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Mobileteer optimizes the digital marketplace for local communities

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What Investors Say

CEO & Co-Founder, Seed Round Capital
Invested $2,500 this round
Mobileteer caught Seed Round Capital’s attention with its real-time campaign analytics and impressive traction in their initial market. The founders continued to impress us with their e-commerce-like suite of services (loyalty rewards, centralized social media posting, item-specific discounts) for brick-and-mortar stores. Unlike others in this space, Mobileteer has created its niche by targeting the local community from the top down via local chambers of commerce, economic development administrations, downtown development authorities, and main street associations.   David and David are driven, focused, and passionate about Mobileteer’s mission to help give local communities the same software suite that big cities employ, without the upfront and ongoing expense of a customized application. It’s not every day SRC gets to invest a team that is building something in-house, with solid traction and scrappy founders... especially at this valuation.  The Davids and Mobileteer have come along way on their own, and we are excited to see how far they will go with all of our collective investment on WeFunder. 
What People Say