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Private and Anonymous SaaS M&A Marketplace

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The rise of startups...for startups
September 15, 2021
The startup scene is so hot, companies are catering to the startups themselves.
MicroAcquire's Acquisition of Exitround Sets a New Founder-Friendly Model for Getting Acquired
September 15, 2021
SAN FRANCISCO, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Entrepreneurs face thousands of obstacles in their careers. Seed money, growth, staffing - the list is endless. Some prioritize funding, leaving them bound to venture capitalists whose goals clash with theirs. Others struggle just getting off the ground.
Clearco strikes MicroAcquire partnership to help portfolio companies find buyers - The Logic
September 15, 2021
By Jon Victor The Toronto company, led by Michele Romanow and Andrew D'Souza, said the Silicon Valley-based startup will help it connect e-commerce companies in the U.S., U.K. and Canada with firms interested in acquiring them. ( )
Council Post: Ten Ways To Attract More Acquisition Offers For Your SaaS Startup
September 15, 2021
Andrew Gazdecki is the Founder of MicroAcquire . Former CEO & Founder of Bizness Apps and Altcoin (both acquired). You've probably heard the phrase, "Most startups are bought, not sold." In other words, if you create a good enough product, the likes of Google will show up with a fat check for you to sign.
Startups Are Acquiring Other Startups At An Unprecedented Pace
July 20, 2021
Since the beginning of the year, there have been at least 530 acquisitions of venture-backed U.S.-based companies by other private companies. Per Crunchbase data, 268 of those acquisitions - just over half - were venture-backed companies buying other venture-backed companies.
MicroAcquire helps startups find buyers
July 6, 2021
The rapid maturation of software has made it easier than ever to build "very" small businesses. Small businesses range from construction to manufacturing to trade, and are rightfully called by many the "lifeblood" of the American economy. In fact there were over 31 million small businesses in the US in 2020 according to the US Small Business Administration.
MicroAcquire's marketplace helps small businesses get acquired
October 9, 2020
Flashy startup acquisitions with big price tags get all the media attention - as do their investors if they're getting hefty returns from their venture capital gambles. Yes, but: There's a quiet world of tiny acquisitions for equally small businesses that rarely show up on the media radars, as entrepreneur and investor Andrew Gazdecki has witnessed with his marketplace MicroAcquire.
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