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Launching new music, producing interactive live concerts, streaming worldwide


Patent-pending NFT encryption technology that will become industry standard for media distribution
Only company in the world to offer truly non-fungible tokens, solving technical shortfalls of NFTs
A single gateway to live music, nightlife and performing arts worldwide
411 virtual events produced in 2020 calendar year, featuring over 700 artists
155K viewers reached since forming in April 2020
Fully immersive performances delivered by a professional team with decades of combined experience
Access to exclusive and intimate shows with artists as well as massive concerts
The first artists' revenue-sharing live-streaming concert organization and community

Our Team

As artists and industry professionals ourselves, we are deeply familiar with the challenges and low margins of live music business. If we all work together, and pool resources, and give an excellent live music product, our entire industry can all make a living doing what we love!

Launch Is ...

A) A gateway to live music and performing artists worldwide


  • Unlimited live concerts, with emerging and veteran talent, live-streaming (and in-person when venues re-open)
  • Curated streaming channels from the coolest venues, festivals, and artists around the world

B) The first artists' revenue-sharing live-streaming concert organization and community

  • Leveraging artists' collective strength to grow together
  • Building fanbases and supporting charities, growing their brands

C) The only company with proprietary technology for encrypting NFTs (non-fungible tokens)

- The future industry standard for releasing new music and fan experiences; both broad releases and exclusive drops

  • Creator-to-consumer tech to scale, for creators in music, fashion, film, entertainment, art, and more

GOAL NUMBER ONE - Decentralize and defragment the music industry.

Makaila at Stage 48, November 2019

What if everyone, regardless of location, could access a single gateway for music and performing artist worldwide, attend unlimited live concerts with emergent and veteran talent, and enjoy curated streaming channels from venues, festivals, and artists from all over the world for the monthly cost of a cocktail at a bar? What if independent artists could work together under a centralized community organization and leverage their collective strength in order to all launch, grow, and succeed together? And what if every cent of this organization's revenue was shared with its artists?

Artists, sponsors, and industry personnel instantly loved the idea. 

Launch traces its roots to an independent New York City concert production company in early 2019, transforming to an all-virtual livestream model and forming the new C-corp Launch Inc in April 2020, becoming the first interactive live-streaming music venue online with a direct revenue share model with artists.

Acid Dad, Live at Lola, November 2019

Then COVID-19 happened. 

And, due to our team's extensive background in livestreaming production and insatiable work ethic, we hit the ground running to create a way for the live music industry to thrive in pandemics and beyond.

Stro Elliot (The Roots) live at Stay The F Home Festival, March 2020

We teamed up with SonicBids to create the first virtual music festival of the pandemic, in March 2020, and in May we produced the world's first 24-hour virtual music festival with over 100 performers. And we were just getting started. 

In late 2020, Launch partnered with United Kingdom-based stadium EDM group LZ7 for the Virtual Illuminate Tour on Launch garnering over 1600 viewers from over 12 countries across 4 continents.

Additionally, we forged a strategic agreement with legendary Queens, New York-based Colosseum Battle Rap League which continues to see a rise in viewership.

Other highlights include shows with Linda Perry protége Willa Amai, Texas bluesman Griffin Holtby, our best-of 2020 recap, plus a Fresh Filmmakers Master Class with the head music executive at Netflix.

As Launch grew this year, so did our team.

In December 2020, Ed Young, co-founder of The Source magazine, and co-chair of the advisory board of the Universal Hip-Hop Museum, joined as Chief Strategy Officer

Princeton University Visiting Lecturer, David Bowie protégé, artist and director Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri, whose work helped launch the solo careers of Beyonce and Lady Gaga, joined as Chief Marketing Officer

This new Avengers-like executive team has officially given Launch the full power to manifest our aggressive, ambitious business and cultural goals. 

Overall, Launch had a successful 2020, hosting nine virtual music festivals, creating five concurrent livestreaming channels, with over 400 shows, featuring nearly 1000 artists, and gaining over 165,000 members worldwide.

We've not only produced way more shows, but we also offer far more capabilities than our closes competitors in the space, as shown.

Here's a nice 2020 recap to sum it all up: 

And now we invite you to join us and Launch the future of music in 2021! Pun intended. 

Launch currently seeks $250K in equity financing. We will use the funding for infrastructure and operational expansion, subscriber growth, and event promotion, to achieve our projected 13.5M members and global consumer brand presence by 2025. Here's your opportunity to get in on the ground floor so our upside can be your upside, too! (These are forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed)

"I couldn't be prouder of our team and what we've accomplished over the past year, or more excited for the future of this business and our journey forward with YOU!"
- Co-Founder and CEO Brian Stollery 


Brian, Hester, Wes, Ed, and Indrani