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Invest in Mesh Communities Inc

Let's build a safe, fair and sustainable economy on social media - together

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First social media platform to share in-feed ad revenue with creators
Social media advertising market size expected to reach $153.7B
Founder/CRO negotiated first upfront ad deal with Facebook for a Fortune 50 brand.
COO is the former VP of Engineering at Agile and helped take them from startup to IPO.
Founder/CEO has 10+ years working with creators and building communities.
Woman/queer and Black founded with diverse team of operators and stakeholders.
Right time: people are hungry for an alternative to Big Social and creators want to monetize.

Our Team

As more of our lives and livelihoods are built in and on the digital ecosystem, it is crucial that we have ownership over our digital lives. Ownership includes the ability to monetize, a say in the rules that govern our digital spaces, and the right to safety.

Let’s build a safe, fair and sustainable economy on social media—together.

(more on our team below!)


Now is the perfect time to help rebuild the $400B (projected to hit $982B in 2025) digital ad and social media industry. Where is all this money going? At the moment, a small group of people is making bank off of creators.

We are NOT okay with this (to put it lightly). We created Mesh with immense passion and drive to shift the dominant paradigm and place power back in the hands of the life-blood of social media—YOU.

Introducing Mesh, a social media platform where creators and communities are given real (and rightful) power.


We are dedicated to putting power back into the hands of communities. Why? Your attention is Big Social’s product, and the algorithms are not working in your favor. Many of you have been shadow banned and discriminated against in a space YOU created, because the moderation tools available aren’t built with concern for what women, BIPOC, queer folks, and other marginalized identities face while sharing valuable, attention-earning content across broad audiences.

By investing in Mesh, you’ll be joining a Woman and Black founded company and a diverse queer and BIPOC team, including the Ad Executive that pioneered digital ads for over 20 years and the EVP of Development that helped take Agile public.

Our mission is clear: we want to build a space that is ACTUALLY trustworthy, safe and sustainable for creators. We want you to profit from the hard work you are doing for your communities, and we want you to feel at home while doing it.


The situation on Big Social has gotten out. of. control. So, we want you to Own It. Mesh, that is. We created Mesh for you, and we want to all join hands and co-create together. Your voice matters, who you are matters, and our team is ready to stand tall and shout from the rooftops with you—NO THANK YOU—to an antiquated model that has been heading downhill for a long time.

Platforms didn’t hoard ownership because they WANTED to destabilize society and launch an attack on the US capitol. Lol. They hoarded ownership because they wanted to get rich. Of the $400B pulled in last year through the Social Media/Digital Advertising space, less than 2% made it back into your pockets. The creators and communities that cultivate the content and spaces that ads appear next to are totally left out. Are you okay with this?!

Your work is REAL work—clearly, given that other people are making money off it. You deserve to be fairly compensated.


We believe in incentivizing mutually beneficial and balanced relationships. For creators and communities, that’s control over their content, their space, and the value they create. For brands, that’s control over the context in which their ads live. For platforms, that’s control over what content and relationships they facilitate. And the key to all of this? Rebuilding the digital advertising business model so that creators, communities, and brands can work directly with each other.

Be a part of the solution. Invest in Mesh, and invest in community. Invest in Mesh, and help us reimagine what the creator economy looks like.

What we can promise is a group of highly ethical leaders working with your interests in mind day-in and day-out. We can promise that, behind-the-scenes our conversations are motivated by a sincere interest to create an equitable and sustainable economy on the internet. When you win, we win, and visa versa.


We hope this is the beginning of a mutually agreeable, long-term, HEALTHY relationship. And you can begin today! Download the app now if you haven’t already. Invite your friends. Here’s your free ticket to the #GoodbyeTour—invite your entire community, and let’s build a safe, fair and joyful world on social media, together.

Want to learn more about what’s been happening to your data and content on Big Social? Sign up and join us at The Roundtable, our monthly newsletter sharing the latest advancements in the fight for a fair digital advertising economy.

We are confident we will win this. Are you with us? Because we sure as hell are with YOU!