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The world's first electric jet body board

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Public Launch on Dec 31 @ 12:00 PM ET
 $17.5M  $15.75M valuation cap Future Equity
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We have generated over $4.5 million in revenue.
Kymera’s mission is to disrupt the $3.6 billion PWC market with our electric jet body board.
After winning the Popular Science Invention of the Year Award, we went on Shark Tank in 2013 & 2019.
We have also appeared on Innovation Nation on CBS, Fox, Discovery Channel and others.
Our 29 international distributors have also generated significant awareness in their countries.
We sell Direct to Consumers, Retailers, Rental Operators, Distributors and Rescue & Emergency.
The Kymera Body Board is proudly designed & assembled in the United States in our 26,000 sq. ft. factory.

Our Team

The Kymera Body Board was invented so that individuals could easily and affordably access the water. One day while Jason was at the beach, he saw hundreds of people on the shoreline but only a handful of boats on the water. He decided to change this and make a way for everyone to enjoy the water.

At Kymera, we have redefined the personal watercraft with the award-winning Kymera Electric Jet Body Board. Now we're setting our sights on expanding our technology offering within the outdoor space.

Kymera manufactures the Kymera Body Board and sells it WORLDWIDE.  We have been a PROFITABLE company for the last two years and will continue to be going forward.  With over $4.5MM in lifetime revenue, we are just getting started.  Currently we are limited to manufacturing for those that have paid in full.  By raising money on Wefunder, we will be able to ship faster.

Kymera has multiple sources of revenue:

  • Direct to Consumer: We sell our Body Board directly to customers on our website, through boat/RV/outdoor shows, and through 3rd party affiliate and referral programs.
  • Retailers: We have access to a network of over 300 powersports dealerships through our partnerships and when we have more inventory we will take advantage of this distribution channel.
  • Rental Operators: For existing personal watercraft, paddleboard, kayak businesses, adding Kymera is easy and returns a significant ROI.
  • International Distributors: We sign exclusive rights to individuals and companies worldwide to distribute our products in their country.  By having distributors in each country, they are able to offer sales, service, and assist in any warranty claims.
  • Fire/Rescue/Military: Our product is used as a mission critical device for rescues, extractions, and numerous other cases.

Kymera has amassed a distribution network reaching 29 countries.  Each distributor has the ability to import our product exclusively to their country and create rental businesses, place our products in retail stores, sell direct to consumers, and sell to fire/rescue organizations.  

Each distributor is expanding our brand and building a massive reach globally.  Distributors come to our Texas factory to be trained on our products so that they can service, repair, and warranty our products worldwide.  We continue to search for new distributors internationally that focus on the outdoor recreation or watersports industry or in the electric industry.

Kymera has positioned itself as a leading rescue tool.  Lifeguards, Fire Departments, Coast Guard, and Military Operations all need a way to access the water in different scenarios. 

Lifeguards need a device that is affordable, portable, and can be launched from anywhere.  Fire Departments need to access parts of a lake or river that launching a boat isn't practical or even possible.  Special Forces and the Military need vessels that are smaller and quieter.  Kymera can accomplish all these tasks.  

Just days after Kymera was deployed with the Honolulu Fire Department it was already used in a real life rescue and was featured on the Hawaii News TV Segment.

Kymera has a staged growth plan that takes into account profitability along with being able to offer excellent customer service and support.

By investing in Kymera, we will be able to have inventory on hand at the time a customer is ready to purchase versus waiting months for delivery and missing the summer season.

Building out our dealer network, international distributors and rental locations will increase brand awareness and increase sales dramatically.

Kymera is riding the wave of millions of dollars in free press.  Kymera has appeared on Shark TankInc. quoted the value of an appearance on the show at the equivalent of a $9 million dollar marketing spend.  Best of all, we have appeared TWICE.  Additionally, both these episodes are in syndication on CNBC and continue to drive viewers to our website.  

CBS and the Henry Ford's Innovation Nation program, a leading technology segment, featured us on their segment.  

Kymera has an eight year track record of delivering the Kymera Body Board across the globe. We are now ready to aggressively grow our market presence and bring new exciting products to the market. We are looking for investment partners to help us fund this growth and enjoy the rewards with us. INVEST TODAY to join us on this exciting journey.