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Building "the Xbox of biology"!

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It's a scientific instrument, but it's ALSO a gaming console!
Raised $1.2M since graduating from Y Combinator, the world's most exclusive startup program.
Help cure diseases and save the planet!
Disrupt the trillion-dollar biotech services industry in a wildly new & unexpected way

Our Team

Chose our approach after more than a decade of rigorous work developing approaches to molecular sensing.  Founder became a scientist with the goal of curing diseases, and realized early on in his career that much better tools were needed.

Molecular Reality Corporation™

Building "the Xbox of biology"—it's a scientific instrument, but it's ALSO a gaming console!

Imagine that a scientific instrument and a gaming console had a baby.  That baby is the demonpore 64™.  Think of it as “the Xbox of biology”.


Because there aren’t enough scientists in the world and there aren’t enough scientific instruments—and this is a brilliant way to change all that.   

What is the demonpore 64™, exactly?

It’s a scientific instrument that lets you “see” single cells and molecules, using a powerful technology based on tiny holes called "nanopores".

But it’s ALSO a gaming console, that lets you play games that are ALSO experiments.

How does that work?

You take “stuff” that has cells and molecules in it—either stuff we send you, or stuff from your own body and/or surroundings—and you pour the stuff into the console.

The cells and molecules pass through the nanopores, generating electrical signals.

The signals determine what happens in the games.

That sounds amazing—is it real?

Take the bio by the horns!

There are three things you need to know about to put it in context and understand: nanopores, citizen science, and gamification.

  • Nanopores: Tiny holes that cells and molecules pass through, producing signals that let them be measured.  This basic concept has been used for diagnostics since the 1940s.  Recent advances have enabled sensing and measuring many different properties from virtually any kind of cell or molecule.  The approach is arguably the best to act as the backbone of molecular sensing at utility-scale—our long-term technical goal.
  • Citizen Science: A global movement of public participation in scientific research.  You may have heard of the most famous example: SETI-at-home, a project that for more than two decades let people contribute their computer's spare processing power to analyzing radio signals in search of alien intelligence.  Think of our project as the biomolecular version of SETI-at-home!
  • Gamification: The idea of turning difficult tasks into games to make something fun that usually isn't.   Ask anyone who's ever been a student in a molecular biology lab: science is amazing and compelling and you can give your whole life to it, but the actual chores of science, hands-on, can be exhausting, boring, and lonely.  We want to change all that!  There is no reason that the actual hands-on stuff can't be fun you're having with friends.