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Managing Director, Digitec
Sustainability is the megatrend that will shape the 2020s like no other: environmental awareness is turning from an individual lifestyle into a social movement—sustainability from a consumer trend to an economic factor. And the climate crisis is becoming the basis for a new global identity. Sustainability is one of the most important topics of our time, and it is simply impossible to imagine life without it. Our responsibility also increases with every day we spend on this planet. That is why I am convinced that klæny is taking a proactive step in the right direction. Clean, sustainable, and plastic-free should be the daily life of billions of people. With klæny's products, we can create a sustainable trend for millions of households - worldwide. The numbers are promising, and we can do our part. The principle is simple, the impact gigantic! The product range has expanded steadily over the past few months, and I am counting on developing a one-stop-shop solution entirely in line with the klæny sustainability vision: Sustainability made easy for everybody every day!


⚡️ 2.4mil EUR revenue 2021 (up from 1.7mil EUR): We’re one of Europe’s leading household D2C brands
🥰 Our customer base has grown to over 150,000
🤝 Net Promoter Score of 60 (eCommerce average is 40): Customer would recommend our products
🆙 Our average subscriber value (LTV) is more than 85 EUR with almost 2000 active subscriptions
✨ Significant improvement in retention rate: 20% increase in 6-month and 60% increase in 3-month YoY
🥳 Amazon Sales startet 2022 with a high of 54% in growth rate
🧼 Raised 2.5mil EUR from investors (Berlin State VC & German founders with multi-million EUR exits)
♻️ Sales in the B2B area with a growth rate of up to 102% (August 2022)

Our Team

Our passion for sustainability and our belief that everyone should have access to eco-friendly household products that are both affordable and high-quality.

klæny cleaning and care products - Taking action to create a better world for tomorrow, starting today!

We make innovative cleaning tabs that dissolve in tap water in a 100% recycled plastic bottle, competing with expensive and unsustainable conventional cleaning products. klæny tabs are completely biodegradable and free of microplastics. We also offer detergents, soaps, and body care products based on the same principle.

The biggest and hardest challenges we are facing right now are plastic, water and air pollution.

klæny is committed to reducing plastic waste and protecting the environment. Our innovative cleaning tabs in tablet form can help households save up to 40-50 disposable plastic bottles per year, and are completely biodegradable and free of microplastics. More than 400 million tons of plastic are produced each year. Packaging accounts for more than a third. Plastic pollution is expected to rise dramatically. If this trajectory continues, it is estimated that more plastic will be in the ocean than fish by 2050.

A study conducted by the United States Geological Survey in 2002 found detergent traces in 69% of streams. The Environmental Working Groups (EWG) Tap Water Database found more than 250 chemicals all across Americas drinking water.

Conventional Cleaners cause dangerous health issues. Chemical cleaning agents used indoors can cause headaches, breathing difficulties, dizziness, and allergies. In addition, speciality cleaners are suspected of weakening the immune system. Our products are also free of toxic VOCs that can affect indoor air quality and contribute to smog formation outdoors. We ensure that our cleaning agents are safe for you, for the environment and any  valuable items in your home.

At klæny we make sustainability easy and accessible for everyone. We listen to our customers and use their feedback to constantly improve and optimize our products. With the help of our innovative cleaning tabs, you can make a difference in the environment without compromising on convenience.

Open the bottle, put the tab in, done - that should be and remain the principle. Convenience is our benefit. This way, we provide klæny customers with relevant information on how to live a better, greener life. In our communication, sustainability is always at the forefront of what we do - be it through products, guides, or communication channels.

With our reusable bottle, you reduce your plastic consumption and the CO2 emissions from transport and protect the environment through the environmentally friendly formula. Compared to conventional cleaning products, you can save up to 94% CO2 emissions and a lot of packaging waste by switching to klæny.

Cleaner Living, Delivery, and Wellbeing. These three pillars make klæny a high-potential business to help people live ecologically every day. The demand for sustainable products is steadily increasing as the problem is not getting any smaller - a promising market with a good conscience. 

Our concept is proven: In the first year (2020) we reached 1.7mil EUR in revenue. Within one year, we significantly increased our sales figures by over 68.50 % in 2021 to around 2.4mil EUR. Since 2022 we’re moving our focus towards profitability and are growing at even more healthy rates. 

While in 2021, we were still focused on successfully driving existing product sales, in 2022, we shifted our focus to expanding our portfolio by developing new products. This led to a successful launch of six innovative products and the development of a more diversified online store by offering cleaning products and sustainable household items such as bamboo toilet paper and twill care products with a refill system. 

The biggest enabler for healthy growth is the focus on existing customers. We achieve this by improving our products, launching additional product lines,  and acquiring the body care products of Levy&Frey. 

After only a short time, we can already see how well customers are accepting these new products based on the share of sales: Detergent (27%), Dishwasher tabs (16%), Bodycare (9%), Bamboo Products (6%).

In 2022, we count over 150000 existing customers, increasing subscription numbers and since last year continuous Amazon growth. 

With a 3 month customer retention rate of over 7%, we increased the ratio by more than 60% compared to the previous year. This means that customers who bought within the last three months are convinced of the quality of our products and buy again. 

This speaks for a high level of satisfaction and belief in our vision. The increasing number of our subscribers also proves this. Since October 2021, this has been steadily increasing, with 101,64% YOY.

With our subscription-based growth model, we target high-profit margins to increase the success factor for klæny: At 83.11%, the cleaners are highly profitable. But the detergents also prove beneficial with 70.93% and a high sales rate of 27% revenue share. 

We always strive for a perfect customer experience and listen to their feedback. That's why we are very proud of our outstanding customer happiness. The Net Promoter Score or promoter surplus is a key figure that measures the extent to which consumers would recommend a product or service.

A Net Promoter Score above 0 is good, 20 is great and 50 is amazing – klæny’s NPS is 60!

This proves: Consumers are convinced by our products and would recommend them to friends and family. Our customers also show this in public ratings and Amazon reviews. 

Even the press is impressed with our products and have consistently given us positive coverage.

Startup Check is convinced: “The use is really simple and uncomplicated, so that every individual can make an important contribution to environmental protection. Thumbs up!”

We see today that the ecosystem of supply companies and platforms is quite dispersed and with multiple players at different stages. klæny understands what customers want and search for: greener Living will change consumption; delivery changes the way of shopping behavior, and well-being changes the perspective.

We want to make it easy for everyone to access sustainable household products. With this in mind, we will continue our product development in the following months to extend our range of products and enable our customers to use klæny products for all their daily needs. With a huge success in increasing retention + gaining new subscribers, we’re ready to invest further in bright marketing possibilities. In the future, we want to expand our store further. For this purpose, we already started with our offer on Amazon with a high of 54% in growth rate and sales in the B2B area with a growth rate of up to 102% (August 2022).