch contest for social change.
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