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FREE gigabit internet for all


👑 Experienced founding team with technical and product space expertise
🚀 Product officially launched April 1st
👤 Over 19k unique users
📩 Over 41k email waitlist registrations
⏳ Over 6800 hours of user usage
💸 $0.33 UAC (user acquisition cost)
📈 Average 35% week over week user growth

Our Team

Internet infrastructure is fundamentally flawed. We just needed to fix it.

What is Kible?

Experience improved speed and performance on our lightning fast cloud browser. Everything that runs on the web runs much faster on Kible. 

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What users get with Kible

Why Invest in Kible

With 63% of companies switching to either full or partial remote work, fast internet has become an expensive necessity. Kible removes the cap that your ISP puts on your internet with it’s fully cloud optimized web browser. From remote rural locations to the congested city squares, Kible will always provide the highest quality internet around.

    Fast internet has become unobtainable to the average individual. And even promises of gigabit internet from all the largest providers consistently fall short.

    So long as you have at least a 5mbps connection, the Kible browser can bring gigabit internet to your home!

    Internet providers have become greedy but Kible provides a solution.

    With an increased rate of old computers becoming seemingly too slow it is no wonder why more of them are ending up in trash piles. Aging hardware will become an issue of the past. Kible’s cloud CPU architecture will make your browsing experience better than what is available on most new Apple computers.

    Only 40% of computers are actually recycled and the rest end up in landfills. The landfill is overflowing with 3 year old computers. Kible keeps your Apple computer running long after the expiration. 

      Although today Kible is just a web browser, it has limitless potential. Kible doesn't just have to optimize web applications, it can optimize any application. From enterprise, to consumer to security Kible can do it all!

      Kible Use of Funds

      Kible is ready to take the market by storm. Here is where we expect to be in 12-18 months:

      Continue to grow users and locations

      Fast internet doesn't just belong on your computer.

      We'll continue to add new features and fixes as our users ask for them.

      Business Model

      Similar to apps like Slack, Fortnite and Zoom, our aggressive business model is focused on growing our client base as quickly as possible while optimizing for revenue through the addition of premium features and upgrades. We want to let as many consumers use our product while also offering great value to premium clients and enterprises.

      ✨ Kible’s base model will always be FREE.

      💸 Want more storage? More logins? That’ll be included in our PREMIUM paid tier.

      🔑 Need a secure sandbox browser for your ENTERPRISE? Kible has got you covered.

      Why now?/Mission

      Internet infrastructure as a whole is dysfunctional and fragmented. There are some apps that run in the cloud, there are others that run locally and worst of all there are hybrid apps that can't make up their mind. The one thing that internet infrastructure has done right is adoption. The time is right for Kible because the internet is finally everywhere.

      There is an internet revolution coming. No it’s not web3. It’s a new age of completely cloud optimized applications. Kible is here to fix the internet… stay tuned we aren’t stopping at web browsers. 

      Our exit strategy

      Today we are building the next generation of great browsers, but ultimately we see ourselves as a cloud infrastructure company, so our easiest exit would be by acquisition. Some potential acquisition partners in the cloud infrastructure space include Google, Amazon or Microsoft.

      Global Expansion:

      Internet speed is a global issue. With companies moving remote and many working across several time zones, fast internet has become a requirement. Kible has gone global with expansion into the UK. Additionally, Kible has numerous user requests from Spain, Africa, India, Germany, Ireland and Thailand.