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🚛 LOCOMeX is an AI-powered project economy & supply chain procurement platform


💰 Has raised $$ to date from grants and investments.
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LOCOMeX was founded under the belief that everyone deserves transparency and equal access to opportunities in the supply chain. The use of local small businesses especially from underserved/under-resourced communities to supply products & services, will improve delivery responsiveness & resiliency, and cause local economies to flourish. While drastically reducing economic inequality by increasing and widening the global supply chain through local content. As a result, ALL communities can thrive.

To date we have built our BETA. We are still a pre-seed & pre-revenue startup but we have recently conducted several demos of our beta product (MVP) with our target enterprise customers, and the interest & feedback we received are very positive! Our plan is to work on converting at least one or two enterprise customers from the demo list to a paying customer by year-end.


LOCOMeX is developing an AI-powered, end-to-end supply chain procurement platform that is easy to use, encourages collaboration/innovation, and creates a win-win for all stakeholders. We are set up to track users, revenue, LTV, CAC, churn rate, etc... in order to ...

Our customers have a problem, and it is inefficiency in sourcing, vetting & procuring faster and cheaper. We are here to provide competent & pre-qualified small diverse suppliers & local content resources which is costing the entire industry nearly $50B/yr. in uncaptured opportunities, compliance, and procurement/project delays. This problem is affecting thousands of businesses owned by underserved, under-represented, and under-resourced communities with millions of employees.

Our solution a cloud-based collaborative diversity resource planning & strategic local content sourcing tool that de-risk the pre-qualification process and automate goals setting for supplier diversity & local content programs.

We will provide this solution in multiple tier groupings, such as the  DivedIn Tier 2 Tool - cloud-based and AI-powered invoice to pay automated tracking tool with diverse spend
predictive and compliance analytics to comply with directed diverse spending. 


LOCOMeX Inc is a provider of project economy & supply chain (PES) technology solutions. It offers a comprehensive cloud-based PES platform that connects enterprises/organizations with suppliers globally. Our platform provides visibility & transparency into and control over how companies spend ESG, supplier diversity & supply chain procurement programs budget. Demo Below 👇 

Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of products, capabilities & features such as B2B2G Marketplace Connector, Small Business Portal, DivedIn, DivedIn Tier 2 Tool, Connection & Integration Gateways, etc. that would typically require the purchase and use of multiple disparate enterprise applications and datasets.

The core of the platform consists of strategic local content sourcing, supplier diversity planning, invoice to payment (I2P) tracking, and compliance analytics modules that form the transactional AI-powered engine for managing a company’s supply chain procurement, supplier diversity & local content spend.


Our current business model – At launch, B2B SaaS Platform with monthly/yearly Subscription; at maturity, B2B SaaS Platform with monthly/yearly Subscription & Whitelabel Licensing Fee.

Where do we see ourselves in 10years


• Product: 1-3 yrs. - Portal, DivedIn, DivedIn Tier 2 and Supplier Risk & ESG Tool ; 4-6 yrs. – CAP Ready, BAFO Optimizer (Price Discovery); 7-10 yrs. – Supplier Risk Modeling Tool and Blockchain-Driven Contract Settlement Hub.
• Tech: 1-3 yrs. – Cloud, AI & Machine Learning; 4-6 yrs. - Cloud, AI, Machine Learning & Blockchain; 7-10 yrs. - Cloud, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT & 5G.

Unit Economics: 

Unit of Value: Subscription & Whitelabel Licensing
• At the start point: we will sell one unit of value for average $117/month
• In 10 yrs.: we will sell one unit of value for average $172/month
• Cost of Sale Per Unit:
   o At the start point: $5.64
   o In 10 yrs.: $1.19
• 10-year compounded annual growth rate (CAGR): 136%