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The app for remote work: book workspaces, find work & discover networking events


💸 Global workspace booking and project entailment market value is $1.37 Trillion
⚡️ Bauns lets professionals find and work in remote projects, book workspaces and signup for events
🤝 Collaborating with Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, IOS Offices, Grupo Posadas and more
☕️ 350+ workspaces and 4000+ users in the network
🔑 5700+ bookings generated on MVP
🚀 After a successful MVP in 2020, we're ready to launch in the US in 2023
💥 Team experienced in Development, Operations and Marketing in the Remote Work Industry
🏆 Winner of the 2020 Santander X Tomorrow Challenge

Our Team

As a marketing graduate and an entrepreneur for more than 8 year, I have first hand knowledge of how lonely and lacking the remote work and startup ecosystem can be. We need spaces to work, events to meet key connections and bright opportunities to create. We built Bauns to create a complete ecosystem for founders and remote pros everywhere.

Most startups and companies are opting to keep their operations remote, which brings a lot of opportunities to create a truly seamless remote work experience in three key areas: work management, workspace and networking.

In an exploding remote work industry, effective tools for finding and managing freelancers with the right quality and skills are more needed than ever; These freelancers and remote professionals need adequate and flexible workspaces wherever they are; and it has been shown that remote workers and freelancers often feel lonely and lack real connections in their day to day lives. 

Bauns is a complete tool for remote professionals that solves the three key problems of independent or hybrid workers: work management, flexible workspaces and networking within the industry. Bauns allows any remote professional, freelancer or founders to discover and work on top quality projects, book workspaces from a curated catalog instantly, and find a community wherever they are through industry relevant physical and virtual events.

We created Bauns to give remote professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers the tools they need to materialize their projects and work in a remote-first world. We started proving the products effectiveness with a successful MVP and are ready to launch the complete product in the US. Our team consists of experienced advisors from MIT, IBM, and Google, and specialists in the remote work industry. Together we created a digital platform that enables dynamic workspace booking, member networking and project entailment with no geographical boundaries. Work in the project you love, with the right team, wherever you are.

        Enjoy the benefits of the future of work. Flexibility, Choice, Productivity & Security.

Our business model brings value back from the three main business lines: Work, Workspace and Events:

  • For Workspace, users can acquire memberships that include credits for workspace booking, guest passes, free monthly events, and discount rates in Work. For every workspace booked in any of the coworking spaces, buildings or hotels in Bauns, we also charge the space a dynamic commission. 
  • Events are free for membership holders, but non-members can still attend for a small fee, which gives us revenue and lets us acquire new leads. 
  • Work will be accesible to any remote professionals, members or non-members. For every project completed in Work through our provider-matching and project management systems, we charge a commission starting at 3% for guaranteeing the quality of the project.

Our unique business model allows us to stand out from the competition, thanks our differentiation we have the opportunity to become the most dominant player in the remote work industry. By partnering up with big players we can also expand quickly into new markets with a relatively low operating cost.

Demand for remote work solutions is at an all-time high, especially in light of COVID-19, the upcoming recession and the demand it will create for remote teams. Startups and companies are more inclined than ever to become fully remote, using dynamic workspace solutions, hiring freelancers for temporary projects and searching for local community events to create connections and amplify their word-of-mouth promo wherever they are.

During our MVP phase we acquired key partnerships with top coworking and hotel chains  such as IOS Offices, PÚBLICO, Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt and Grupo Posadas. This partnerships will help us expand our workspace and event catalog on a global scale and the same partnership strategy will be used in any new market, giving us the ability to grow with minimal resource deployment. 

Our product marketing strategy is built around an activity flywheel that allows to grow aggressively in each of our 3 product pillars.

The core promotion tactic in the wheel is the generation of digital and physical events in our best workspaces, which allow membership holders and prospective clients to network and learn in a variety of industry focused talks, meets and roundtables. These events attract new remote professionals, entrepreneurs and founders to Bauns, where they start using our project entailment service to post new jobs, attracting new freelancers to the platform. the new users may acquire a membership and start booking workspaces, which in turn allow us to recruit new spaces and keep organizing physical events.

Bauns has been acclaimed as the best global initiative for the future of work in a world changed by the coronavirus pandemic, winning the Santander X Tomorrow Challenge 2020 in the Re-Work category. We were also invited to participate in the Web Summit conference in 2019 while developing the project, which gave us the opportunity to create key partnerships that will be pivotal in our coming launch.

With an uncertain economy outlook ahead, opportunities for freelancers and flexible or hybrid professionals will continue to grow. The industry will need adequate tools to build a new way to work - remotely. The research shows a strong growth in the remote work front and Bauns is the platform responding directly to these professional's needs. Our relatively low-cost growth model is also an advantage, allowing us to expand into new markets with a minimal cost in terms of product and team.

The woman-led team at Bauns brings something special to the table - a unique mix of passion and skills to execute that only a team immersed in the remote work industry for 5+ years can bring. We’re completely certain that our team, experienced advisors and allies are the key to making Bauns the next big company to change the remote work game for every entrepreneur and remote professional out there.

    Our vision is to become the top work-focused digital platform used by freelancers, companies and entrepreneurs by combining the key tools they need in a cohesive way. We learned a great deal about the industry during our MVP phase and are ready to execute our expansion plan in the US integrating all 3 pillars of the product into our roadmap and giving a special focus to the social aspect of the product, developing features that will allow the community to truly connect in an active professional setting.