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🤖Using advanced tracking technology to take your game to the next level 🏀


🧠Utilizing advanced analytics to help athletes maximize their shot accuracy.
💰 $80k invested in friends and family round.
💸We have 500 pre-orders from our first social media push and commitments from several AAU programs.
Upcoming strategic partnerships with 🤝 NBA Player Association and existing AAU Programs.
🤓A strong team of former J&J, ConocoPhillips, Caterpillar, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, etc...
⛹️‍♂️Thousands of shots and hundreds of user hours completed.

Our Team

I am a former athlete and current coach and trainer. I chose this idea because of the need I found in players needing to have a heightened respect for the fundamental aspect of the game of basketball.

🏀 Most of us were not born with the ability to make every shot and win every game. We have to work hard and put in the time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the next superstar.


🙌Key Take-Away🤯:

Synergy (7) Svn is minority-owned sports science & tech company that merges human insight with artificial intelligence to deliver skill-specific feedback using our diagnostic wearables to help accelerate muscle memory & boost athletic performance. A typical high school athlete trains for 20hr+ a week, not to mention weekends, summer camps, neighborhood sessions, and the list goes on. Synergy (7) Svn is creating an ancillary tool that enhances their training and analyzes the angle, speed, and precise movement made to level up their game.  This is the future of skill-specific feedback brought to life and we are here to lead the charge. 

Synergy (7) Svn is minority-owned sports science & tech company that merges human insight with artificial intelligence to deliver skill-specific feedback using our diagnostic wearables to help accelerate muscle memory & boost athletic performance. We are solving the issue of accelerated muscle memory for skill-specific feedback across multiple sports for all groups starting with basketball.

What distinguishes the JSleeve from the many generalized data-collecting sensors in the market is the analytics-driven feedback generated by patent-coded sensors. Starting at Day 1 of an athlete’s training, the JSleeve’s architected algorithm converts this data to meaningful coaching tips that allow the player to improve immediately.

In our solution, we've embed hardware into a shooting sleeve that connects to any mobile device and provides feedback on how accurate your shot is to help identify areas of improvement and develop athletes into better shooters. Now within the app users can see real-time feedback on how their shot looked and compared against their ideal shot. We also track fatigue and shot location.


Our mission with the JSleeve is to generate data that helps organizations protect their assets and allows athletes to increase their efficiency. The JSleeve will give athletes, coaches, trainers, and scouts a competitive advantage. We understand the drive it takes to reach the next level to make the youth draft league, gain that college scholarship, and structure your team to compete at the highest level, and with our revolutionizing technology, you can do exactly that.

We have secured commitments from multiple AAU programs and a highly recognizable organization to include JSleeves in their upcoming summer camps.


From age 2, the beat of the ball on the pavement has been the soundtrack to my life. I understand basketball’s ability to unite players across all walks of life, and how in particular it serves to empower and strengthen youth across all communities.

While earning a bachelor’s in Business Administration at Florida A&M University, I played Division 1 ball there for four years, helping the team earn a slot in the NCAA March Madness tournament. I am a firm believer that the soft skills athletes develop as they pursue that next level has life-lasting effects on the type of person they will become.

This endeavor – to merge my 15-year career as an economic planner and business development professional for Fortune 100 companies with my full understanding of basketball – was the ideal union.

Tracking your performance is the obvious ingredient to working smart.

Some clubs keep electronic records using the shooting gun. Not everyone has access to this. Some players keep a book of all of the shots they’ve taken and made, but who wants to freeze their progress by taking notes between shots? Your fatigue level at each shot is something you inherently learn over time but consistently miscalculate.
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This market size is in the hundreds of millions globally. In the US alone, there are
9.9 million athletes that play in organized amateur basketball leagues. The lifetime use of the JSleeve is 3.2 years creating a lifetime value of $371 per user. This being our beachhead market for the technology, our potential market can only grow from here. 


For most companies, investors are simply a source of funding. For Synergy (7) Svn, they are our biggest influencers. Involving athletes and basketball evangelists within the development process of our platform drives real-time engagement and community. With user-generated content, scores, and shooting analysis we are ultimately shifting how we train and in turn, improve.


Our current his allows us to expand and offer a B2C and B2B revenue model focused on the individual athlete and the athletic department as well. We make money from the sale of the JSleeve and our data subscription model. The JSleeve costs $175 per sleeve and a $10/month data subscription fee. We are capturing and storing large amounts of data so there is the opportunity for this to provide its own revenue stream in the future.


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Here's how Synergy (7) Svn will use the money we raise on Wefunder.

33% Vendors
28% Manufacturing and Shipping
24% Marketing and Advertising Spend
15% Affiliation Acquisition


    Our end goal for Synergy (7) Svn is virtualizing the body movement of your game to elevate your performance on the court and in gaming. Our ideal exit would be an acquisition of a major apparel and gaming platform that can continue the mission of Synergy (7) Svn.