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MultiPark Valet ®

Here at MultiPark Valet, we are connecting everyday drivers to traditional parking facilities.

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And the winner of NTX Inno's 2021 Tech Madness bracket challenge is...
June 11, 2021
After weeks of head-to-head competition, NTX Inno's 2021 Tech Madness champion has been crowned. Without seeming to break a sweat, MultiPark Valet went from 16-seed, a first-time participant in the bracket challenge, to claiming victory over far more well-established and well-funded companies.
Valet management startup preps to hit the road
June 11, 2021
The valet experience is supposed to be one of convenience and comfort. However, often people find themselves with long curbside waits as they fumble for their ticket and have their car pulled around. It's an experience founder Marcus Wells is familiar with, and one he is looking to solve with his startup MultiPark Valet, a valet management platform helping to streamline the process.
MultiPark Valet LLC
June 11, 2021
Company Aliases MultiPark Valet LLC State Incorporated TEXAS Entity Type LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY Address 4301 Feather Ore Drive Arlington, TEXAS UNITED STATES 76005 *profile and listings may contain filings by different individuals or companies with the same name. Review application materials to confirm ownership/assignment.
Multipark Valet Parking Application - Wells, Marcus
June 11, 2021
This application claims priority to the Provisional Patent Application 62825133 titled, 'Multipark Valet Parking Application,' filed Mar. 28, 2019 by Marcus Wells referenced herein in its entirety. Using valet parking services can be a lifesaver when in a rush to attend a special affair or simply to have a fun night out.
Introducing Impact Ventures Spring 2021 Accelerator Fellows - Impact Ventures
June 4, 2021
As North Texas's premier accelerator program for under-estimated women and founders of color, Impact Ventures has successfully launched its third cohort with a unique focus on three entrepreneur archetypes: Traditional Small Business Owners, Social Entrepreneurs, and Tech-driven entrepreneurs, with an effort to create a pipeline to its recently announced Dallas Inclusive Capital Fund and increase overall funding being allocated to groups historically excluded from building wealth through entrepreneurship.
A Want To Help The World And An Idea To Connect Drivers To Parking, Marcus Wells' App Was Born
February 10, 2021
Entrepreneurship was not something that Marcus Wells was used to. He grew up in a small town and had never been exposed to others in the business world until he went to college and was able to finally meet and study the business world. "Growing up in a small town called Smithfield located in Virginia, [...]
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