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Invest in Infinity rentals

Housing that goes where you go, we make it affordable to travel.


The Travel market is 1 trillion domestic
Airbnb fees are driving people to look for different cheaper alternatives
We offer affordable housing that can travel with the travelers

Our Founder

We are founded by travel nurses that understand the cost of living when traveling we want to help others save money.

Current Market

The United States domestic travel market is about 1 trillion in 2021, down due to covid however our model focuses on traveling healthcare individuals and remote workers that want to travel at a cheaper cost. We take away the need to go out and purchase a large truck to pull these rvs and then take away the maintenance and hassle of pulling them. With the current market business travel makes up nearly 1/3 of all travel. We want to target 1% of that market and then slowly grow into the recreational/leisure travel market. Since launching our idea to see what type of buzz we get we have had over 100 emails about the service and when it would be available and the. Also had close to 20 people reach out about wanting to host with us. This is just in a week time span. Airbnb is valued at 4.4 billion with its sales in 2021 we hope to target the group that is disgruntled over the ever increasing fees which can be as high as 14% in some cases.