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Invest in New Earth Beauty, Inc.

Plant-based nutritional beauty and supplements that work better


Animal collagen is a $15B niche of the $450B global beauty industry. There is massive opportunity for plant-based alts
We created a plant-based system of topical and ingestible products to replace animal collagen and support wellness.
Demand for Cruelty-Free and Vegan Cosmetics is “Spiralling” – US Market to Surpass US$3 Bn by 2025-Vegeconomist.
Our target market, LOHAS consumers who buy based on ethical values, comprise 50 million consumers
Sales are $500K through our website, Amazon and independent stores. We have 12,000 customers.
Our brands compete in the overall beauty industry, the LOHAS market, anti-aging market and the animal collagen niche.
There is a 5-7 year exit strategy into an active Mergers and Acquisitions market for beauty and supplement companies

Our Team

We are creating a beauty industry that is centered on wellness; that does not rely on animal testing or animal exploitation for profit.


Plant-Based nutritional skin care with ingestibles works better for humans, animals and the planet than animal-derived products.

New Earth Beauty, Inc holds two brands: AVEGAN Beauty and Wellness which creates  vegan science-based skin care and dietary supplement products and ECCO BELLA which is the pioneer brand in cruelty-free, clean cosmetics and fragrances since 2001.

The Problem is that the beauty and supplement industries buy many slaughterhouse materials. For example, there is a $15B animal collagen market and a $1B bone broth market destroying animal lives, human health and the planet.

Consumers mistakenly believe that if they ingest slaughterhouse collagen they will have smoother, wrinkle-free skin and improved joint health.  The bone broth product market is replete with marketing misinformation, toxic chemicals and animal cruelty.

The Solution is creating desirable plant-based products to serve the booming plant-based consumer demand, while converting flexitarian buyers as well.

Vegans and flexitarians seek products without animal ingredients. Our skin care and supplements can help the body protect its own natural collagen production. Our science-backed claims makes it easier for consumers to convert from animal-based collagen and bone products. Premium packaging design allows us to compete with the largest beauty industry promoters.

Huge social impact benefits come from products that enable a plant-based lifestyle, such as fixing climate change to improved human health.

"Potential long-term benefits of switching to plant-based diets will play a major role in fueling the adoption of plant proteins,  Fortune Business Insights in its report, titled “Plant Based Protein Supplements Market, 2021-2028.”

A research study conducted by the University of Oxford in 2016 revealed that if the majority of the global population switched to fruit-and-vegetable-based diets by 2050, it could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 67 percent.

Moreover, the world could save $1.5 trillion in climate-related health care costs. Empirical evidence supporting vegetarianism will prove instrumental in promoting the adoption of plant based protein supplements, as protein supplements are usually derived from animal-based products."

Our Business Model

We Have Over 12,000 Customers and 130,000 Annual Website Visitors. Consumers are seeking better products.

Customer average order is $100.

Lifetime value is $150 to $450.

The cost to acquire a customer is $40. 

  • 97% love to try new facial skin care products*
  • 89% willing to spend more on higher quality facial skin care products
  • 80% are always on the lookout for something better, even if satisfied with her current skin care

*According to the Benchmark Company in a survey of skin care users,

We Bring The Nutritional Benefits of Plant-Based Cell Culture to Consumers to replace animal products.

We seek and bring to market state-of-the-art innovations in sea algae and cell culture technologies that use less land mass to produce greater nutritional value while regenerating oxygen to the planet.

VEGAN SCIENCE BENEFITS: FortiSomes make our products work better. 

In the interest of our customers’ beauty, health and well being, AVEGAN Beauty products use a high-tech vegan science delivery system called FORTISOMES.
Microscopic liposomes encapsulate and protect the plant-based nutrients that are time-released to be the most effective to enhance skin health, reduce wrinkles and the signs of aging.


We follow a true health and wellness business model encompassing people, animals, planet and profits. The three questions we always ask when creating products are: Who will it help, who will it harm and how is it thrown away?

We aim to expose and replace the use of animals in consumer products that are destroying human health, animal lives and the planet.

By promoting science backed vegan beauty products, vegan beauty supplements and educating about a plant-based diet we create long term customers.


As Founder, creating a vegan business made a lot of sense. I am a long time vegan and have served as a board member of Friends of Animals and Primarily Primates for over 20 years. I believe that no one has the right to deny another living being its right to happiness. 

At my home, I created a large pollinator garden which I use as an educational site for students and fellow residents. I have been a tireless public speaker in my local government forums for protecting the environment and animals.  My husband and I love to go on international vegan eating adventures using our Happy Cow app and we love hiking and swimming in beautiful places.
Sally Malanga,  Founder

We have acquired many awards for our innovations that combine beauty, skin care and nutrition.

An Investment Opportunity

From Forbes to Barrons, industry pundits are touting the economic benefits of women-owned businesses. The vegan category is winning over the hearts and wallets of over 50 million + vegan and sustainability customers.

And, we have an exit strategy in place considering the active mergers and acquisitions market for companies like ours.

AVEGAN BEAUTY is poised to capture its share of this ever- growing health conscious market.  As an investment opportunity we are here to make change for our planet, animals and companies like ours are worth investing in for all these reasons.

Please join us on this beautiful venture.