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Private and Anonymous SaaS M&A Marketplace


$953K ARR; 13% MoM growth
$798M total combined revenue for startups listed; $181M revenue for startups listed in September
Recently raised $2.8M Seed Round from Bessemer, Naval Ravikant, Remote First Capital
30 acquisitions ($17M volume) last month
Deal sizes increasing by 64% YTD
Founder previously founded Bizness Apps and Altcoin (both acquired); Inc. 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur

Our Team

The Zillow for Startup M&A

The process for buying and selling startups is ridiculously complicated. And antiquated. It's like it hasn't changed for decades. Because it hasn't.

Having sold two businesses, I understand the expense and effort that goes into being acquired. The months of due diligence, reams of paperwork, and endless meetings with brokers and investment bankers – it’s a thankless job with no guarantee of success. And yet thousands of founders embark on these laborious acquisitions every year.

So, I decided it was time to create a space where founders like myself could connect with potential buyers, cutting out the middlemen and red tape. The result is MicroAcquire – a single, convenient marketplace where you can do business without the rigmarole. No brokers, no fees, no hassle. Give us a try. It’s free.

How does it work?

Startups (Sellers) list themselves on the marketplace.

Buyers can browse through Startups to buy, gather information, and reach out to learn more. We now have 80,000 buyers, up from 40,000 in March.

If the Buyer and Seller want help with the transaction, we can connect them to an expert Broker to move things along.

Here's what our customers say

Nicholas Bresson-Deodat was looking to sell his company Steerio:

Derek Homann was looking to sell his company Median:

We're growing quickly. Here's our Sep 2021 Investor Update:

Our metrics are moving in the right direction ($953K ARR, growing 13% MoM; Deal Sizes increasing by 64% YTD). And we're also making incredible progress on the product side (Pipe financing partnership, Launched, and the team side (hired front end engineer, 3 copywriters).

We've grown to $953K Annual Run Rate in our first year -- with very consistent growth over that time.

MicroAcquire is to buying and selling startups, as AngelList is to angel investing in startups.

September saw 30% growth in the combined revenue of startups listed on the platform -- a key leading indicator of future MicroAcquire revenue.

We're seeing growth in both the small company segment (less than $100K ARR), and the large company segment ($1M+ ARR). The liquidity of a large number of smaller transactions gives us a healthy stability. And the growing number of larger companies represents more profitable dealflow for MicroAcquire. Our intention is to keep growing at both ends of the market.