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A platform for novice cooks & professional chefs to show their cooking skills

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As of 10/26/2021 Khal has 157,945 users | 86,665 recipes
Cooking world needs an online community. We are a social network & professional network for cooks.🍳
👨‍🍳Professional Chefs can add their profile to their bio when they apply for a job.
Cooking enthusiasts 😋can add their profile to their Social Network / Dating pages.
🏆 has the best team. made up of top culinary experts, top media experts and top finance experts.
📈's experienced founder has taken a company from 0 to $9.6 million in annual sales in 4 years.
The web site is up and running. You can check it at The CEO is also the CTO.🤓

Our Team

Being a developer I realized there are so many places where a developer can show his/her coding skills. Almost everyone on the planet cooks. Even if it is boiling an egg. It is a real skill and there is no place to show this skill. Showing your skill makes you happy. I like to make people happy Show the world your cooking skills. is a platform where users can make profiles and show their cooking skills. It is both a social network and a professional network for cooking enthusiasts 

People Love to cook and take pictures and videos of their cooking

Khal has grown extremely fast in less than 6 months.

There is currently no place dedicated to show your cooking skills

People use social network sites to add their cooking pictures. But none of these sites can be used as a repository of their cooking profile. These profiles get mixed with food photographers who take pictures with food or others who just add food pictures from the internet . You can often see people asking in the comments. "Did you make that ?", a dedicated cooking profile 

Maria's Recipes

It also gives other information like

  • Other people's recipe you made
  • Other people's recipe you want to make
  • How many followers you have
  • What people have to say about your cooking
  • and much more..
  • From 35 users a day to almost 1500 users a day in less than a year (growth of 40x +)
  • Almost all the traffic is organic. Khal has experienced a viral growth month over month 

Khal is used by both professional chefs & cooking enthusiasts


  • People can add their Khal cooking profile to their Social Media 
  • People can use Khal to show the awesome dish they have made
  • People can use Khal to get followers for vanity or for your business

And many other

Samir giving a programming talk at Microsoft NYC
Audience at the talk

Samir Tendulkar owned and operated a e-commerce business from 2012 to 2016 which managed more than 250,000 items it grew to 9.6MM in annual sales in 2016 and was completely bootstrapped 

 Covid-19 has made working from home a new normal. This will lead to a lot more people cooking at home. This presents a tremendous growth opportunity.

Khal was featured as the top 100 Social Media Startups of 2020 by the StartUp pill

Khal was featured as the top 25 cooking startups to keep an eye on for 2021 by the StartUp pill

Khal came 3rd in the Unicorn Battle Silicon Valley
Khal came 3rd in the Unicorn Battle Silicon Valley

Let's make something big together