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Invest in InnerG Juice & Yoga

Black Female Owned Wellness Brand: Juice + Yoga

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📈 Existing juice delivery business grew 171% in 2020, from $20K to $54K
💪 As the pandemic hit, InnerG Juiceistas drove 3,000 miles to deliver 2,000 bottles of juice
🏢 Now opening flagship juice bar and yoga studio in Nashville's burgeoning Buchanan Arts District
💰 Secured $30K Line of Credit towards the buildout of the storefront
🚀 Deploying 3 juice vending machines in May 2021; Planning to open 5 additional stores by 2024
🤝 $30M market opportunity in Nashville alone for juice and yoga sectors of wellness industry

Our Founder

Chief Juiceista and Lead Yogini
500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, MBA, 6 Sigma Black Belt and CSPO. Invested over $120K since 2011 in pursuit of a vision to cure diet & lifestyle related illnesses one bottle of juice and one stretch at a time.
InnerG saved Nielah's life. Juiced fruits and vegetables restored her from the severe blood loss she suffered after nearly dying. Yoga helped her to recover from depression, grief and anxiety that followed her daughter's death. Who needs this the most? People who are not well represented in a wellness industry that is dominated by brands that market first to white consumers and by influencers who do not represent diverse communities. We need communities built on healthy habits, positivity, and inclusion. That is what Inner G is all about.

The Wellness Industry Needs to Change

The wellness industry is booming. Social media and the millennial generation’s focus on health and fitness have led to a boom in wellness-oriented brands and influencers. However, as the industry grows, a long-standing problem has only intensified.

The wellness industry has a representation problem. By and large, wellness spaces are dominated by brands built around a specific type of consumer - white, affluent, and unnaturally skinny.

Inner G is different. Led by Nielah Burnett, Inner G is building an inclusive community focused on empowerment, inclusion, and community. Inner G isn’t only a wellness brand that centers diverse people and diverse bodies. It is also focused on bringing empowered wellness and healthy habits into communities that lack access to healthy food and fitness options.

A new voice for inclusive, empowered, wellness.....

Inner G Yoga is opening the first juice bar and yoga studio in North Nashville’s emerging arts and culture corridor - the Buchanan Street Arts District.

Located in the heart of North Nashville, Inner G’s flagship store will bring health and wellness to the people in what has traditionally been a food desert. Located alongside thriving businesses with a shared focus on social impact, including Slim and Husky’s Pizza and Nisolo’s ethically made shoes, Inner G is ready to grow alongside them and the community where they are located.

The buildout of the new location began in January 2021. Funding from the Wefunder round will help cover interior design, equipment, PR/marketing, videography costs for filming our virtual yoga classes, supplies for juice, and hopefully, if we reach our full goal, will onboard Nielah as full-time (as opposed to part-time).

Now is the time to grow for every-body

Inner G was born 4 years ago as Nielah began developing juice recipes and developing training tools for yoga styles designed for any-body or any occupation. The business has grown as a juice subscription and delivery service. In 2021, Inner G delivered over 8500 bottles of fresh juice in 2020, earning $52,000 in revenue - a 170% increase from 2019.

Now, it is time to supercharge this growth and a moment when the market is finally recognizing the absence of representation in the industry.

With the support of the Wefunder community, in 2021, Inner G plans to:

  • Open its flagship juice bar and yoga studio on Buchanan Street
  • Introduce Nashville’s first fresh juice vending machines
  • Introduce the Inner G Juice and Fitness App, offering online juice sales and streaming yoga content

A Market Ripe for Representation

The yoga and juice sectors of the wellness industry alone represent a $30 million market in Nashville along based on per capita national projections. Earning an average market share with the 18 other juice bars and 115 other gyms and studios offering yoga in Nashville translates to a 5-year revenue projection of over $2 million based on Inner G’s business plan.

This is before considering that there is an untapped and unengaged market for wellness spaces and brands that are inclusive and created for real people and every-body.

While we cannot guarantee an exact timeline, InnerG aims to have 3 juice bars and yoga studios open in Nashville by 2025, along with 20 fresh juice vending machines. We hope to be exploring opportunities in other regional cities to reach beyond the market for inclusive wellness in Nashville. 

Help create an empowered, healthy community

We are a growing business, supported by the Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s Inflight Incubation program and Mitsubishi’s Small Batch Ideas Incubator Network.

We are black-owned and woman-led.

We are passionate about spreading the power of juice, yoga, and positivity.

We are insistently inclusive and our yoga adapts to your needs.

We are focused on building strong, healthy community.

Most importantly, we have the right plan at the right time to bring wellness to the people through the power of juice and yoga.