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Massive Market: The U.S. trucking industry produces nearly $800 billion annually in revenue
Growing Market: U.S. Freight volumes expected to grow 36% through 2031
Strong Team with Freight & Supply Chain Experience: CEO is former trucking company partner
Professional Partnerships: AAOO (100,000+ Driver Network), OOIDA, NOOA, TCS Fuel Card, and others

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Why LaneAxis?

LaneAxis is the first neutral freight network. LaneAxis is not a broker and LaneAxis does not compete with any shipper, broker, 3PL, or Trucking Company. We are a technology solution. Shipment Owners add carriers from the public network and build their private network from the network. The LaneAxis platform can contract, negotiate, and stream communication directly to the network of carriers reducing costs and increasing profits.

LaneAxis charges 1% per shipment and is the only transactional model in the supply chain. Joining the network is seamless, only taking minutes. LaneAxis can replace/improve existing systems or be used as a backup system to customers' existing processes.

The Problem

Trucking is bogged down by archaic processes, stale technology, and most critically - a lack of data-backed pricing transparency on virtually every load moved.

Companies often struggle to find capacity when and where they need it, despite the fact that U.S. trucks drive an astonishing 20-30 BILLION empty miles every year. This is a colossal waste of capacity and resources.

Shippers and Transportation Management Systems (TMSs) are generally limited to their small existing network of carriers when searching for capacity rates. By integrating with the Network, customers have access to carrier ratings with capacity rates.

The Solution

The future of supply chain will be a centralized, neutral, network enabling seamless connectivity for all its members while facilitating transparency and trust.

Real-Time network visibility driven by the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a pivotal role in transforming traditional trucking concepts  As the network matures, rendering terms such as full truckload shipments ("FTL"), less-than-truckload shipments ("LTL"), regional, and last mile obsolete under the category of "Network Visibility." Modern technologies, including real-time load streaming, and network performance scores will empower shippers to efficiently locate and select the most suitable carriers for their loads, thereby optimizing the entire supply chain. 

LaneAxis offers an API compatible with any TMS, emphasizing load and lane optimization. Through the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it empowers customers with smarter, more actionable business insights.

LaneAxis’ Future Transportation Network

LaneAxis is the agnostic enabler for participants to connect. Once connections are established, carriers gain access to the shipment owners' community which introduces them to demand they may not have previously had visibility of. Shipment owners can contract with carriers, expanding their options based on geography, risk score, price, and industry type. Within the LaneAxis ecosystem, a centralized point of access is established, making the available capacity and prices easily visible. This streamlined process enables carriers to effortlessly access the data and respond promptly to market forces.

Customers have the option to maintain the privacy of their network or anonymously share their loads and lanes with carriers outside their network to broaden their customer base. LaneAxis ensures that all data is in real-time, eliminating the need for costly and slow EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) processes.

LaneAxis' network solution introduces a revamped process that reverses the traditional business model, initiating rate bidding at the onset of the bidding process. This stands in contrast to the conventional approach, where rates were confirmed only after capacity was committed, typically at the process's conclusion.

Among the myriad benefits of such a network are expanded capacity access, price fairness, increased opportunities for load matching, real-time load confirmation, and access to previously unidentified demand.

Supply chain enterprises are recognizing the imperative to embrace digital freight networks promptly to avoid being overtaken by competitors and to stay abreast of industry advancements.

Key Features:

LaneAxis offers a variety of features that customers can utilize. Customers has a variety of features that can be used as an individual service that can be integrated into any TMS, or used as a stand-alone product.

Some Key Highlights are Below:

Standalone Platform: Our platform is robust and capable of functioning independently, offering a comprehensive solution for your shipment management needs.

Seamless TMS Integration: We understand the importance of integrating with your existing TMS. Our technology seamlessly integrates into your system, providing a smooth transition and enhancing your overall logistics capabilities.

Private Carrier Network Expansion: LaneAxis empowers you to grow your private carrier network strategically. With our platform, you can connect with reliable carriers, improving your capacity and flexibility.

Profit Margin Enhancement: Our solution is geared towards optimizing your operations, reducing costs, and maximizing efficiency. This directly contributes to an increase in your profit margins over time.

Leveraging AI in the LaneAxis Network

The capabilities of artificial intelligence employed within LaneAxis continue to evolve. These encompass enhanced freight optimization, network matching, optimization of pick-up/drop scheduling times, assessing weather impacts on delays, providing in-transit message prompts during shipments, and a host of other functionalities.

As artificial intelligence continues to demonstrate its value in technological systems, LaneAxis stands as an ideal platform for embracing all-new AI developments. Integration of AI within the network will further amplify its potency, efficiency, and user-friendliness.

Platform Business Model

Companies like Airbnb, FaceBook, Google, etc do not own what is on their platform. For example, Airbnb does not own any hotels or houses. Facebook does not own any social posts or viral videos. Google does not own any websites. They are all platforms that enable seamless connectivity between interested parties.

The platform business model involves creating a digital platform that connects multiple user groups, generating value for each participant. This model facilitates communication among users from diverse backgrounds, fostering a network effect that enhances the platform's value over time.

Successful examples of companies employing platform business models include Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, eBay, Google, and Facebook. These companies connect various user groups, such as drivers and passengers, hosts and travelers, buyers and sellers, and advertisers and users.

The popularity of platform business models has grown due to their scalability and the network effects they create. LaneAxis functions the same way and potentially has the same network effect potential as some other platform models.

Why you should invest

The market is experiencing rapid evolution and expansion, demanding next-generation technologies to meet the escalating needs and expectations of end consumers.

Legacy systems must embrace new technologies to avoid being surpassed by emerging industry players. LaneAxis enters the supply chain market at an opportune moment, coinciding with the increasing adoption of digital systems.

LaneAxis boasts a formidable team and strategic partnerships, with extensive connections in the supply chain industry, collaborations with the American Association of Owner Operators Partners (featuring a driver network exceeding 100,000), the National Owner Operators Association, TCS Fuel, and HERE Maps.

The Supply Chain Industry is Massive and Still Growing

The movement of freight in the United States is an enormous and vital part of the country's economy, with a staggering $54 billion worth of goods being transported daily. This figure underscores the immense scale and significance of the logistics industry within the nation. However, alongside this impressive volume of goods being moved, there are substantial challenges and inefficiencies that need to be addressed. 

One of the major issues facing the freight industry is the high cost associated with moving these goods. The fees and expenses involved in the transportation of goods across the country can be astronomical. These costs can include not only fuel expenses but also tolls, maintenance, insurance, and labor costs. Reducing these expenses is crucial not only for the profitability of businesses but also for the affordability of goods for consumers.

Team members are seasoned in the supply chain and entrepreneurial industry

Our team could be described as “a mix of experienced industry veterans and young hungry wolves, with extended expertise concerning the trucking and tech sector,” which will enable us to drive this state-of-the-art concept to reality. The leadership team at LaneAxis comes to the table with a diverse but relevant background in the trucking logistics industry. Our management and advisory group is composed of transportation and logistics veterans with trucking company ownership experience, entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of software development and integration, and financial as well as marketing professionals, thus bringing a deep and diverse experience set to the digital freight trucking industry.

Key Partnerships in the Industry

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