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Invest in Knockdown

Custom fit, true wireless earbuds that utilize 3D printing technology


First to Market - Additive manufacturing + premium sound = first consumer driven 3D printed earbuds
Already raised $72,000 in investment funds
Patent pending - Unique process that creates professional impressions from the comfort of your home
Market Size - Addresses the $25B earbud market that is expected to grow to $30B by 2027
Proven technology - Tested by professional athletes resulting in positive feedback
Strategic Partnerships - Strategic partnership and collaboration with Clear Mobitel & Vayner Sports
Brand Ambassadors with wide reach on social media - 170K followers on Instagram alone
Experienced Team combining 50+ years in startups, emerging technology and fundraising

Our Team

I chose this idea because it is something that the people around me and myself personally have been affected for as long as earbuds have been around. Whether it was during a workout, while running errands or sitting on the train on the way to school, the stability and comfort of earbuds have always been an major issue.

Why Knockdown


Virtually the entire in-ear device industry uses a one size fits all approach. However, our ears are as unique as our fingerprints. The result is a massive lack of comfort and stability, even more so for individuals with active lifestyles. In-ear devices are an extension of our lifestyle from the music and podcasts that inspires us, to our engaging conversations with family and friends.  The constant re-adjustment of your in-ear device is needed to prevent them from falling out or for comfort reasons, which becomes frustrating and distracting. Whether you are at the gym, on a hike or just getting work done around the house. Having an earbud that stays put and comfortable at all times, lets you focus and zone in on your goal.


Since every ear is as unique as a fingerprint, every earbud should be unique as well. So we decided to 3D print our silicone tips to the precise measurements of your ear. The shape is conformed precisely to the shape of your ear, whether it is small, large or deformed (by cauliflower ear for example). Regardless of how demanding the environment, Knockdown Earbuds provide maximum stability and comfort for any activity or lifestyle.We are the first company to offer this professional custom fit combined with true wireless technology. In addition to that, we offer our earbuds at a price point that has been unseen in the custom fit in-ear device industry until this day.

Market Opportunity

The market is ripe for opportunity.  The headphones/earphones global market is expected to reach $30.1B by 2027, with a market of global health conscious users at 1 billion.  Our progressive phased approach is to reach athletes who understand the value of in-ear devices that offer stability and comfort during training to help them achieve their professional goals.  But we realize, we all have the athlete mindset inside of us to promote and engage in a healthy lifestyle from walking, exercising, cycling and activities around the house and with our family.  Knockdown's goal is to be the premium in-ear device for active health conscious users to help them achieve more.

Knockdown Earbuds

Knockdown earbuds fit perfectly into your ear. But how does the actual earbud perform? Glad you asked! Knockdown earbuds provide premium sound quality delivered by Bluetooth 5.0. The snug fit of your ear-caps isolate background noises, while improving the sound quality.
They are easily navigable with the touch button that allows you to skip songs, answer calls, activate Siri and many other options. Our earbuds are equipped with microphone that allows you to take make calls whenever you need to. A long lasting battery life assures comfortable and stress free usage.
We understand that these earbuds are a must for any sports related activity so we made sure to make them sweat and water resistant.

    Patent-Pending Process

    The involved patent-pending process is fast and convenient. It requires no professional assistance or tools and can be fully completed from the comfort of your home without compromising quality. With the help of our impression kits, customers create professional impressions within minutes. 

    Step 1 – Impression

    • The customer receives a Knockdown impression kit and creates an ear impression of each ear
    • The ear impression is shipped back to Knockdown

    Step 2 - Scan (Impression)

    • After arrival, the impression is scanned via 3D scanner 
    • The scan is professionally curated through our 3D software and prepared for 3D print

    Step 3 - Print (Earcap)

    • The ear-cap is 3D printed in a soft, biocompatible material and professionally assembled to Knockdown earbuds
    • Final product is shipped to the customer


    Standardized true-wireless earbuds and other custom fit in-ear devices propose a potential competitive threat to Knockdown. Main competitors of standardized true wireless earbuds are market leader Apple, followed by companies such as JLab, Beats, Jabra, Samsung, JBL and Skullcandy.  Our competitive advantage is the custom fit of our earbud that is offered at a similar price.

    Competition that produces custom fit earbuds are companies such as Ultimate Ears, or 64 Audio. It is important to note that these products are not true wireless as they are intended for professional musicians, on-stage or in-studio. In addition, at our price of $260, our product is more affordable compared to the above-mentioned products that range from $500 to a whopping $5000. Other current custom molded earphones also require professional scans or impressions, forcing the customer to an inconvenient process that involves additional costs. Knockdown Ear Lab’s is unique and convenient and does not require the use of professional aid or instruments.

    Marketing Approach

    As mentioned before, we will utilize a progressive marketing approach to leverage our expertise around inbound & outbound marketing combined with the visibility of our brand ambassadors validating the stability and comfort of the Knockdown Earbuds.  We believe if professional athletes are truly satisfied with the quality and functionality of our Knockdown earbuds, that, this will translate into trust for potential users.  As we grow out of the pandemic, we will also participate in a number of trade shows and events to continue our awareness campaigns.

    Knockdown Stories

    We are not just promoting Knockdown Earbuds, we are promoting a lifestyle and this includes the true personal stories of the people benefiting from our Knockdown Earbuds and what Knockdown means to them. We want to hear about what inspires them and how they inspire others. This embodies our tagline, It's Your Fit. Not only does this talk about custom fit 3D printed earbuds only created for you but also how it fits into your lifestyle and mindset.  We all have a Knockdown story in us and we want the world to know.


    Knockdown invites you to be part of our amazing journey and community.

    We decided to develop a much needed product allowing the athlete in us all, including those affected by cauliflower ears, access to true wireless audio during all training routines, regardless of dynamic, intensity or duration. Knockdown Earbuds are meant to allow you to get into your zone to improve everyday, while not being interrupted by constantly readjusting your audio equipment due to instability and comfort issues. We want to ensure you are able to focus on your workout and training, because after all, preparation is the key to success in life.

    We hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we do. Personalized earbuds that always fit in any activity. Remember, it’s your fit.