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The first national producers of true organic and biodynamic bagged compost

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Product Spotlight - Profiles in Farming - Demeter USA
September 28, 2017
Welcome to Demeter USA. We are the non-profit American chapter of Demeter International, the world's only certifier of Biodynamic farms and products. Biodynamic agriculture goes beyond organic, envisioning the farm as a self-contained and self-sustaining organism.
September 28, 2017
75 Reasons to Love the West
September 28, 2017
The top people, places, things, and trends that make us happy to live in the West now.
How-To Grow 100+ Plants in a 3×2 Space For Less Than $20 | Nutrition You Can Trust
September 28, 2017
If you've been following me on Instagram, I've posted a couple sneak peek pics of this garden bag idea as it was growing over time and you gals & guys seemed to love it, so I wanted to put together this DIY post with sequencing and time-lapse pics so you can see exactly what I did, and the growth of the veggies in real-time each week through the pictures.
An Evening with Joel Salatin | Project Peace East Bay
September 28, 2017
Marin Sun Farms is the extension of a family farm, nestled in the rolling grasslands of the Point Reyes National Seashore in Northern California. They are focused and committed to producing local, pasture based food for the Bay Area community with the aspiration of building a sustainable food model.
First Grow. Diy Led, No Till Organic Garden. Come Say Hello!
September 28, 2017
Hey THC Farmer. I'm a first time grower, although I'm no stranger to plants. I've been an avid user of cannabis for over 15 years and I'm continually amazed even today by it's remarkable healing properties. That being said I know I'm preaching to the choir here so I won't make this a rant about the wonders of Cannabis.
September 28, 2017
The Florence Fang Asian Community Garden is the first and largest asian garden in the city of San Francisco.
Spotlight on Malibu Biodynamic Soil and Compost
July 25, 2017
One of our favorite products to offer for the garden: Malibu Biodynamic soil and compost is a great way to enliven and enrich your soil. Biodynamic agriculture views the soil as a living organism, rather than a support system for growing plants.
Composters find booming new market in pesticide-free pot farms - The Cannifornian
March 12, 2017
Malibu Compost mainly sold to nurseries, organic vegetable farmers and backyard gardeners until a few years ago, when the small business started by two surfing buddies began getting calls from farmers in Mendocino County. Co-founder Randy Ritchie drove to Willits and met an old hippie standing near a truck parked away from the main highway.
Loan Broadens Access to Certified Biodynamic Compost - RSF Social Finance
January 26, 2016
When Randy Ritchie and Colum Riley first met, they discovered a shared passion uncommon in Tinseltown: building healthy soil. It all started when Ritchie, one of the first sustainable landscape designers in Los Angeles, received a request from a customer who wanted to grow organic food on her property in Malibu.
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