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Seamlessly Connect with Verified Experts

Last Funded April 2023


raised from 124 investors


📈The current e-learning market size is $300BN and is expected to 3x in the next 5 years
đŸ‘šâ€đŸ’»We leverage a platform of 1BN users whose professional experience has already been verified
🌎Crucial mission - Mentors pass essential knowledge to the next generation to build a better future
💾 Team have experience growing successful companies from pre-seed, seed, Series A-D and IPO!
đŸ§žâ€â™‚ïžMillions are being scammed via fake gurus & outdated courses - we're going to stop this!
đŸ‘„Team: Cambridge Economics grad, 5-year Amazon full stack developer, ex-silicon valley unicorn IPO
💰Cameo, a similar business model, is valued at over $1B, 1000x potential return *(not-guaranteed)

Our Team

Mentorship has always been a big part of my life. My life's motto is "A stranger is a friend I haven't met yet". It was also my Dad's. I love connecting, meeting and learning from people. I strongly feel it's the best way to experience life. I want to give more people the opportunity to connect, share and learn from one another easily.

Invest in Momentor Today - Limited time left!

Momentor is transforming the fragmented mentoring platform model

Momentor exists to help millions of knowledge seekers, and sharers connect by bringing mentorship to social platforms they already hang out on, like LinkedIn and Instagram.

With no limitations on who's available like on other mentor platforms, Momentors technology finds suited mentors across social platforms, auto messages them to schedule a meeting in 2 clicks. Then we'll facilitate the call in a safe and seamless 3-click software plugin.


*Financial projections are not guaranteed and are based on Cameo's growth.

Your Potential Financial Return

Your potential financial return with a $1,000 investment today if we were to follow the annual projection above.

*Please note, that these are not guaranteed and are based on this estimated investment schedule.

Having a mentor can add tremendous value to your life and professional journey. Having someone to listen to you, offering objective feedback specific to your challenges or opportunities, allowing you to make life-changing decisions in minutes!

Build momentum in your life with a mentor for every moment! 

The Problem & Why We Need Momentor

  • Mentors are fragmented over hundreds of platforms, meaning finding the right person takes a lot of time and effort, often leaving you empty-handed if there are no suitable options. 
  • Getting information that's non-specific from books, podcasts, and courses takes a lot of time to learn and apply, which becomes outdated quickly as they're relevant to the masses, not to you. 
  • Huge upfront costs appear from the explosion of fake gurus who are taking advantage of people looking for help online. We hate seeing people having to pay thousands upfront! 

Our Solution

Momentors plugin allows anyone to find verified experts using LinkedIn much easier and faster than by themselves. With our AI, profile matching and safe calling software, Momentors seamless interface will make finding a Mentor a breeze. 

Our addressable market is worldwide, at all levels, and in every industry. 

This means you can get advice at the right moment, paid by the minute, leaving you with a relationship you would be unlikely to have achieved yourself. 

We'll offer two communication options: 

1) Calls with experts (quicker delivery - in-depth, highly personalised replies)

2) Voice note communication (More affordable option, still highly personalised replies)

Our 3 Secrets To Success

1) Auto Pricing 

83% of outbound messages are left unresponsive because there's no incentive or value for the receiver. Using Momentors software, we're making this message valuable. Anyone can earn income through a LinkedIn message.

Everybody has a number. Give it a go yourself... What would your number be if someone asked you for advice for 20 minutes? $100? $200? $1,000? Momentor automatically tries different prices until they accept. 

2) One Billion User Database

The current mentorship and coaching market is fragmented across a dozen platforms and thousands of individual contributors. We leverage LinkedIn's centralised vetted database to prevent scammers from reinventing themselves repeatedly. 

We then use profile-matching AI to get you to the people who can help quicker. 

3) Auto Profile Creation

The biggest reason mentorship platforms have low utilisation is that setting up a profile takes time and a lot of effort. With Momentors software, profiles are automatically generated behind the scenes. Mentors can take calls and get paid without needing to make a profile. 

Experts who typically would never mentor in the past now have a seamless and frictionless way to get paid simply by taking calls at their convenience. Uber allowed drivers to become taxis, just like how Momentor will convert the best experts into knowledge sharers. 

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Excitingly, we’ll offer the opportunity for mentors to give back with charity donations, while Momentor will give back by funding education schemes and promoting mentors for teenagers & early graduates. 

Competition & Risks

3 Main Risks to Momentors Success

1) Platforms prevent us from auto-messaging & scraping their platforms

2) The quality of the mentorship is low due to having no previous mentorship experience

3) Momentors call & payment software does not perform as intended


Deplatforming is the most significant risk to Momentors future. We know that being unable to use platforms like LinkedIn to auto-message users would limit our planned service functionality. The ability to scrape profiles in the search functionality would also restrict our value of reduced search time for users. 

The good news is that currently, there are huge organisations that are built with this functionality for LinkedIn data harvesting and auto messaging. LinkedIn has allowed companies to use LinkedIn’s backend to enable this functionality. They would unlikely wipe billions of dollars from multi-national and publicly listed companies worldwide. They have built and grown their service with these companies, so each has a relationship now with LinkedIn. 

An example would be Zoominfo, a publicly traded company with over 2,500 employees and $1B in revenue. Then there’s Lusha, Rocketreach, Dux-soup, Lead 411,, to name a few. From my research and eight years in this market, hundreds of companies are working in the space. We are simply merging four of these services together.

*Please email me to receive our complete detailed answers on the other two risks. - [email protected]

But Why Now?

The global pandemic caused many workers to rethink the value of work in their lives. The result? The Great Resignation. 5.4 million new businesses were formed in 2021, an increase of more than 23% over 2020. People are now searching for specific help for their own situation rather than needing generic information that's currently available. Source:

Our Future Markets 

- Platform Agnostic Service

We will not rely solely on LinkedIn. In 2023 we will become platform agnostic, allowing our services to be used on Instagram, email, and Facebook. This will make us independent and set us up for creating our own platform once we reach 10,000 monthly active users. 

Our market is anyone with a problem who's willing to pay to get the answer right away. This means anyone with a problem in the world is a potential customer.

- Sales Growth Tool

Some of our preliminary data and testing suggest that Momentor could be used as a Sales growth tool, providing financial incentives for prospects to get on calls. For example, a software salesperson with $100,000 deal sizes could afford to pay 100 targeted decision-makers $500 each to listen to the pitch for 15 minutes. 

LinkedIn is already the #1 tool for B2B sales, so servicing this market. Servicing this market could add substantial revenue to Momentors bottom line. 

Product & Business Roadmap

*Financial projections are not guaranteed and are based on Cameo's growth. 

Your Potential Financial Return

Your potential financial return with a $1,000 investment today if we were to follow the annual projection above.

*Please note, that these are not guaranteed and are based on this estimated investment schedule.

Perks for your investment support

Founders Note

I want to thank you for your time in reading about our start-up. With your investment, I will lead our team to solve the issues I’ve presented above with everything I have. 

I have been growing tired for some time now after spending thousands on courses that lead to no quantifiable outcomes. I knew there had to be another way. So I went searching... 

I found the process and used it manually for many years that I'm now building because I've successfully connected with dozens of entrepreneurs and sales leaders that have grown my businesses significantly. This is in addition to the free mentoring, self-development and life advice that has prepared me to bring this solution to the world.

After being part of two successful and three failed start-ups, I’m ready to take the lessons I learned and apply them to a critically important market: knowledge sharing. I dream of leaving the planet a better place than I found it. I hope you will join us in doing the same.

Register your interest HERE to use Momentor when we launch! - We’ll enter you into a draw to be featured on our home page and other goodies! 

Thanks again, Jamie.

PS: I always welcome non-financial help, suggestions and support if you want to participate in the ongoing project. I will be creating a "Momentum group" to take on each challenge as they come. Register your interest to co-create the future together by filling out this form.