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Connecting pets in need with a better home & the products they deserve

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Most Innovative Global Pet Adoption Platform 2021 | LuxLIFE Pet Product & Services Awards
Top 100 Unicorns-to-be 2021 | EMERGE Tech Conference
Top 10 The Most Promising Pet Adoption Resources | Adoptionpress
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Our Team

“We strive to support you in your pet ownership journey by offering an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform that saves you time, money, and headaches. From adoption to pet care, LeoHome belongs on every pet lover’s device."

Created by a community of animal lovers to guide you through your pet adoption and ownership journey!

For all animal lovers and shelters, LeoHome is a reliable ecosystem that provides clarity and support from every angle:

Everything you need, in one place:

Data-driven matchmaking for you and your future pet:

LeoHome aggregates detailed data from shelters to provide nuanced results for future pet-owners and allow for a more dependable adoption process. 

With consistency, data, and love, LeoHome brings more animals out of shelters and provides them with better homes:

  • Find and adopt pets up to 30% faster
  • 35% of pets are returned to shelters within their first year. Lets reduce these rates and ensure that more animals find their forever home!Saving you time and money.

It's not just a marketplace:

1) Save time: With extensive data on your pet, we know exactly what they need

2) Save money: Countless opportunities to receive up to 45% in discounts

3) Only exclusive & natural products: handmade & luxury clothes/accessories, fresh pet food
4) You can earn discounts on food and other products for your pet by sharing other animals that need to be adopted!

In 2020, pet-lovers spent a whopping $100B on their furry friends. Our shared passion for pets drives this industry forward.

 However, in the year of space travel, animal adoption has  been pushed to the side:

  • 4,500 sheltered animals are euthanized every single day...  
  • Of those animals who get adopted, over 35% are returned to shelters within their first year.

    How did we get here?

    • Animals are not properly matched with their new owners and as a result, often wind up back in the shelter system
    • Many animals have specific health needs and pet parents aren’t able to easily identify the right products for their pet. 

    It all started with my story:

    • I am a two year old Scottish cat with chronic food allergies
    • Abandoned by my parents, I was left on the street
    • Fortunately, I was found & brought to a shelter
    • As each day passed, I hoped and prayed that I would find myself a new home

    My Solution:

    Meet My New Pet Parents: Igor & Aliona

    • They took me in a warm and welcoming home.
    • They did their homework and invested ample resources to make sure I have the food & products I need!

    Mission-driven team

    It all started 20 years ago,

    Over the following years, we accumulated experience, looking for an answer to the main question for anyone in the World: "If I want to adopt/help an animal in a fun, easy & clear way - which platform do I need to use?

    And today we are passionate, experienced & complete team, with amazing advisors who believe in us! With hard work and good luck, we will do it better than anyone else on the planet:

    Product/market fit:

    LeoHome: one of the fastest-growing animal care communities with more than:

    • 218 organizations are ready to join us (36 letters of intent)
    • Numerous shelters are ready to provide us data on their pets
    • 2,000+ products for their happy & healthy life
    • 30k+ animal lovers accumulated for our BETA at the start of Q3’21Model:

    You should own equity in the mission-driven company you support!

    Every month, we find Forever Homes for dozens of pets, providing a full cycle of support from essential products to personalized recommendations:

    LeoHome enables this globally & you can already become a part of this process!

    “We created LeoHome for billions of Leo’s friends who still haven't found their parents and the life they so deserve. And we don't just believe in this mission, it is our dream to fulfill this mission!” 

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