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JogAlong Stroller

The world's 1st stroller to enable proper running and walking form

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ūüŹÜ JogAlong is a 3-in-1 product. A jogging stroller, bicycle trailer, and traditional stroller
ūüďą North American Stroller Market is $900 Million and growing
ūüöö Manufacturing, distribution and logistics supported by a seasoned team of professionals
ūüŹÉ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ 12,000+ people have joined our email list
ūüďú JogAlong holds 4 global patents
ūüé¶ 10 Million views of our product video
ūü•á JogAlong is the only stroller to offer reciprocating arms to maintain proper running form
ūüĆĪ Trees are planted in your name, in the location of your choosing with each investment

Our Team

I love to see families enjoying the outdoors. By improving the stroller experience, parent and child are more likely to be outside longer and do it more often. More outdoor family time improves our overall health as well as creates social and environmental benefits.

JogAlong Stroller

The only stroller in the world that allows you to swing your arms while pushing it.

Ask any new parent...

This is where a JogAlong shines...

In addition, JogAlong is multi-use...

The response has been great.  

We solicited feedback and put in the time/energy to ensure we make a quality product.

Where do you come in?

Here is where we need your help. We need capital to complete third party certifications that validate the safety of our product. Capital for safety? Yes! Our strollers will carry children on walks, runs, even marathons and we want them to live up to the highest safety standards. But, these tests must be performed on production parts, not prototypes, so we're securing funding for injection-molding tooling in order to complete the product certifications.

Investment thoughts:

When you invest in JogAlong, you're rewarded with a percentage of net revenue. Our multiple of 3x your investment means, you'll get your original amount back + 200%, or $300 back for every $100 invested.  

We want you to earn a return in the shortest amount of time possible.

A lot of companies return investments based on the sale of the company. That model has its place, but is more complex and typically increases the time for investors to receive a return. 

We love what we do; selling the company is not our goal.  We are passionate about designing new products, meeting new parents, and building a sustainable business that lets people enjoy active outdoor lifestyles with their children.

So we're going to share the top line and reward the people who put their trust in us and our ability to build a superior product for an amazing group of customers.

A bit more detail about our customers and the market:

We have studied, questioned, and refined our audience targeting. We are building our niche with high-earning, high-frequency runners who seek out high-performance equipment, and will expand to those aspiring to be in this group (lower frequency walkers/runners who still seek out high-performance equipment).  We will welcome everybody, but to make our ad dollars go further, we will start by targeting the group most likely to be early adopters.

Roughly 6% of this market is already on our email list (with a CPA of $2.38), even before we are on the market with the product. We are nurturing these relationships with product information, intended launch timelines, original content on family and children's physical and emotional health, and articles on running related topics.

When the product is ready, we'll be poised to enter a domestic market of $200M (higher if you consider the product triples as a bike trailer and standard stroller). Our supply chain also supports a Western European client base, exposing JogAlong to a bigger share of the global stroller market.

Company history:

Our founder, Mike Dresher, witnessed a mother running with a stroller. What struck him was how the runner pushed the stroller ahead of her, then maintained running form to catch up to it. This continued for some time--pushing ahead and running to catch up, pushing ahead and running to catch up, all as a workaround to the poor ergonomics inherent in pushing a fixed bar jogging stroller. This was a problem!

Mike developed many prototypes before filing a US patent application.  Then as an initial outside review, the concept was submitted to the Wal-Mart Innovation Network (now WIN Innovation Network) where it received a positive assessment:

‚ÄúI have not seen a stroller better suited for use by a dedicated runner. It should be easier and more natural to use. Therefore, it is likely that runners will use the stroller more frequently and perhaps for a longer period of time.‚Ä̬† Gerald G. Udell Ph.D. Executive Director WIN Innovation Institute

In 2015, the JogAlong was publicly debuted in a road race at the Emma Creek Classic in Hesston, KS. 

A successful social media campaign, website and video launch accompanied the debut, but the product launch was put on hold after concerns arose around the original manufacturer’s solvency. 

We now have a relationship with a new manufacturer that has decades of experience in stroller production and are ready to move forward. 

Customer Response

The response to JogAlong has been great.  Nadia, one of our testers said it best:

"I am in love with this stroller. Not only because my daughter was relaxed, rested and more importantly safe, but I could really go! All you think about is running, you don't feel the weight and the bumps. There is no pushing, you just go!" 

While technically, you're still pushing, you get the idea.  

Parents find freedom in the movement and can focus their energy on the event, not the process, whether that is a race, fitness jog or a walk around the park.

A powerful benefit of a JogAlong,  witnessed time and again, is how children feel empowered by participating. The "race" is their race, they tell people about it. They ask to go again. They climb in and announce they are "ready to go." 

Each child has their own range of overwhelmingly positive reactions, from excitement, to nap, to wanting to get out and run too.  (for the record, asking for a phone or tablet while riding, is not one of them!)

Since the initial debut, JogAlong has been in numerous 5K events.  Exposure for the brand is great as JogAlong always receives a lot of attention and questions, even mid race from other runners. Spectators have yelled out "where did you get that stroller?" as we run by. 

Mia, our most experienced passenger, while co-piloting a 5K with Mike yelled out from the navigator's seat, "We can go faster!" 

Yes Mia, good idea, let's go fast.  We invite you to join the JogAlong team and help deliver technology that inspires parents to be active and outdoors with their children. 

A Note about the Perks:

We wanted you to be able to see what they are.  This table is a visual representation of what's in the official perk list.

Thank you.