Motive amplifies growth for B2B startups with smarter data to drive sales

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Our Team

We're Motive, a startup tackling an unsexy but fundamental driver of any startup's success or failure: data.

We've worked with hundreds of startups, and they all say the same thing: bad lead list data is the #1 setback for their sales teams.

Why do these lead lists suck? Because of data decay. To understand why data decay is a significant issue for emerging businesses, our Lead Advisor, Peter Weinberg of Linkedin's B2B Institute, describes The Subprime Data Crisis:

If you don't have time to watch the video, here is the main takeaway:

How widespread is this issue?

If we know marketers throughout the world are operating off inaccurate data (decaying at an alarming rate of 80%), imagine the possibilities and improvements of working with live, enriched data that is accurate and reliable.

Our goal is to sell accurate, live data to help businesses make informed decisions.

For the past 18 months, our engineers have been building the Motive Neural Network (MNN), an AI-powered algorithm that continuously validates our client's data.

We're helping companies:

Our clients benefit from using our product by plugging in their existing data sets, and have the MNN validate their data while finding niche datapoints to pinpoint their ideal customer. An added bonus: our client's data empowers us to continually enrich our database and get more intelligent.

In sum, here are our main takeaways after working with hundreds of B2B clients:

  • It's a make or break situation when emerging startups with limited resources waste their precious resources on decaying data

  • Our clients want to connect to real people and they can't do that when their outreach efforts are ineffective
  • Only ~40% of lead data is accurate! The rest is outdated, redundant, or tells an incomplete story
  • Bad data = wasted money and time

  • The top data providers are selling data that is old, inaccurate, and redundant
  • Companies are unaware of they are purchasing bad that has a low to zero chance for conversion
  • The worst part? There is no recourse

Let's dig deeper — here's what a traditional sales process look like:

From our experience, we can conclude:

  • Too many company's CRMs are infected with decaying data
  • It is not efficient for SDRs to clean up data and find promising leads
  • AEs are not effective at their jobs because their outreach efforts are vague and they have not properly identified their ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

The Motive solution

This is where Motive shines — we are changing the nature of data by creating an AI-driven product that continuously validates data to ensure its accuracy.

Motive helps companies:

  • Pinpoint their ideal customer
  • Target them with personalized ads, campaigns, and outreach
  • Accelerate their sales and growth to meet/exceed their benchmarks

How It Works

Step 1: Utilize Motive's Qual-Matrix Tool

Our clients use our Qual-Matrix tool to identify the traits, or Motives, of their ideal clients. These motives can be as broad or granular as needed. We use motives to pinpoint niche data points and find the ideal customers our clients are in search of.

As Motive's database continues to become more sophisticated and intelligent, our clients can find their ideal customers with confidence and ease.

Step 2: Restructure your sales process to increase efficiency

Once implementing Motive, our clients take advantage of the cost savings and efficiencies by:

  • Reducing their SDR count (saving upwards of $150K+ annually)
  • Hiring senior AEs for outreach efforts 
  • Slashing their investments in decaying data lists (saving over $20-$150K+ annually)

When our clients gain valuable insight into their ideal customer, their sales and marketing teams can focus on what they do best. 

#1 value prop for customers: we get paid based off results

To counter the unethical nature of an industry selling decaying data lists (because they're optimizing for quantity over quality), we're doing something radical: our clients only pay for leads that perform.

The majority of our revenue will be from selling DaaS (Data as a Service), where our clients pay based on results, not by purchasing vast swaths of data that aren't useful.

Our traction so far

We are on track to hit major milestones, and are growing exponentially as we continue to build our team and product.

Meet the Motive team

Why you should invest in Motive

We are raising our next round of funding with the Wefunder community because we want to scale our growth sustainably. The funds we raise will help us:

1) Scale our growth

The majority of funds will be allocated towards developing and refining the Motive Neural Network (MNN). We'll do this by hiring strategically as needed, and launching a stellar marketing + sales campaign to amplify our growth

2) Ensure Motive's leaders are laser-focused

We want everyone on the leadership and advisory team to execute on initiatives that will set up our company for long-term success and/or acquisition

Thank you!

We're super excited for what the future holds for Motive and invite you to join us on this journey! We're confident your investment will yield multiples that will make this worth your while.

Want to see our pitch deck? Click this link to view.