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Invest in Mobileteer

Mobileteer optimizes the digital marketplace for local communities


A passion to see local businesses and their local community thrive
6 communities signed up and 120 merchants ready to sign up when app goes live
A marketplace for businesses to sell products and services locally
Projecting to sign 24 communities and 500 merchants in the next 18 months (not guaranteed)
Founders with the passion and experience to grow, changing the focus on shopping to local pride.
Our optimized platform give local businesses a way compete against to Amazon and Shopify

Our Team

In addition to being a husband and father of 3 boys, some of my impressive accomplishments include; building of Mobileteer. 10 years developing community partnerships and volunteering in roles to help my community thrive.
Merchants and local communities did not have the technology available to increase the need of selling local. Mobileteer cares because we want to see our local businesses and communities thrive as places we live, work and play.
David Alexander Co-Founder
Over the last 4 years growing Mobileteer while getting married, having 2 children and buying my first home. In addition to working with local businesses to improve their brand in the community.


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Disclaimer: These financial projections cannot be guaranteed

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