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Invest in Kanda (YC W21)

A platform for contractors to offer "buy now, pay later" financing


📈 $9K MRR; growing 25% MoM
🚧 Just raised $5M debt facility, so customers can offer 0% finance
👷‍♂️ Closed $600k on these terms so far, including from PlanGrid's cofounders
🏗 Team with 10+ years of industry experience
💶 $70B total addressable market in Europe + USA

Our Team

Built app to detect dehydration in under 60s. Economics Major from York Uni. Known Rich & Rob for 15 years.
Richard spent 10 years as an electrician and would constantly lose out on work to larger contractors who could offer payment plans to their customers. So he got together with Phil and Rob to help small businesses just like his fight back against big companies.
Richard Fleeman COO
Industry expert - He was a general contractor for 10+ years. Experienced the problem of not being able to offer finance as a contractor firsthand.
Robert Gallagher CTO
Has a Ph.D in Astrophysics from Cambridge where he discovered a new star formation. Richard’s cousin and known Phil since childhood.