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The Luxury District Club

Where brokers and owners trade high-end goods from events to smart contracts


Our mission is to spread the culture of wealth management through the media that elevates people.
We do seo, live events, paid media and smartcontracts to help our members close deals in less time.
Incubated by FasterCapital's technical cofounder program secured $200K which is half of our funding.

Our Team

The Luxury District Club will be where brokers and clients trade high-end goods and events. We are incubated by #FasterCapital, which will invest $200K in our technical development. Our founder's childhood dream is to live and work in Los Angeles, and #LuxuryDistrict is his gift to inspire the local community to pursue their most expensive dreams.


#LuxuryDistrict is the trusted club by brokers and clients to trade high-end goods.

Luxury Marketing Events Los Angeles
Luxury District - Share live events that build trust in social media advertising.


Would you like to regularly meet your best customers to share your products or services first hand and still be able to have a few drinks or coffee while discussing the news of your market? Of course we can do these things today through social media, swapping emoji and talking alone like crazy in our bedroom or office. But while you're content to maintain or build a virtual relationship with 20% of your customers, another 80% are living and working without expecting likes, comments, emails or calls.

We are constantly connected but never present. Social media is a wonderful thing but it is a market that follows trends and as such is a bubble about to burst over the next few years. We can expect the maturity of these companies and the increase in their prices, followed by the fall of thousands of influencers and agencies as a natural selection for the survival of the best professionals in the market.

Current and future generations are being shaped to take advantage of 80% of their time in front of the cell phone. You arrive at the office and talk to your colleagues both with their eyes on the cell phone, when you get home it's the same with your family and children, and you think your friend is looking at you when you switch lives in instagram, when the focus is on the camera lens.

Welcome to the virtual reality madness! We know how much you're addicted, we've also hit the bottom of the pit, so we want to help you do business outdoors and let our team take care of publications on social networks. It will be fun and profitable!

Luxury Marketing and Advertising Agency in Malibu
Luxury District is all about lifestyle, travel, properties, aviation, yachts, cars and fashion.


A club for members of luxury markets seeking creative media solutions and integrated technologies for advertising, marketing and wealth management services.


With lifetime advertising on social media

Luxury Marketing Blockchain
Luxury Marketing Blockchain

Social media generate less than 10% of organic traffic. Fake influencers cost $100M annually to brands. Ad-blockers cost advertisers $42B.

Advertising is getting more expensive and ROI is lower. But we can help you control the budget of your campaigns until your sale closes.


Our team specializing in social media ad platforms is primarily committed to generating revenue for our customers as well as reaching the right audience for new business development.

Luxury Advertising Agency Los Angeles
Lifetime Social Media Advertising


From local event coverage to world-class we will always be sending the best Influencers to promote your products, and building networking that values the history and brand identity.

Luxury Events Agency Los Angeles
Inside the World-Class Events


We're data experts, but we know they do not work for you. Instead we put our strategic team at the disposal of our consultants and influencers to create campaigns that sell and inspire.

Luxury Networking Los Angeles
Luxury Networking Los Angeles


How it all started and where we are now.

Luxury Marketing Agency Los Angeles
The True American Dream - How it all started and where we are now.

Luxury District was founded in 2015 when I returned from a vacation-work season of a luxury beach town in southern Brazil. At that time my desire to build a business related to luxury market had only increased, until I rescued a child's dream, live and work in Los Angeles. I was still confused but had to take the risk and set a mission to spread the culture about wealth management through media that elevate people by providing the tools to organize and share their dreams.

So I started looking for who I'd like to serve, business or consumer? Both effort will be the same. Maybe I'll find something in common between them and make a difference. Finally I decided to offer social media advertising services through the creation of campaigns and events that connect brokers, consumers and influencers. We do this as our core activity and we still build the technological tools to help more people in the future.

I've learned that most people think that wealth is something that just requires luck, but I stopped thinking like them and started to develop a process that helps me build wealth by helping other people achieve the same. Create advertising campaigns and events with budget control options until the closing of the sale, sharing these experiences to attract new consumers. Simply put, the process consists of scheduling, producing content and launching campaigns.

You must be thinking now, it seems like a great idea and concept, I would like to hear more. When I began to hear this from 500 other investors, 400 job seekers and hundreds of other influencers and brands, I decided not to look back, moving on was the only option. But some investors put me on the line saying what I needed to hear: "Congratulations on the project, you're getting better and better, but you can move forward if you start talking to your customers and then come back to us." Then something happened in late 2018 as I read to Forbes, I found a list of investors and decided to connect with one of them on LinkedIn, in short, now #LuxuryDistrict is a startup incubated by #FasterCapital!

Now I am happy and grateful that I am no longer sailing alone as that child's dream began to take shape in adulthood and is about to be released in the virtual and real world. We already have our team of executives, partners and developers ready to help us as we launch our service in Malibu, but I know we can go much further. I thought you would be happy to support our club. We will share 1% equity with our first 7 vip clients, including benefits such as advertising resources, access to leisure, events, wellness and gastronomy services for the family of employees and club members. So welcome aboard!


An exclusive community for advertisers, influencers and consumers of high-end goods to co-create campaigns and events in Malibu.


Valter Gonzaga, Founder CEO

Valter Gonzaga, Founder CEO of LuxuryDistrict
Valter Gonzaga, Founder CEO

Hi! I am Valter, founder of LuxuryDistrict. I currently work as a representative at #FasterCapital, helping non-technical entrepreneurs gain access to funding, mentors and investors passionate about building technology startups.

At LuxuryDistrict, our mission is to spread the wealth management culture through media that elevates people by providing the tools for them to build and share their most expensive dreams.

All of our campaign money will be used for our technical development by launching an MVP that will help us perform pre sales orders starting in Los Angeles. Thank you for supporting our campaign. Let's start a chat on LinkedIn or WhatsApp.


Find all about the launch, startup and investor relations in our FAQ.


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