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Invest in Moonshot Brands (YC W21)

We acquire, operate, and grow a portfolio of e-commerce businesses.


📈$15M in revenue acquired last month & profitable. Our goal is $200M in annual revenue by December 2021.
💪Our team has 5 exits including NASDAQ e-commerce company.
🌎Previous investors include Liquid2 Ventures, Outbound Ventures, Garage Ventures, etc.

Our Team

Entrepreneur/CEO with +12 years experience driving growth at D2C companies & 3 exits. Founder of HomeSav (acquired: American Capital - Rebellion Media), LeapPay (acquired: Funding Circle), Mavencare (acquired: Bayada Health),
We are a team of passionate operators with empathy for the operators of e-commerce companies and we want to change the e-commerce company acquisition process to make it amazing for sellers. We also see the e-commerce market selling through Amazon or Shopify as a $500B+ market opportunity where we can have a huge impact.
Executive and founder with big company experience. Scaled (Nasdaq: SFT) from idea to $100M in funding, Launched Amazon/Shopify business (Shark Tank), Founded energy software company (acquired: WegoWise), Invested on the ground in China.
Jesus Sotelo Co-founder

We are building a portfolio of small e-commerce businesses, and helping them grow and scale their operations.

Many small e-commerce businesses have product-market fit but often lack the capital and expertise to scale them to the next level.

To successfully scale an ecommerce business requires you to be great at:

  • Brand Development
  • Sales channel optimization
  • Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Logistics
  • Sourcing and Manufacturing

Owners of these small ecommerce brands usually have one or two of the required skills which allows them to get to product market fit but lack the skills or access to the rest of the skills required to scale.

Furthermore, most of these owners are now asset rich but cash poor. They don't want to sell their businesses but have no easy way of obtaining partial liquidity.

Moonshot offers the owners of e-commerce companies the opportunity to get partial liquidity while also obtaining the skills and capital they require to grow their brand.

Then we offer the owners of these companies a unique solution:

  • Cash and future upside for their business - the owner de-risks and shares in the upside of the Moonshot platform
  • The owner remains in charge of their business but gets support to grow the business from Moonshot. This includes:
    • Access to shared resources (e.g. brand development)
    • Access to the product, pricing, marketing tools that provide insights, best practice, and KPIs

We have acquired two companies with $15M ARR and have continued growing them significantly. The companies are in the Toys and Games and Office Products spaces. We are enhancing and optimizing their marketing spend, expanding the channels which they serve (international channels), and enhancing their product selection.  We have centralized expertise in these functions. In addition to these strategies, in the long run we will improve margins and reduce overhead due to synergies available by owning a portfolio of properties and synergies across our portfolio, including lower overhead and COGS which lead to higher profitability. 

Market Size

3+ million e-commerce brands are selling through Amazon or Shopify. In 2020, they accounted for $400B+ of revenue on these two platforms.


The founding team has had a total of 5 successful exits between them, including an online home goods e-commerce store sold to a private equity firm and a used car marketplace that is now listed on the NASDAQ. They also both have M&A experience. One fun fact: each appeared on Shark Tank / Dragon’s Den.