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PoolWatcher 360° communicates with all smart devices. Floating pool alarm.


Saving lives
Prevent drowning
Pool safety awareness
Audio & live video
Solar powered
Wi-Fi Bluetooth ready
Connects to any smartphone
24/7 alarm & Monitoring

Our Founder

The idea came to me in a dream. I woke and up wrote the idea down, then I made a rough draft of how it should look! After researching the stats regarding drownings, it was very sad to find out that 3,500 children drown here in America ever year. The numbers globally are mind boggling🥲That’s when I knew I had to build it and help save lives.

PoolWatcher 360°

Here is Smart Security 24/7 security for any swimming pool in the world. This pool monitoring device can hear & see any & everything that gets into the water! Also comes with a built in waterproof microphone for two way communication 💦

PoolWatcher 360 sends alarm directly to your smartphone as soon as there is any disturbance in the water, a loud alarm also goes off at the pool, you can arm & Dis-arm the alarm from your smartphone & talk to swimmers who are in the water no matter where you may be, as long as your phone is turned on & the app is downloaded.

3,500 Children drown every year here in the USA This is heart breaking for me as a parent. I just can’t imagine what that feels like! So my mission is to help prevent unintentional drownings from happening by bringing  pool safety awareness along with my game changing invention.💡No child or pet should drown alone in a swimming pool. I need funding to bring the numbers of this stat down to Zero!💦Patent Certified 2020

PoolWatcher 360°  TM