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AI enabled to detect injuries and medical vitals in assisting urgent care needs


Enhanced by machine learning, together with artificial intelligence, to help in all medical situations
An industry first medical diagnostics application with USA, EU, China provisional Patents secured.
Commitments with automotive safety and hospitals are first to provide usability of patent.
$60B market size in telemedicine, medical diagnostics and monitoring has a 5 year 14% CAGR
Transportation connectivity solutions market size is projected to reach $227B by 2025 with 27% CAGR
Founders had 4 startups with multiple exits, patents and has 20+ years in AI, AR and software
Assessments of Covid vitals through visualized AI and machine learning can address pandemic care
Team and Board has strong expertise in machine learning, AI, augmented reality, medicine, software

Our Team

MARUX™ will address the critical moments in medical situations that can help relay vital remote diagnostic information to incoming EMS personnel and hospitals emergency rooms. Our assessments of Covid vitals through visualized machine learning will be another key safety tool in universal pandemic care.

Saving Lives Through MARUX™

Imagine watching the movie Star Trek and you see one of the officers use a device to receive vital signs of an injured person or a person who has fallen down. The information from the device can help save precious time in a emergency and it can also help doctors receive a patient from a firefighter or paramedic. This is what MARUX™ is capable of doing but it can be used from a mobile phone, tablet or any smartphone device captured from its basic video camera lens.

Three International provisional patents secured - US, EU, China, Brazil

Time is essential and vital in all medical responsiveness needs. MARUX™ can help save time in properly assessing and doing a pre-diagnostic on incoming patients. We currently have multiple Provisional Patent Applications - 62941150, 63033698, 63085422 that are in place for U.S.A., EU, and China. 

Mobile dashboard of diagnostics indicating physical assessments of patient

We believe that MARUX™ can become the default interface application for all emergency medical responders (EMR), emergency medical systems (EMS), electronic health records (EHC)  and within all of the healthcare ecosystems. Our secured multi-patents in provision, simplifies video analytics for transformation of vital medical diagnostics into reliable medical assets for quicker and more pinpoint medical care.

 MARUX™ will focus its application development on emergency call systems, remote monitoring/diagnostics, and medical database channels. These inputs, along with an injured person’s emergency data, vitals, and geographical data, will be forwarded to medical responders. Every split second could be vital for addressing both emergency and non-emergency calls. MARUX® can help make medical responsiveness more efficient and predictive.

MARUX™ will be embedded onto 911 emergency calling systems

We have two U.S. provisional patents secured for our data process flow, integrated AI and real-time data capture software. MARUX™ has the ability to capture facial analysis and physical biometrics of the patient/occupant from standard 4K video cameras. These strategically placed devices can be in any mode of transportation in the event of an unexpected emergency and placed in residences or senior assisted homes, where the most common calls occur for EMS responders.  

We have artificial intelligence (AI) data for key assessments of the most common occupant injuries (head, neck, upper/lower torso). Our team has also developed the integrated processes of machine learning and AI for many of the medical databases. Our on going work of customizing an easily adaptable dashboard for the collection and output of patient vitals and physical assessments is key for our market channels.

270 degree 4G/5G - WiFi 4K video camera | Transportation Vehicles
Motion Capture (MoCap) and AI enabled data of physical assessments

We have a conditional commitment with a major entertainment /sports stadium to use our Covid-19 vitals diagnostics dashboard for sports athletes and concert attendees. We also have commitment letters from international automotive suppliers for the use of our pilot program for automotive safety/accident alerts. As well as, a controlled role out of our capabilities within a two key major metropolitan hospitals and first responder organizations. 

The MARUX® core team and Board of Directors is comprised of a unique balance of digital health, technology, software development, EMR and medical experiences. The Founders team brings previous successful startup experience, multiple go-to-market product/software launches in the automotive industry. MARUX® Board of Directors brings a combined 35 years of EMS and hospital experience as well as published digital health industry leaders with an educational background from Harvard and MIT. Every member of the team has a passion for helping others, improving the health/medical field, and shares the vision of the high potential benefits that MARUX® will provide.