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Invest in LION Dandelion Tea

The new superstar of functional beverages-LION Dandelion Tea. Special powers from regular flowers

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📈 770% growth since Feb 2020
💥 Acquired over 15,000 customers in 2020
🔁 22% repeat purchase rate making up 44% of our revenue
⬇️ Dropped cost of acquisition by 40% in 4 months
💻 Pivoted to direct to consumer and doubled our revenue in 2020.
👆 Increased our gross margin to 60% in 2021
🌼A delicious, tangible product with a fully built in customer base

Our Team

LION founder Ray DeRosa woke up one day with blurry vision. He triggered an inherited eye disease called Leber's Neuropathy. There's no cure in modern medicine, so Ray turned to plants and found the dandelion. They are a common weed but can support our health like other superfoods. This medicinal superplant can change our lives for the better.


Why invest with LION

Let’s get right to the point. You’re wondering what makes LION the best investment for your money. What’s special about us compared to the thousands of beverage companies out there? What makes LION the standout choice? Well, a lot.

-We have a tangible product with a fully built in fan base- We’re not looking for money to create something and hope that people like it. It’s made, it’s out there, our customers love it and are anxiously waiting for more.

  • LION is coming off a year of enormous growth- We grew 770% in the middle of a global pandemic. We are poised to explode and grow our customer base even more with a new line of dandelion based innovations.
  • We’ve found a profitable and eco-friendly way to produce- Let’s help save the planet while we’re at it, shall we? LION is set to launch its original formula in cans. Better for the planet, cheaper for our customers, more product to love and less breakage.
  • This is going to be huge- LION is on its way to becoming the first household name in dandelion based products. In the same way kombucha, coconut water and seltzer exploded on the beverage market, LION will be the first company to own the dandelion and all of its incredible benefits in a ready to drink tea. Invest and then sit back and watch this company take off.

-We’re not just another tea- We’re THE tea. We’re hugely functional, we taste amazing, customers keep coming back and can’t get enough, we’re incredibly healthy and pretty good looking if we do say so ourselves :) In all seriousness, our customers come for the health benefits and functionality of this tea and return for the taste that comes along with it. Join the pride!

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. For information and health benefits on the mighty dandelion, how our company got started and where we plan to go...scroll on!

    Losing His Sight Opened His Eyes to the Power of the Mighty Dandelion

    Our story starts the morning after a night’s celebrations when LION founder Ray DeRosa woke up to blurry vision. He had triggered a mother-to-son inherited eye disease called Leber’s Neuropathy where your vision slowly declines in just a few days. While there was no known cure in modern medicine, that didn’t stop Ray and his mother from finding one themselves. They turned to plants and home made remedies and sure enough a cure was found in the dandelion. This common, backyard weed opened the doors to a whole new world of potential.

    Did You Know..

    • Several studies show dandelion root extract, high in antioxidants, produce cell death in in-vitro cancer cells - over 95% for colon cancer
    • The dandelion root supports good gut health with its naturally high inulin fiber (a prebiotic), found in the root, feeding the good gut bacteria
    • The dandelion leaf’s detoxing and diuretic properties flush the body of all toxins - from the liver, kidneys, and even the skin
    • Known as “nature’s band-aid”, the resilient dandelion is one of the first plants to grow after a forest fire
    • As one of the first flowers to grow in the spring, bees seek out the dandelion for pollination. If we save the bees, we help to save our planet.
    • From Ancient Rome and China to taking a ride on the Mayflower, the dandelion has been healing folks for thousands of years.

    Just a Few of LION’s


    A long night of celebrations, a salty meal, not enough sleep? All of these can leave you feeling bloated and drained. LION is known for being a mild diuretic, and will help you shed that extra water weight, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

    Glowing Skin

    Rich in antioxidants, dandelions may have anti-aging benefits for the skin. A bottle of LION Tea helps to give you and your skin that “je ne sais quois” but without the mystery.

    Digestion Aid

    Dandelions may treat constipation and other symptoms of impaired digestion. The root of the dandelion is a natural prebiotic, which gives your existing probiotics a jump start, and really gets things moving.

    Immunity Boost

    Dandelions contain high levels of the antioxidant beta carotene, which may help provide a boost to your system. We could all use some extra help in that department-especially in those colder months!

    The Problem

    Health starts from the inside out. There is more awareness than ever that what we ingest directly correlates to the way our bodies will function for us. However, we here in the US have adjusted to a fast-paced lifestyle filled with numerous conveniences that are harming our well-being - microwave meals, a sugary drink, a pill to stave off headache or joint pain just to name a few. 

    This is an unsustainable lifestyle for our health and for the environment. Issues with obesity, heart disease, immunity support, and gut health commonly occur. In the U.S. alone, there are approximately 70 million people affected by various digestive issues. We can also see our environment struggling to keep up with the high demand for life’s quick fixes.

    So Where Can We Turn?

    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" -Hippocrates

    Let’s go back to our roots (no pun intended)

    Studies show that the solution lies in plant based medicinal options…

    Our Solution: LION Dandelion Tea

    LION Tea is the first bottled dandelion tea on the market.

    A light, refreshing and delicious daily detox and digestive aid. Dandelions have been healing folks for over a thousand years and our mission is to bring those healing properties to the masses.

    What We’ve Done so Far

    • Proven marketplace w/ indicators for massive continued growth!
    • Cost per acquisition: $11, down 39% since Feb
    • Conversion rate: 5.56% up from 1.2% in Feb
    • Avg reorder: 22% since 2018
    • Acquired over 15,000 customers
    • Consistent Rev: 44% of revenue coming from repeat purchase
    • Avg conversion on variety packs: 24%
    • Top 100 Customers: spent over $200 w/LION in 3 months

    Our Demographic

    Who runs the world? We’ve discovered that our largest consumer is female, ages 45-55 followed very closely by women 35-45. Given that they make up over 65% of purchasing power - this is a very promising discovery. Stemming from our retail sales data and our huge success this past year in the direct to consumer space, we’ve been given great insight into this target market. With our new canned line and future rebranding, we hope to also appeal to the younger crowd of consumers.

    Market Opportunity

    LION is an incremental brand wherein 78% of our customers have responded by repeatedly purchasing without replacing another daily beverage. When our customers do replace their daily beverages with LION, we find they are replacing coffee, tea or kombucha. We are gaining market share in these three categories. Given its incrementality and that is is gaining market share in these three categories, we feel that we can capture a good percentage of the multi billion dollar functional beverage market.

    IP Protection 

    The unique formula for our dandelion tea is protected by trade secret - A recipe only known by founder Ray DeRosa and our manufacturer. Our use of a proprietary dandelion extract blend is what makes this tea both special and functional. Protected by trademark, LION and LION Tea’s value as a business is to become a household name across the country.

    Product Roadmap 

    With the dandelion as the functional engine to our products, we can meet the every-day consumer needs by including other medicinal super-plants. The next targeted functionalities include energy, immunity, sleep and cognition. For example, LION Tea combined with the power of matcha creates an energizing, detoxifying beverage.

    Disclaimer: These projections cannot be guaranteed

    The Dream- Special Powers from Regular Flowers

    Our mission is to spread the healing power of the dandelion for our health and for our planet. With the dandelion as our hero, LION also incorporates other healing botanical plants with “special powers”. Our commercialization plan revolves around consistent growth with a year over year reduction in COGs to a march towards profitability in 2023.

    With products that are delicious, approachable, fun, and functional, we at LION aim to evolve our business into the first household name in dandelion brands, penetrating 10% of US households. We plan to become a 100 million dollar business! Our goal is to develop a line of readily available, affordable and clean plant-based medicinal options.