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SaaS for private property to launch, manage and monetize guest amenities 🚲⛳️🛴

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🔥 $1.5m+ in potential revenue from purchase requests and pre-orders
📈 Waitlist of over 120 properties and 500 scooters - too much demand to keep up with
🚀 Live in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Denver, and Miami
🥳 Transportation Partner of 420bnb
✈️ Micro-Hospitality growth is SURGING, The best-performing travel segment in pandemic
🌎 Eco-friendly lightweight electric vehicles that can be 3x more profitable than a large fleet
👩 Madison (CEO) was named to the Colorado 2020 Inno 25 under 25 entrepreneurs list

Our Team

Mount's team is made up of mobility and hospitality experts who launched thousands of vehicles while working at Jump and realized the shortcomings of large fleets. We decided to bring the scooter to the travelers. Our brand isn't just electric scooters. We encourage exploration to local shops and bring out the adventurer within our riders.


Mount is the amenity management company for all private real estate companies. We are starting with scooters and e-bikes but plan to open up our services to all amenities - Kayaks, bikes, paddleboards, golf carts, and golf clubs. We can track, manage and monetize these amenities. 

Airbnb Hosts found out that 99% of their revenue was coming from bookings and their rental optimization was only at an average of 45%. They need a way to maximize revenue from the guests they do have.

To demonstrate the current booking process: Travelers will use a booking platform to book their stay. They don’t have the option to add on any extras like a bike rental, boat rental, or airport pickup. They are only paying for their nightly stay. Then, once booked, they start doing outside research and find their own bike to rent, local tour, and chef. They pay out of pocket for these. If the host had curated these experiences they could upsell them but as of right now they don't and are missing out on a lot of revenue. 

Mount brings these two broken markets together where they both need something the other one has. Micromobility needs private property to launch on and can put their scooter directly in front of the tourist. The property also becomes a home for the scooter where rides start and end. This makes sure our scooters don't end up in random places and also allows us to cut out a ton of operational costs. The host gains a new revenue stream and can increase bookings now that they offer a new amenity.

Scooters are already adopted by the rider but the rider doesn’t have an option to a great form factor. That's why we decided to take this scooter model and launch it in a way we could directly reach the riders, the tourist, by launching 2-4 scooters at short-term vacation rental properties.

We are looking at working with over 7 million property managers and hosts just within the Airbnb space and on top of that targeting over 500 million travelers.

Mount’s team is what makes us unique. We have industry experts from Jump, Lime, Uber and Lyft and within the founding team Matt, our COO, oversaw a 500 unit bike fleet in Denver where he helped run daily operations.

We also have a board of advisors with executives and industry experts from Hostfully, Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, Jump and Lime

In order to launch our scooters, we needed a system to track them, charge for rentals and have a customer-facing app. The backend management platform collects data analytics from the scooters and allows us to optimize the fleet. The front-facing app is what the guests download and use to rent the scooter.

Mount’s been live since January launching in Phoenix and then launching Denver and Miami in March. We’ve grown a substantial waitlist that consists of over 500 scooters in 15 different states. We’ve also signed up 120 properties on our platform.

At a high level, we are a SaaS company charging a monthly fee per asset. The property owner is in charge of purchasing their amenities and Mount will come in to streamline and monetize them. We then keep 10% of all rental revenue from all assets on our platform. 

We are live in three different cities working with property owners who use the above platforms. We are seeing great early success and plan to launch the next few hundred vehicles in the coming months.

We don't want to just be an operator. It is a great starting point but with our proprietary tech, we can become a fleet manager of all hospitality assets - golf carts, surf boards, bikes, scooters, cars.

We are getting more and more traction with property managers, Airbnb Hosts and large hotel chains signing on for this vision. 

We are offering up to $200k on Wefunder

Let's supercharge Mount's growth together. We have the customers in place, the operations ready and now just need the capital to start scaling and getting our product out. 

Our biggest differentiator is our fleet size of 2-4 scooters. We also have Mount’s smart lock that collects and reports data analytics about the scooter. This is proprietary to Mount and what makes us able to streamline operations and makes our fleets 90% efficient than a larger fleet.  We don’t need a warehouse, gig-economy employees, charging infrastructure or government approval. All of the large costs associated with a large fleet don’t exist in a micro fleet.