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Invest in Kanda (YC W21)

A platform for contractors to offer "buy now, pay later" financing

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Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Tony and Daniel interviewed Kanda (YC W21) on May 20, 2021. Play Video
Tony Wilkins
Private investor at Standing Oaks Venture Partners. Started investing in 1991. I invest in coachable people who I admire, respect and trust.
Daniel Edwards
Daniel is a startup CEO, angel investor, advisor and board member spanning from London to Silicon Valley.
says, "Kanda provides a great service for both contractors and homeowners who need a little time to pay for repairs or improvements on their dwellings. Connecting the dots between lenders, contractors and homeowners is a brilliant way to streamline the home improvement space."
says, "Phil, Rob and Richard have all known each other for a long time and having a strong tightknit team is very important. They've shown good traction since starting in July 2020 with $9k MRR in April 2021. Kanda has also built strong relationships with lending partners and that is the key to scaling their business. So far they are off to a great start and excited to see where they go from here."
says, "First time homeowners - or roof buyers, or boiler repair buyers or flooding basement repair buyers - are so vulnerable when it comes to hiring contractors for major repairs, it would be great to demonstrate that Kanda screens out bad players in the contractor space to the point where Kanda is the trusted provider of vetted contractors."
says, "Continue to work with your credit partners and build strong relationships with them because that will be the key to scaling your business. I would also advise that you not expand to other countries too quickly. Make sure you win the UK market first and then expand to the US and other countries. Last thing would be to keep an eye on your reoccurring revenue because that will be what every investor and lender will want to see, if that number is growing and good you'll have an easy go of things."

What Investors Say

Invested $1,350 this round
Kanda is a very exciting prospect. In the UK there is new domestic legislation which requires better insulation. Additionally, there is a projected boom in UK construction work post pandemic. I feel as though Kanda it is perfectly positioned to take advantage of these conditions. Kandas ability to offer finance to customers spread payments out is a really attractice prospect and one I think consumers will be poised to take advantage, especially as the pandemic has made many look inward and expect more from their living environments which I expect to create a boom in small to medium sized home renovation projects. Additionally household savings are at a recent historic high in the UK due to furlough and working from home, meaning there is the available capital in the system for these projects. From a construction firm prospect Kanda provides security to construction firms. With many construction firms having procarious cashflows the security of payment will be invaluable for construction firms to be able to maximize their potential and grow. The platform is simple and extremely intuitive to use which I believe will make construction workers life more easy. I am very excited to be involved in such a promising project from the start. A project which I believe has huge potential, and will be integral to bringing the constuction sector into the digital era. Philip, Richard, and Robert seem a great hardworking driven team which is a must for any project.
What People Say