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☀️ Accessible, Clean, Affordable Power 🔋 for Africa

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🦶1/3rd of Nigerian states, Congo, and Uganda use LeapEnergy already
🏆 Winner of Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Grant Challenge and $100,000 grant
💸 Positive revenue run rate since 2017; 📈 $12M revenue projected within 24 months
🔋 220 Million people in Sub-Sahara Africa need off-grid power. We have a Clean solution
🥇 1st in the world to produce units with Anti-Theft and Use-Lock technologies
💸 $25 Billion in service obtainable market.
🚀 Projected 5,000 BAC into 6 countries in 2 years
📈 Aiming to 10x the business over the next two years.

Our Team

I have always been driven to empower my staff and those associated with me to do more. For similar reason, I want to see the smallholder farmer in Africa be able to get access to refrigeration to preserve its harvest. This gave birth to LeapEnergy to develop a standalone off-grid powered cold storage which supported 500 smallholders.

"It is worth your investment if even 1 family can get access to clean power through LeapEnergy" - Augustus Pela

We are connecting the unconnected and energizing off-grid Africa🪘

  • Centralized power distributed through the grid leaves 700 million people without power in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • More than 220 million people require, off-grid distributed generation (DG), where electricity is generated for use on-site.
  • LeapEnergy provides the ground-breaking solution for these people – and you have the power to bring it to the masses with your investment.


LeapEnergy is changing the face of off-grid power in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) for the better.

Imagine a game-changing solution that provides power to forgotten communities. 

Through our design-award-winning BAC units, we can provide power to millions of homes, businesses, churches, farms, and medical facilities in SSA. Our BAC platform solves the issue of lack of access to power, no matter who needs it.

BAC (standing for ‘Be Always Connected’) is easy to deploy and install an all-in-one distributed generation unit, consisting of a powerful engine, energy storage, and management and control systems, via an accompanying app.

LeapEnergy is also the first company to market DG security features such as Anti-Theft and Use-Lock technologies.

In 2022, BAC is now present in a third of Nigerian states, with footprints in Uganda and DRC. We are set to scale to make our technology available to more states, with millions of potential customers ready for consistent power.

🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏿 OUR BUSINESS MODEL - We have created an Ecosystem where anyone and everyone can get decentralized power.

LeapEnergy is not just another off-grid energy solutions provider. We are much more than that. In fact, we have created a whole ecosystem where ANYONE and EVERYONE can get the power they need, right when they need it. 

Here's what we do: 

1. We have created a marketplace where those who need power can link up with those with distributed power infrastructure/equipment.

2. We are the supplier of the distributed power infrastructure/BAC to the marketplace where ANYONE can buy it.

3. We allow other suppliers to list their power also on the LeapEnergy App.

The equipment (BAC) is simple, effective, and affordable both in terms of installation and usage. This is why it is set to grow unprecedentedly. Here’s how it works:

    🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏿 PROGRESS - We have made extraordinary progress so far. And this is just the beginning. 

    - 2013 – LeapEnergy was established. We developed the End-Use Distributed Generation (EUDG): a powerful engine for a 45 metric ton off-grid powered cold storage capacity facility.

    - 2014 – The EUDG won the Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Grant Challenge and was awarded a $100,000 grant.

    - 2017 – LeapEnergy began generating positive revenue, which has continued to this day.

    - 2018 and 2019– Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition ordered five units and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development ordered four units.

    - 2020 – By December, the company had off-grid powered cold storage systems installed in a third of Nigerian states and other SSA countries. EUDG is rebranded as Be Always Connected (BAC).

    - 2022 – LeapEnergy launches a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity on Wefunder.

    - 2023 - LeapEnergy launches a Series A/B round 

    🎯 NUMBERS DON'T LIE - We have excellent unit economics. 

    • The host buys the BAC (power generation equipment) for just $2,400, which they will own outright. This is 50% of the market price, making it very attractive and very affordable.
    • LeapEnergy generates revenue in two ways: by selling a BAC and by leveraging the subsidization of the BAC to the buyer with long-term subscription payments. This business model currently gives us an attractive Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 54% over 15 years.
    • The end-user pays to use the power for whatever application they need via the BAC app, on a pay-as-you-go basis. The payment by the end-user is split 30/70 percent (LeapEnergy/Host). The host gets about 43% IRR. The monthly subscription is $127, which is less than 65% of the typical household’s aggregated power consumption cost.
    • We have been generating positive revenue every year since 2017 (except for 2020, during the global pandemic).
    • Based on our unit economics, we are aiming to 10X our business in the next 24 months. 

    💎 IMPACT - We are committed to changing lives. With your investment, we will do it sooner. 

    LeapEnergy is already scaling across Africa – and we are poised to grow beyond what anyone first thought possible. We are:

    • into a third of the states in Nigeria
    • Democratic Republic of Congo 
    • Uganda

    Now we are ready to take the company to the next level and scale further into the service obtainable market for SSA, which is worth more than $25 billion.

    Through this investment campaign, we want to raise more than $1 million in equity.

    This capital will primarily be used to develop and warehouse inventory in Nigeria while scaling the availability of our platform in three countries.

    We project the rollout of 5,000 decentralized power generators (BAC's) into 6 countries in 24 months ahead of embarking on series A/B funding, which is planned to commence in fall 2022.

    The successful rollout of 5,000 BAC will generate revenue of more than $12 million.

    Making an investment today is your way to secure your part in this ambitious yet realistic growth and enjoy the social, environmental, and financial rewards that come with it.

    🤝 Partnerships

    We are securing major partnerships in Africa such as these, in banking, communication, and local power distribution franchises

    🤓 LEADERSHIP - Meet the people putting your investment to good use.

    By investing in LeapEnergy, you are joining our family – and we will be thrilled to welcome you on board!

    Our leadership team combines experience in energy storage systems, business and start-ups, and a passion for growing thriving African communities.

    • Our founder and CEO, Augustus Pela, is a skilled serial entrepreneur with two successful exits in previous start-ups in the domestic and international markets. He has driven LeapEnergy to the exciting position the company is in today. He has a burning desire to see smallholder farmers in Africa able to use their entire harvest, through effective refrigeration made possible via his BAC units.
    • Scott Erwin is our energy storage systems expert. Scott has over 20 years of experience with battery business start-ups and was recently the VP of Sales in the Americas for Polarium (formally Incell); a leading global lithium-ion battery manufacturer.
    • Philip Chukwueke is another asset to our leadership team and directs the digital functions of the BAC. Philip recently held an executive position at QUALCOMM, directing operations in the Middle East and Africa for over a decade, and is the founder and chairman of CT Tower in Nigeria.

    Together with the rest of the LeapEnergy team, your investment is in safe and experienced hands.

    📈 OPPORTUNITY - Why this is a smart investment opportunity 

    We are unique, ambitious, driven, have a successful business model, and are ready to scale to incredible heights.

    Now, we require your investment to ensure we can put our plans into action.

    Invest today in a company that:

    • Has a huge serviceable market of 220 million people in Sub-Sahara Africa
    • Is a very early player in the decentralized (off-grid) power space
    • Has generated positive revenue each year since 2017 (aside from 2020)
    • Aiming to 10X the revenue in the next 24 months. 
    • Helps developing countries power homes and businesses with sustainable energy
    • Has an experienced and passionate leadership team
    • Won the Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Grant Challenge and $100,000 grant in 2014
    • Already has footprints in Nigeria, DRC, and Uganda

    LeapEnergy is poised to take the next step – and you are invited to come with us.