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Invest in New Earth Beauty, Inc. Ecco Bella

We make a vegan system of topical and ingestible beauty and wellness products.

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$600K annual revenue across our website, Amazon and independent stores. 12,000 customers, 130,000yr web visitors.
Avg customer order $80. Lifetime value $150 to $450. Customer acquisition cost $40.
Demand for Cruelty-Free and Vegan Cosmetics is “Spiralling” – US Market to Surpass US$3 Bn by 2025-Vegeconomist.
Our target market, LOHAS consumers who buy based on values, comprise 50 million consumers
Massive opportunity for plant-based alternatives in the $600B Beauty and Supplement markets.
Helped forge the US market for cruelty-free, vegan cosmetics.

Our Team

We did it before with Ecco Bella as a primary force in the cruelty-free products market. We want to do it again by veganizing a beauty and supplement industry so that it does not rely on animal testing or animal exploitation for profit.


New Earth Beauty, Inc. is the parent company of ECCO BELLA, a brand that is forging a new category; beauty from within and out, with products that are better for animals, the planet, and you. 

With investors like you, we are capturing our share of the $600B beauty and supplement markets.

Investors can participate as we create vegan science-based topical and delicious drinkable products that deliver better results, are enjoyable to use, save animals' lives and replenish the earth's eco-systems.  

The Problem is that the beauty and supplement industries utilize many slaughterhouse and toxic materials. For example, the animal collagen market (from cows, pigs, chickens and fish) is a $15B market destroying animal lives, human health and the planet.

Consumers mistakenly believe that if they ingest slaughterhouse collagen they will have smoother, wrinkle-free skin and improved joint health.  The market is replete with marketing misinformation, toxic chemicals and animal cruelty.

The Solution is that we create and market ingenious plant-based products to serve the booming demand of plant-based and flexitarian consumers.

Vegans and flexitarians seek products without animal ingredients. Our skin care and supplements are ingenious in their formulation and benefits. They use the body's own intelligence to create its own natural collagen rather than taking it from an animal. Our science-backed claims makes it easier for consumers to convert from animal-based  products. Premium packaging design allows us to compete with the largest beauty industry promoters.

Our Traction.

  • Sales of $600K and growing. 
  • 12,000 Customers.
  • 130,000 Annual Website Visitors. 
  • 8000 in our loyalty program.
  • Customer average order is $100.
  • Lifetime value is $150 to $450.
  • The cost to acquire a customer is $40.

Establishing our Delicious Drinkables division we have launched the world's first vegan bone broth into the 1B animal bone broth market.

Our company-wide foundation for growth is to "make our customers happy!" 

“Carol, Thank you so much for your kind and informative email! …. I really appreciate you going to such depths to accommodate me! I will tell all of my social media friends about Ecco Bella! …..Health and Happiness,  Maggie F.”

Huge social benefits arise from products that inspire people to engage in or try a plant-based lifestyle. 

If the majority of the global population switched to a plant-based diet by 2050, it could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 67 percent. 

"Demand for Cruelty-Free and Vegan Cosmetics is “Spiralling” – US Market to Surpass US$3 Bn by 2025" Vegeconomist.

Our NutraChic Beauty Supplement builds beauty seven ways with its blend of deeply pigmented patented nutrients.

We bring technology and advanced cell-cultured nutrients to consumers with outstanding nutritional benefits.

We bring to market cell culture technologies that use less land mass to produce greater nutritional and skin care value while regenerating oxygen to the planet. 

This is a photo of a highly prized nutrient used in our products, astaxanthin which is 6000 times stronger than vitamin C, courtesy of Algatech.

An Investment Opportunity in a women-led vegan company. How investors may get a return on their investment.

“Beauty is breeding unicorns faster than ever, with brands evolving from unknown start-ups to blockbuster deals in the space of a few years.” The Business of Fashion News

Our five-year goal is to reach $100 million in sales.

There is no guarantee that the company will reach this target or be acquired.

Our investors may be able to:

  • Sell their shares on the secondary private equity market.
  • Sell their shares if we go public.
  • Sell their shares if we merge or are acquired. 

As an investment opportunity we are here to provide substantial growth as we change the way business works for our planet, animals' and human health. Companies like ours are worth investing in for the potential financial rewards as well as the social rewards.

Join us on this beautiful venture and receive the below rewards, too!

Ecco Bella is run by experienced product developers and marketers. Join us as we aim to capture our share of the ever-growing $600 billion beauty and supplement market.  Founder, Sally Malanga.


Here I am, standing in the pollinator garden created on my property to educate students and bring neighbors closer to nature. 

My accomplishments are:

Creating a true health and wellness business model encompassing people, animals, planet and profits.

Establishing the three questions that are the foundation of our product creation:

Who will it help, who will it harm and how is it thrown away?

Holding the company to its true mission:  Creating science backed vegan beauty products, vegan beauty supplements and creating an education model for consumers about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. In this way we create long term customers.

As Founder, creating a vegan business made a lot of sense. I am a long time vegan and have served as a board member of Friends of Animals and Primarily Primates for over 20 years. I believe that no one has the right to deny another living being its right to happiness. 

There is a $600 billion market to capture. 

Join us on this beautiful venture!